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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Theophilus
Theophilus - Byzantine emperor Amoriyskoy dynasty, who ruled in 829-842 years. son of Michael II. Genus. app. 812 g. + 20 January. 842 g.

Receiving the imperial power, Theophilus wished to pass for an adherent of justice and the vigilant guardian of civil laws. To this end, he first decided to put to death and the death of his father's associates, who provided him the kingdom, killing Leo the Armenian. (He gathered in the palace of all the officials and announced that he wants to reward those who helped his father to fight victoriously for the kingdom. Deceived by such speeches, they all called themselves. Theophilus also ordered to capture them and execute. In subsequent years, he excelled in matters of justice, that all bad people was terrible, but all good - amazing. Every day he was driving on the main street, heading for the Vlaherna temple, and at the same time be accessible to all, but especially for the downtrodden, who could sob out to him all my grievances. To better know the needs of the Byzantines, the emperor was wont to bypass the market and to inspect the goods. Each trader, he asked how many he sells his goods, and did not do this casually, but very carefully and diligently, and do not ask about one thing, but about everything: food, drink, fuel, clothing. He did not allow merchants to force up prices and profiting. They say that once Theophilos noticed a huge ship in the harbor and began to find out whose it was and what supplies are lucky. In response, he heard that the ship - August. Surprised and distressed by this, he ordered to burn it with anchors, sails and all the goods. 'Who has seen - he said - to romeysky king or his wife were the merchants? " His wife, Theodora, he heaped all sorts of insults and even threatened to take her life, if only to disprove a something like that.

. Not less than the legality, peksya Theophilus about matters of religion
. According to its zhizneopisatelya, he liked church singing as only a father can love his children, and in light holiday and did not refuse to take over control of the choir in the church of St. Sophia. He composed hymns, put to music verses, corrected ancient odes, and wrote religious poems, which after his death, performed in churches during the holidays. However, in matters of faith he held the same views as his father, and so persecuted as he could admirers icons. Prisons were overcrowded with him painters and monks and many monasteries and convent transformed into a secular haven. All painters he ordered to renounce his craft, and those who wanted to preserve freedom, should have spit on the icon and trample them underfoot.

In the wars of Theophilus was not successful. Hardly taking power, he had to fight the Arabs, which ran intermittently until his death. In October, 829 g. the battle off the island Fasos completely lost romeysky fleet. In subsequent years the Arabs did not stop to rob Cyclades. Even worse the situation evolved in Sicily. In 831 g. Muslims conquered Messina and Palermo. Under the rule of Romans there was only a small part of the island with blocked Syracuse. In Asia, things were going with alternate success. In 831 g. Theophilus scattered large Arab army, capturing 25 000 enemies. In the spring of 837 g. Romans took and looted Zapetru, the birthplace of the Caliph Mutasim. But in the summer of 838 g. Arabs invaded the empire and Dazimonskoy plain fierce battle occurred. First success was on the side of the Romans, and they drew the Arabs to flee. But then the Muslims are once again lined up in military ranks and turned the tide of battle. Romans, unable to withstand their onslaught, fled. Theophilus himself barely escaped being taken prisoner - the enemies have surrounded him from all sides, but the king's troops, together with the Persians (they fought on the side of Theophilus) surrounded it, and under cover of darkness, managed to hold to their. After this victory the Arabs took Amorim - hometown of the emperor, and made it a terrible massacre. In 840 g. they reached the South of Italy, captured Tarentum and laid siege to Bari. Romans with great difficulty restrained their offensive. Theophilus himself shortly after the death of his native city was taken ill severe stomach illness and died in 842 g., while still very young (Successor of Theophanes: 3, 1-4, 8-10, 13, 16, 29, 31, 34, 34, 40) .

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Theophilus, photo, biography
Theophilus, photo, biography Theophilus  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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