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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography BASIL I
Basil I - Byzantine emperor in 866 - 886 years. Founder of the Macedonian dynasty. + August 29. 886 g.

Basil came from Macedonia. Since work on the land brought him a small and paltry earnings, he went to Constantinople to seek his happiness. In the capital, he entered the service of a certain Theophilus, a relative of Caesar Warda and the Emperor Michael III. This Theophilus was a man conceited and had a passion to gather around him brave, beautiful and tall men, distinguished for courage and bodily strength. Basil is very liked him because of its beauty, discretion and lightness, and he brought him to her and often used his services. After that happiness is not left Basil. Once Theophilus was at a banquet at the Caesar Warda, along with some notable Bulgarians. Among them, Bulgaria is an excellent fighter, which had not been able to defeat any adversary. when the conversation about it went behind the table, Theophilus, announced that he has a servant, able to compete with the famous Bulgarian. he called Basil, ordered to prepare everything for the fight and in sight of all the guests told him to fight the hero. Basil, lashed out at the enemy, easily lifted him over the table and threw it away like bales of hay light. This feat he all astounded, so that his fame began to spread throughout the city. Another case allowed him to rise further. During the hunt, from Emperor Michael ran a horse, which could not catch. But Basil was able to catch up with him and with his horse skillfully jumped on the back of the tsarist. Michael liked the agility Basil, coupled with the courage. He immediately took him from Theophilus, enlisted in the tsar stratory, after a short time made in prostratory and, finally, made his main spalnichim. Noting Basil increasingly, he granted it to Patrick, and married to his former mistress Evdokiya Ingerina. The influence and power of Basil then grew with each passing year, but especially after he had risen in April 866 g. killed on the orders of Caesar Michael Ward. Soon the emperor adopted him, raised in the Masters, and in May the same year proclaimed his co-regent. But, having thoughtlessly this fateful step, Michael immediately regretted it. Under the influence of detractors he was removed from Basil and once even declared its intention to make a co-regent with his new pet Vasilikiana. Worried Basil Sept. 23 867 g. ordered the king's soldiers guarding the entrance to the Chamber, to kill Michael and himself became an autocratic emperor.

As expected, he took the state affairs in complete disarray. It is reported that when he, along with several senators opened the treasuries, some of the huge cash piles, were there for only ten years earlier, did not find anything except kentinariev three gold and nine sacks milisiariev. He demanded the ledger, he saw that the money spent on gifts to unworthy favorites Michael, and told each of them to return to the royal treasury received half. So he gathered three hundred kentinariev that and began to use fixed-term needs.

Vasili dismissed many former officials and judges, accused of bribery, and attempted to define their place worthy men. He himself had often left the palace and sat on Genikone, with great care and diligence essential considering the case of those who were offended by officials and tax collectors. Rigorous and exacting legal punishment, he soon stole offenders hunt for abuse and totally eradicate this type of crime: having appeared once in court, he could not find any complainant. Vassily wept with joy and thanked God. In many civil law, he found ambiguity and confusion. What was possible, he corrected them, outdated laws eliminated, and having the force of purified and joined by the heads of a single body.

. After getting settled domestic affairs, he raised his army salary, replenished army recruits lists, soldiers began to exercise and teach them the art of combat (Successor of Theophanes: 5, 1, 7, 9, 12-13, 16-18, 25, 27 -- 28, 30-31, 33, 36)
. However, his first Asian tour in 868 g. against pavlikian Tefriki and their ruler Hrisohira ended in heavy defeat, and he Vasily nearly landed in captivity (Dashkov: 'Basil the Macedonian). In 873 g. Basil spoke at Melitinu and reached the shores of the Euphrates. Seeing that because of the high water level can not cross it, he ordered to build a bridge and zealously labored together with all the warriors. He did not hesitate and most exhausting work, and goods that are easily carried the emperor, with difficulty endured three warrior. Crossing such a way, he defeated the Arabs, who rushed to meet him, but to proceed to the town decided not to because of its strong fortifications. But the Romans took from the first attack Zapetry, destroyed Samosata and seized a large full. 876 g. Arabs were selected Lule and Melitina. But at the same time in Sicily Romans was failing - in 878 g. Arabs captured Syracuse (Successor of Theophanes: 39-40, 46, 69, 102).

On the death of Basil told differently. According to one version, in August, 886 g. He went hunting in the vicinity of Apamea and Melitiady. Here hunters attacked a herd of deer. Basil, passing all began to pursue the leader - big and strong male. Feeling soon, that one hunter, he turned around, rushed to the emperor, poddel horn of his belt, pulled off his saddle and carried. One farganov barely caught a deer and are easily cut with a sword, thus freeing Basil. But, recovering himself, the emperor ordered the arrest of its liberator. He said: 'Not in order, he raised his sword to save me, but in order to kill'. The Emperor painfully hurt inside, then began bleeding from the stomach area, and nine days later Basil died ( 'Psamafiyskaya news', 1).

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