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Biography Justinian II RINOTMET
Justinian II Rinotmet - Byzantine emperor Irakleyskoy dynasty, who ruled in 685-695 and 705-711 gg. Son of Constantine IV. Genus. to .669 g. + 7 December. 711 g.

Hardly taking power, Justinian, according to Theophanes, outraged by the whole order of conditions and agreements made by his father, Constantine, in 688 g. Initially c) n has been successful: the Bulgarians drove away and when you come to Salonika, took there a great many of the Slavs. All of them - some by force of arms, and the other persuasion - he made the move into Asia Minor to Abydos in Opsikiyskuyu Region. But on the way back, the Emperor was caught by the Bulgarians in the close mountain passes and the loss of a great army, with many of the wounded could hardly escape. Of resettled Slavs Justinian won 30-thousand troops, who were armed and equipped in the Roman style. Relying on these powers, he wrote to the caliph, that no longer wants to keep a written opinion of the world. In 692 g. Emperor Slavic troops and cavalry, went to Sevastopol. The Arabs have declared that they do not violate the peace, but are compelled to do it the fault of Justinian. Under the leadership Muameda they rushed to the Romans, fought with them, but were defeated. Then Muamed decided to do things differently: he secretly made friends with the leader of the Slavs Hebe-scrap, sent to him quiver full of money, cheated him many promises and persuaded to defect to him with 20 thousand Slavs. Then Justinian ordered to kill all the remaining Slavs, together with their wives and children and retreated.

With its own subjects Justinian lived no better than neighbors. He started a lot of buildings, and the warden of the activity on the Stephen Perse, a sekellariya and the first eunuch, a man of ruthless and bloodthirsty: it is what he cruelly tortured workers, but also of the Chiefs stoned. Once in the absence of the emperor, he dared to carve a whip, flogged with rods as children, the Empress Anastasia, the mother of the emperor. At the same time, he offended the people in every way and made the name of the hated Emperor. In the post-general counter Justinian identified some Theodotos abbot, who previously lived in a hermit in the Thracian canyons. This mischievous and too cruel man, demanding bills, taxes and penalties, hung on ropes and straw podkurival many state governors, men of noble and famous. Also, did he, and many private citizens, torturing them in vain, without guilt, and without any excuse. Moreover mayor of the king's commandment is a very many people in prison and forced them to languish there for many years. All this increased the hatred among the people to the emperor. Meanwhile Justinian demanded that the patriarch Callinicus to Te Deum for the destruction of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, . which was near the palace, . that at this point to build a gazebo, and lodge for a circus party Veneti, . where they could make of the Emperor,
. Patriarch replied to this: we serve a Te Deum for the foundation of the church, and the destruction of their rogation not have. But the emperor still insisted, and the church was destroyed.

