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Michael II

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Michael II
Michael II - Byzantine emperor, founder Amoriyskoy dynasty, who ruled in 820-829 years. + October 2. 829

The Origin of Michael was very low and modest. He was born in Amariah, the city of Lower Phrygia, and from childhood was involved in the heresy afingan (Successor of Theophanes: 2, 3). Together with Leo an Armenian he began his service at strategos Anatolika Vartan, who said it, and put forward a number of generals. But when Vardats in 803 g. rebelled against Nicephorus I and proclaimed himself emperor, Michael left him and ran to Nikiforou. For this he received an award post komiskorta and palace Karia. Later, he was a key participant in the coup, organized by Leo Armenian, received from him the title of Patrick and Chief federates. But against the Lion, he soon began to weave intrigues and reviled him at every opportunity. During that Leo told imprison him, and examining the matter, sentenced to death. Execution delayed due to Christmas and in the meantime accomplice Michael, fearing he might have betrayed them (he threatened to divulge their names if they do not try to save him), attacked a church on the Emperor Leo, and killed him. So Michael was saved from death, got freedom, and with it the imperial power (Successor of Theophanes: 1, 1, 3, 12, 21,24,25).

. He was released from custody and, without removing the shackles from the feet (could not find the keys, which for security Leo kept with him), seated on a throne, and all that were in the palace knelt and declared him an autocrat
. In the middle of the day, when rumors about the incident has spread everywhere and barely managed to break the hammer chain, Michael went to Sofia and was crowned by the patriarch.

. Throughout his life he was an ignorant man, and remained the same after the adoption of power
. According to his zhizneopisatelya, he could very sensibly judge the merits of mules and horses, could determine the fertility of sheep and cows and a calf born from a womb. The true science, he despised and did not take to heart. Deposed under Leo patriarch Nicephorus wrote to Michael and asked to revive the veneration of icons. Emperor replied: 'Do not innovate in the dogmas of faith I have come not to destroy ... set. Let everyone come to their own will and desire ... ' But he gradually retreated from its original intentions and the longer possessed the royal power, the greater the severity fanned the flames of hostility against the Orthodox. Some are preachers of the veneration of icons, he drove out of town, others imprisoned.

However, the Emperor's attention was soon diverted from the theological strife. At the beginning of 821 g. all the eastern empire of the theme were covered by the uprising led by the powerful Thomas the Slav, who proclaimed himself emperor. Many of the city with all the inhabitants surrendered to him. Only two of the theme - and Opsikiya Armeniak - remained true to Michael, Thomas crossed from Asia into Thrace, and in December, 821 g. approached Constantinople. But as the siege developed in spite of his plans and the resistance was more stubborn than he expected, that with the onset of frosts Thomas had to withdraw. Taking advantage of the respite, Michael managed to pull off anywhere auxiliary units and the spring of 822 g. met the rebels armed with. Thomas was defeated on land and at sea, but took siege. Only in the spring of 823 g. He was finally defeated by the Bulgarian Khan Omurtag. Michael pursued the retreating and laid siege to Adrianople Thomas. Pressed in hunger, the people finally gave the rebel emperor. Michael ordered to chop off his hands and feet, put on a donkey and put on public display.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the civil war in the empire, the Arabs conquered Crete and began to make devastating raids in Sicily. Having settled with Thomas, Michael began a war against them, but before his death has not been able to achieve success. He died on the ninth year of the reign of kidney disease (Successor of Theophanes: 2, 2-4, 8, 10-11, 13-15, 18-19, 21, 28).

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Michael II, photo, biography
Michael II, photo, biography Michael II  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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