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ROMAN I Lacapin

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography ROMAN I Lacapin
I Lacapin Roman - Byzantine emperor in 920 - 945 years. + 15 June 948 g.

The novel came from a town Lakapy in feme Likand. In 911 g. He was appointed stratц¬ges most of the island, and then drungariem (Commander) Navy (Dashkov: 'Roman Lacapin'). In 917, in the midst of war with the Bulgarians, the Empress, which has ruled the state instead of his son, a minor, Constantine VII, sent by Roman and John Vogu on the Danube - to lead the Allied Pechenegs. But between John and Roman began feuds and disputes, and Pechenegs, seeing as they quarrel and quarrel among themselves, returned. At the end of the war and return to the city of Roman and Vogi was brought against them charges, . and Roman was sentenced to deprivation of the eye, . because it is on the negligence and, . that more, . evil designs not ferried Besenyos and hastily retreated, . not taking the court fleeing Romans (who at that time were defeated by the Bulgarians),
. And he would be subjected to this punishment, if the sentence has been abolished through the efforts of his friends.

At this time the main spalnichy Constantine began to intrigue, intending to build on the throne of his son-Lev. When this became known, Fedor, tutor of Emperor Constantine, advised him closer to his novel, as he served with the father and a man of devotional. Having become a confidant of the emperor, Roman immediately arrested spalnichego Constantine. In March, 919 g. He brought his ships in the harbor Vukoleon palace, and became master of the situation. Counselors Zoe ran. Constantine, which took over the power now, elevated to the rank of Master of Roman and appointed his Chief of Guards. In April, Roman betrothed to Constantine his daughter Helen, and in May the young couple were married. Do a test of the emperor, Roman received the title vasileopatora and great power. Commander Leo Fok tried to raise against him, and Asia, the rebellion, but the troops had left him in the beginning. In the autumn of that year revealed that Zoe was trying to poison the Roman. Roman told to remove her from the palace, sent to the monastery of St.. Euphemia and mow. In September, he was elevated to the rank of Caesar, Constantine, was married in December, the imperial crown (Successor of Theophanes: 6, 3, 10 - 14,16-17).

In 920 g. Roman announced co-rulers of his sons, and the Emperor Constantine actually removed from power, although he left the whole external honors. Following twenty-five years he ruled as an absolute monarchy. In the early years of his government continued uphill battle with the Bulgarians. In 922 g. Bulgarians defeated romeyskoe army and rushed to Constantinople, in 923 g. king Simeon captured Andrianopol. Then the Bulgarians ravaged Thrace and Macedonia, all burnt, povyrubili and again rushed to the capital. Roman himself went to talks with Simeon and was able to finally conclude a peace with him. After this, only 941 g. neighborhood of the capital experienced a new invasion - to 10 000 ships came under Constantinople Rus. Patrikey Theophanes attacked it with a fire-bearing ships, many enemy ships burned, while others are routed. External enemies were reflected, and subdued domestic. However, the danger lay in wait for Roman on the other hand, December 16 944 g. his own sons Stephen and Constantine was deposed him, was exiled to the island against and tonsured as a monk.

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ROMAN I Lacapin, photo, biography
ROMAN I Lacapin, photo, biography ROMAN I Lacapin  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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