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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography FOCA
Phocas - Byzantine emperor in 602 - 610 years. + October 4. 610 g. Origin unknown Phocas. Prior to his rapid rise, he served as the captain in the army of the Danube. According Kedrin, he had a small stature and ugly figure, the thick bristly eyebrows, fused to the nose, and red hair, and on the cheek - a wide, ugly scar. He received no education: did not have the knowledge or literature, nor in the laws, but was prone to vulgar pleasures - drinking and lust (Gibbon: 46). However, he exercised great influence among the soldiers. In 599 g. He was among the deputies of the Danube armies, who went to Constantinople to complain to the commander Komentiola. Theophanes says that Fok, talking to the Emperor Maurice at the Privy Council, in flagrant contradiction to it, so that one Patrick gave Foca slap in the face and plucked his beard. Three years later, the Danubian legions mutinied and proclaimed Fok Exarch (Chief). At the head of the army, he moved to Constantinople. In the capital there was a revolt, and fled Mauritius. Patrikey Herman (his daughter was married to the eldest son of Mauritius Feodosia) was beginning to look to the throne, but the circus party prasinoy not allow it and began to extol Fok. Meanwhile Fock stopped in Evdome and called the place of the patriarch, the people's party and the Senate. He falsely suggested crown imperial title of Herman, but Herman also falsely rejected. Then, in the Church of St. John the Baptist was proclaimed Emperor Phocas and on the third day rode into the capital in the royal chariot (Theophanes, .592, 594).
According to the testimony of all historians, the reign of Phocas was noted unbridled terror. Hardly taking the reins, he ordered the beheading of his predecessor Mauritius. Along with him were executed five of his sons, including chest baby. Then the Fock ordered to cut off his head with a sword to his brother Peter, Mauritius. Were killed strategist Komentiol, ipostrateg George, Domestic Press-ting, the lives of many other approximate the former emperor. Constantine, the wife of Mauritius, Fock first concluded in some private house (Simokatta: 8; II, 13), but later ordered the execution, along with her three daughters. Herman was also killed with his daughter (Theophanes: 599). In the last years of the emperor killed and all those who assisted him in the seizure of power (Simokatta: 8, 15).

In 603 g. renewed war with the Persians, which was very badly for the Romans. Fock executed the commander of Nerses, who for many years before the dreaded enemy, and instructed his commanders approximate Leontius. In the same year the Romans were defeated twice. In 605 g. fell Dara. In 606 g. The Persians robbed the whole of Syria, Palestine and dates, then led away into captivity many people. In the 607-m, they took possession of Armenia, and Galatia Paphlagonia, came up to the Chalcedon. Fock was unable to resist the enemies. Several times plotting against him, but they were discovered and suppressed with great brutality. Finally, and Constantinople mob turned against the Emperor. In 609 g. during horse games prasiny cursed Fok and shouting, . hinting at his love of alcohol: 'Once you have drunk his cup and the meaning lost! " The emperor ordered took over screamers, . many disfigure, . and cut off the members to hang on poles Hippodrome, . others cut off the head, . otherwise put into sacks and drowned in the sea,
. In response prasiny burned the hall, broke jail and released prisoners (Theophanes: 596,598-601).

When 609 g. Heraclius, Exarch of Africa rebelled against the emperor, all sympathies were on his side. Autumn 610 g. African fleet, which was headed by the son of the Exarch, too, Irakli, approaches to the capital. October 4 man named Photius, . who was offended Fok, . because he recently forced his wife, . penetrated into the palace with a lot of troops, . immediately seized Fok, . removed his imperial robes, . wrapped in a black dress, . twisting arm, . tied behind their backs, . and the vessel is handed the prisoner Irakli,
. Irakli, seeing him, said: 'That's it, unhappy, you ruled the state'. He replied: 'And you intend to manage better? " Heraclius ordered to cut off his head, then cut off all limbs and the body drag Forum Bulls and there to bring the flames. At the same time executed his brother and some neighbors Domentiola associates (Nikephoros: 610).

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FOCA, photo, biography
FOCA, photo, biography FOCA  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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