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Michael III drunkard

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Michael III drunkard
Michael III Drunkard - Byzantine emperor Amoriyskoy dynasty, who ruled in 842-867 years. Son of Theophilus. Genus. app. 839 g. + 24 Sept.. 867 g.

Michael inherited imperial power three years after having been made in light of his mother Theodoro. All affairs began to refill its trustees and guardians, who, when dying, named Theophilus. It was a eunuch Teoctist, brother Augusta Patrika Ward and Master Manuel, who came Theodora's uncle on the paternal side. In March, 843 g. convened on their own initiative and with the support of the Empress church council deposed patriarch John Grammar and restored the veneration of icons. In 856 g. Ward ordered to kill Teoctist, and Theodore forced to retire to a monastery, and since then has run the government concentrated in his hands. In 862. emperor granted him the title of Caesar.

. Sam Michael has always avoided major classes and spend days binge, drinking, debauchery loving, indecent stories, as well as the driver, horses, chariots and originating from their folly and madness
. As no one else he was interested in horse ristaniyami and even does not withdraw from the management of the chariot, becoming for all, according to his zhizneopisatelya, spectacle, a toy and a byword. Taking possession of the treasury, he had squandered and wasted on trifles, many wealth accumulated by his parents. He was godfather to all his comrades in the circus, and after each baptism bestowed on 50, 40, at the very least 30 liters of gold. His favorite drinking companion, Imeri Grill, emitted from the belly of the winds so strong that they blew out the candle flame, it is unusual for the Arts granted one liter of 100 gold. Under a grill that was the whole company of the Emperor: all satire and unbridled profanity. Often dressed in robes, they are most indecent manner performed sacred rites, and grill called by the patriarch, and eleven others - metropolitans of the most important and illustrious thrones. Mocking blameless mystery, they are filled with golden vessels of pepper and mustard and communion everyone. Even when the emperor was taken to mean a serious matter, were all his bad and absurd. In the campaigns he was involved several times and have always suffered setbacks. In 859 g. romeyskoe troops besieged Samosata. But at a time when the captains gathered for communion, the Arabs suddenly from all sides were made from the city. With their form all romeyskoe army fled. Michael barely had time to sit on the horse, and barely escaped, leaving behind all the tents and equipment. Even more ignominiously ended his second campaign in 861 g. - Broken by the Arabs in the valley Kelarev, he escaped, dressed in simple dress, and the only way to escape captivity.

Fascinated mock feasts and tricks, Michael thoughtlessly released from the hands of imperial power. In April 866, after he ordered killed Caesar Ward, he adopted one of his drinking companions, parakimomenona Basil, granting him a dignity Masters. In May of that year it announced its August and his co-regent. He soon, however, repented of his choice and wanted the emperor to announce another of his pet, the paddler Vasilikina. But it was too late - Vasili was not a joke, but seriously to take in hand all the power. When he heard that Michael thinks encroach on his greatness, he conspired against him. 24 September 867, in the third hour of the night, the conspirators burst into the bedroom of Michael and stabbed him. With his death cut short Amoriyskaya dynasty (Successor of Theophanes: 4, 1, 20 - 21, 23-24, 26, 38, 41, 44).

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Michael III drunkard, photo, biography
Michael III drunkard, photo, biography Michael III drunkard  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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