Using the general discontent, the commander Leontius in 695 g. overthrew Justinian, and, cutting off his nose and tongue, exiled Chersonesos. Hated by all people, Stephen and Theodotos burned at the forum Bulls. Up to 698 g. deposed emperor quietly lived in the Crimea. But after learning about the overthrow of Leontius Tiberius III, plucked up courage and declared hersonitam that again is going to reign. The local residents, fearing danger from the empire, Justinian decided to either kill or give Tiberius. Found out about this, he fled and, reaching Darasa, demanded a meeting with the Kagan of the Khazars. Kagan took Justinian with great honor, took under his protection and gave him his wife's blood-sister, Theodora. Some time later, Justinian, beg off from Hagan, went to Phanagoria and lived there with his wife. Tiberius meanwhile, joined with the Khazars in the negotiations and promised kagan many gifts if he would send him to the living Justinian, or at least his head. Kagan finally conceded his request and sent to the Justinian protection under the pretext of protection against his own tribesmen, . and he ordered Papatsu, . former in Phanagoria on his face, . and Valgitsu, . archon of the Bosporus, . kill Justinian, . as soon as they get on the order of the,
. But as a servant Hagan this has been advised of Theodore, all learned Justinian. He called Papatsa to talk in private, strangled his string. Then, just as he killed and archon Valgitsa. Theodore he sent to the Khazars, and he escaped from Phanagoria and arrived at Thomas. There he found a fishing vessel, Justinian He swam in it to a character which is not far from the Chersonese. Hence, he sent secretly for his friends and swam farther west. Far from the mouth of the Dniester ship was caught. All have despaired of salvation. Then MIAK, a servant of the emperor, said: 'Here, sir, we perish. Give God a vow in the name of your salvation is not to punish any of your enemies, if he will return to you the kingdom '. But Justinian replied in anger: 'Yes, God drown me in this place, if I spare any of them'. Safe he went out of this storm and reached the Danube. His friend Stefan, he sent to the Bulgarian Khan Tervel, so that he gave his support to acquire the empire of his ancestors, and promised to Tervel many gifts and his daughter in marriage. Tervel took Justinian with honors and gave him to help a lot of Slavs and Bulgarians. Armed, they are for the following year appeared in Constantinople (Theophanes: 680, 683, 686, 687, 696). Approaching the wall Vlaherna, Justinian during the three days the residents demanded that they took their Emperor. They shamefully vilified and sent him. Then Yusti-nian night went along with a few accompanying the city through the water and thus captured the capital. Soon he settled in Vlaherna Palace. Heraclius, the brother of Tiberius, and his other archons and squires he bade to hang on a tree near the wall (Nikephoros: 704). Then he sent The search in the internal land and killed indiscriminately many involved and nezameshannyh in his deposition. Emperor Tiberius and his predecessor, Leontius he ordered in chains to drag city. When the lists were committed horse and Justinian sat under their canopy, they dragged and dropped in front of him. Before the end of games he trampled them underfoot, and then sent to the canine market, and ordered the beheading (Theophanes: 698). Khan Therwil, spreading like a tent behind a wall Vlaherna, Justinian showed great attention: he had come to him, threw him to the imperial mantle, proclaimed Caesar, seated next to him and ordered that the people knelt in front of both of them. Then, gave him rich gifts, and sent back. Callinicus, urban patriarch, because he had forced him and proclaimed Leonia, Justinian was blinded and exiled to Rome. Instead put the patriarch Cyrus, who in the years of exile foretold his second reign. In relation to the subjects Justinian made a lot of killings and atrocities. Some he appointed to arhonat and immediately sent after them and kill others, others called for dinner and kill with poison; third drowned in bags in the sea. By unanimous rumor he was very cruel to his subjects the beast. Then he sent to Khazaria for Theodore and his wife for his son, Tiberius, born from her, and crowned them in the kingdom. Then, in 710 g., he tore the world with the Bulgarians and bringing a large army in the Thracian region, spoke at war with them to the city Anhialu. But the Bulgarians, unexpectedly troops scattered over this plain for the procurement of food, attacked and many of them killed, others taken prisoner. And most of Justinian, remaining in Anhiale, besieged for three days. He moved to the ship at night, escaped and returned to Constantinople (Nicephorus: 704,705,707).

Having settled with his enemies in the capital, Justinian decided to punish for a conspiracy against him and also hersonitov bosporian. In 710 g. He fitted out a large fleet of the means of metropolitan residents, to head his Patrika Stephen and told him to destroy the sword all the inhabitants in the Chersonese, leaving no one alive. The Romans arrived in Chersonese, captured the fortress, so they do not like no one objected, and destroyed all the sword, except for teenagers. Accomplishing this case, Stephen left archon in Spafari Ilya, sank the ships and sailed back, but in the way of its fleet was caught and almost sank the whole. When Justinian I learned about it, I did not sad, but on the contrary, more filled with joy and was already highly obsessed madness. He announced that he would send a second army, destroy Chersonese and razed it to the ground. Hearing about this, hersonity sent to the kagan of the Khazars, and placed under its protection. Spafari Ilya revolted and proclaimed emperor with hersonitami Armenian Vardan, which was renamed Philips. Justinian in bitterness he killed the children of Elijah on the mother's breast, and herself forced to marry her chef, a native Indian. After that the Emperor had equipped a second fleet, headed by Patrick Maurus and gave him to the siege of battering rams and siege machines, and ordered to bulldoze a wall Chersonese and the entire city, not leaving a single living soul. Once crossed Moor, he rammed down the two towers, but there were the Khazars, and the war ended (Theophanes: 703). Patrikey Moor, not knowing how to continue the siege, and at the same time fearing to return to Justinian, siding hersonitov and Philips (Nikephoros: 711). As the fleet waited and did not return letters to the Emperor, he went to Sinop, closer to Chersones. Meanwhile, Philips has arrived in the capital and seized the city without resistance. Justinian same with his army sailed later and stopped in Damastrii. Philips sent against him Spafari Ilya, who entered into negotiations with the emperor's soldiers and all of them promised safety. All the soldiers fled from Justinian, leaving him alone, and took the side of Philips, and Ilya furiously rushed to Justinian, grabbed him by the neck and thigh with a sword cut off his head (Theophanes: 703). Squire John Philips sent for the son of Justinian Tiberius. They took him to flee to the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary. John pulled out a baby, clutching the holy cross, disregarding any of the sanctity of the altar, nor with abundant tears his grandmother Anastasia - defending his grandson, that she was with him in danger - and killed as brute creature behind the wall on the porch. After him they slew many of those close to Justinian. That was the end of Irakleyskoy dynasty (Nikephoros: 711).

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Justinian II RINOTMET, photo, biography
Justinian II RINOTMET, photo, biography Justinian II RINOTMET  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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