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Basil II Bulgaroctonus

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Basil II Bulgaroctonus
Bulgaroctonus Basil II (958-1025), Byzantine emperor from 976, of the Macedonian dynasty. Asia Minor suppressed the revolt of the nobility 976-979 (headed by Vardo Skleros) and 987-989 (headed by Vardo Fok, entered into an agreement with Skleros). In the 995 made a successful campaign in Syria against the Fatimids, conquered part of the Georgian and Armenian lands. Conquered Bulgaria (hence the nickname) in 1018. I gave my sister Anne married Prince Vladimir of Kiev I.
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Basil II Bulgarokton - Byzantine emperor of the Macedonian dynasty, who ruled in the years 960-1025. Son of Roman II. Genus. 958 g. + 15 December. 1025 g.


Basil was proclaimed emperor as early as age two, but allowed to manage only 976 g. after the death of John Tzimiskes. His co-emperor's younger brother Constantine. Having power over Romeyskoy Power, Basil did not want to share with anyone outside their own concerns or to use other people's advice. However, to rely on himself, too, at first he could not, because he had no experience either in command of the army, nor in public administration. Therefore, he has surrounded himself with his cousin parakimomena Basil, which contrasted with great intelligence, and learned from him the art edit. But becoming older and gain experience in all matters, he deprived of his power and exiled. Henceforth, he took: all the decisions himself disposed of the army and civil matters, managing not to written law, but by the unwritten establish its extraordinarily gifted by nature of the soul. His reign was filled with exhausting wars and violent riots. Already in 976 g. Asia Minor revolted Skleros Ward, who captured a short time all of the theme Asian. Learning, . that all heavily armed soldiers of the glass to Skleros, . emperor and his entourage decided to first, . that died, . but then, . Meeting with the spirit, . judged differently and armed against the disgraced Skleros Ward Fok, . nephew of the late imperatoraNikifora II, . entrusted to him and sent the remaining forces against insurgents,
. In 978 g. Skleros was defeated and fled to the Arabs. Winner of the Fock initially received considerable accolades and become one of the closest persons to the Emperor, but then he began to have less and less attention, and he understood that he faces a new opal, in 987 g. proclaimed himself emperor, and raised a revolt against Basil. The decisive battle with Fok happened in April, 988 g. y Avidosa. Noticing Basil Fock with full force rushed to him, but suddenly came down from his horse, lay on the ground and died. Rumor that the emperor had been bribed butler poisoned him before the fight. Ward led the rebels Skleros in the same year made peace with the emperor.

Under the influence of all these events has greatly changed nature of Basil. In his youth he was inclined to promiscuity and effeminacy, without hesitation carousing, often indulged in love joys and fond of friendly party. But the trials and cruel blows of fate led him, according to Psellos at all sails set off away from the pampered lives and over time completely change its character. Over the years he became a man of sullen, rude, irascible and strangers to the luxury. He refused to jewelry, do not have any necklaces worn around the neck, nor the tiara on her head, removed redundant rings, threw brightly decorated clothes and was concerned only with how to bring harmony in the affairs of his powers. Block all channels through which flowed received money, he increased his penalty to two hundred thousand talents. He thoroughly studied military affairs and therefore accurately appointed to all positions knowledgeable and skilled assistants. The campaign against the barbarians, he performed quite differently, as was the custom in most of the emperors, who were in mid-spring and late summer is back. He endured the winter cold and summer heat, tormented by thirst, did not immediately rush to the source, and was really hard as flint, and racks of all bodily privations. Open battles he did not like and won more treachery than valor (Psellos: 'Basil II', 3-5, 8, 15-16, 19, 22-23, 27, 29, 31-34). For twenty years, Basil led a stubborn war with the Bulgarians, performing almost every year hiking the Danube. Already in the first years of the war took the Romans and sacked Pliska, Preslav, Vidin. In 1014, Mr.. Bulgarians were defeated in a bloody battle at the Strymon (15 000 prisoners were ordered to blind Basil). In 1018, Mr.. surrendered to the Bulgarian capital of Ohrid, and the following year Romans captured the latest Bulgarian cities - Sirma. Again, as a few centuries ago, the Danube became the northern boundary of the empire. Equally successful were the wars against other enemies - in Asia, the Caucasus and Italy. In late 1025, Mr.. Basil thought of a great expedition to Sicily, but suddenly fell ill and died (Dashkov: 'Basil Bulgarokton').

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Basil II Bulgaroctonus, photo, biography
Basil II Bulgaroctonus, photo, biography Basil II Bulgaroctonus  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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