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( Byzantine Emperor)

Comments for Constantine VII PORFIROGENET
Biography Constantine VII PORFIROGENET
Porfirogenet Constantine VII (Porphyrogenitus) - Byzantine emperor of the Macedonian dynasty, who ruled in 908-959 years. Son of Leo VI. Born in May, 905 g. + November 959 g.
* * *

The fate of Constantine from the very beginning was not so easy. For his appearance at the light turned to scandal. The mother of the future Emperor - Zoya Karvonopsina - was fourth, and not married because his wife is already far elderly Leo VI. And in church, and secular norms on his parents' marriage was considered invalid, but its very birth - illegal. Leo had to make enormous efforts to ensure the throne to his successor. However, he died too early, and Constantine was many years removed from real power: first, his uncle, Alexander, then the mother and, finally, the father Roman Lacapin. For years, his forced leisure Constantine dedicated a deep self-education - to the age of forty, . when the power finally ended up in his hands, . He was one of the most educated people in Europe and then, . certainly, . most learned emperor in the history of Romeyskoy power.,

. In December, 944 g
. sons of Romanus I, Stephen and Constantine, overthrew his father and sent him to the island Prot. They apparently assumed themselves to seize power, but the Byzantines, gathered at the palace, not rest until the autocrat has not been proclaimed Constantine VII (Dashkov: 'Constantine Porfirogenet'). Forty days later the sons of Roman exiled to the island and tonsured as a monk.

Having started to self-rule, Constantine tried to eradicate extortion and abuse suffered by residents in his test. According to its zhizneopisatelya, he peksya on subjects like the eagle, gathered under the wing of his brood. He has discovered and found out about all the prisoners detained in prisons of the city and FEM, and freed them from the shackles. In various places he had ordered to build hospitals and shelters for the elderly. In all positions he has identified the people sensible and fair and carefully followed all of their affairs. He tried to personally delve into all matters of state and made many improvements in the management of the State. Everywhere kept sending him letters strategos, royal officials and officials. In addition, the message came from the neighboring kings and rulers. Konstantin read them immediately grasped the meaning and determined how to act. He betrayed the letter with the speed of the birds and still received the ambassadors, sent letters to officials canceled recklessly made innovations. He was a counselor at the same time, the Guardian stratц¬ges and a warrior. With special zeal he cared about the prosperity of Arts and Sciences. He himself was a great connoisseur of many trades. According to its zhizneopisatelya, . He taught and stonemasons, . carpenters, . and srebrodelov, . and zhelezodelov; the construction of the ships he had disposed, . from what logs do bars and joints and how to adjust them to one another, . and pictorial art he knew so well, . that evoked the admiration of many, . dealing with them.,

. The success of the rum accompanied with him in all external ventures: the rebels in Longivardii and Kalavrii were defeated, the Arabs were defeated in Africa, the islands and in Asia (Successor of Theophanes: 6, 5, 2, 10, 14 - 15, 17-19, 22, 24, 30-32)
. Like his father-in-Roman, Constantine was happy in all - it just was not lucky in children. According Skylitzes, Roman, son of Constantine, decided to remove him with the knowledge of his wife Theophanu. When Constantine wanted to take a laxative medicine, he made a drink containing poison.

But Constantine slipped and spilled most of it, the rest is drunk. With such a small amount of poison did not kill him immediately, but the Emperor was out of sorts, fell ill and died in November, 959 g. (Skylitzes).

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Constantine VII PORFIROGENET, photo, biography
Constantine VII PORFIROGENET, photo, biography Constantine VII PORFIROGENET  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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