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ROMAN III argyria

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography ROMAN III argyria
Roman III argyria - a Byzantine emperor, who ruled in 1028-1034 he. Genus. app. 968 g. + 11 April. 1034 g.

Emperor Constantine VIII, who had no male offspring, shortly before his death in 1028, Mr.. decided to give my daughter Zoe for one of its senators and bequeath to him the power. Of all the possible candidates, he chose the Roman argyria, because he was one of the first members sinklita, elevated to the same in San eparha. I was born and Roman dignity was the most suitable person, but he was married, and therefore his marriage to the emperor's daughter is very difficult. Knowing this, Constantine pretended severely angry at Roman, and announced that it would subject him to cruel punishment, and his wife was forced to renounce the worldly life. Not make out a secret plan and not understanding that the king's anger - one of pretense, his wife immediately cut off his hair and went to the monastery. A Roman went to the palace and was married to Zoya. A few days Constantine died, leaving the throne of his in-law (Psellos: 'Constantine Eighth', 10).

. The novel, according to Psel-la, was brought to the Hellenic science and attached to the law, characterized by an elegant speech, impressive voice, growth of the hero and truly royal appearance
. Believing different prophecies, he imagined that he would start race from which come many emperors, while he seemed not to understand that the daughter of Constantine had already gone past the age when you can get pregnant (she was already fifty years old). But his own desires were for the inability of the body above the Roman, . so he, . neglecting the main condition, . which is essential conception, . turned for help to those, . who boasted, . if they are able to overcome and re-excite the nature, . and ordered him to anoint thee, and hone your body, . ordering the same thing to my wife,
. However, because expectations are not fulfilled, the emperor of all this, and refused to give his wife became increasingly marginalized. And it was already sluggish nature of the body and relaxed. Moreover, he put his hand on the imperial treasury, and ordered his wife to live on the amounts dispensed. Deprived of her husband's love and not being able to spend without counting the money, she hated the wife and advisers, whom he listened. First of all, Zoey acquired a lover, seducing the young Michael, a native of Paphlagonia, whose brother, the eunuch John, was in the service of the Roman. Starting with a kiss, they came to cohabitation, and many found them resting on a bed. Michael at the same time embarrassed, blushing and frightened, but Zoe did not even think it necessary to hold one in front of everyone hugging and kissing a young man, and boasted that not once has tasted with pleasure. Obvious to all was a secret only for the Emperor. Meanwhile, Zoe, impassioned, was with her lover and his brother conspired against her husband. First, they drugged him drugs, and then began to adulterate it in food cheremitsu. Consequently, Roman suffered severe and unusual disease: his body was subjected to decay and deterioration. His face was swollen and took on an earthy color, and breathing became heavy and intermittent. However, he did not die, and those who condemned him to death, no longer had the patience to wait. April 11, 1034, Mr.. Roman went to one of the baths, located near the royal apartments. Going into the pool, he joined the pool was dug in the middle. At first he was happy to plunge and easily swam. Then the water entered some of the accompanying. As soon as Roman was his habit, bowed his head under water, they squeezed his neck and a long time kept in that position under the water, and then released and left. When the emperor was dragged and carried on the bed, he could not speak, but at night Hulls (Psellos: 'third novel', 2, 5 - 6,19,24-26).

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ROMAN III argyria, photo, biography
ROMAN III argyria, photo, biography ROMAN III argyria  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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