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Michael IV Paphlagonia

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Michael IV Paphlagonia
Michael IV Paphlagonia - Byzantine emperor in 1034 - 1041 he. Genus. in 1005, Mr.. + 10 December. 1041 g.

Michael, a native of Paphlagonia, was a man of very simple and low birth. His extraordinary dais, he was obliged to his elder brother, the eunuch John Orfanotrofu, held under the emperor Romanus III prominence. According Psellos, Michael was well built, with a face of perfect beauty and sparkling eyes. Shortly after his brother brought him to the palace and made one of the servants of Roman, Empress had conceived for him the strongest passion. Hints she made it clear Orfanotrofu about her feelings, but he already took care of the rest. Michael suddenly became responsible to the Empress on reciprocity, not at first very boldly, and then more openly, and behaved like a true lover: a sudden embraced and kissed the Empress, stroking her arms and neck. In fact, he felt no attraction to an elderly empress, but only zarilsya to royal dignity, for which was ready for anything. Starting with a kiss, they came to cohabitation, and many found them resting on a bed. Zoe's passion was so great that she was seriously thinking about how to build Michael's imperial throne.

She did not even stop the symptoms of severe illness, which increasingly began to appear at Michael. From childhood he suffered from serious illness: from time to time come upon his brain disorder, . it will for no apparent reason suddenly excited, . rolling his eyes, . fell to the ground, . hitting his head and shook for a long time in convulsions, . then again came to himself, and gradually returned to normal,
. Not embarrassed by this, Zoya with John resulted in the execution of his plan - in April 1034, Mr.. Roman died under mysterious circumstances, and the imperial throne was free (Psellos: 'third novel'; 18-20, 22, 26).

. Novel has not yet been buried, . when Zoe sent for Michael, . dressed in his gold-embroidered dress, . planted on his head the royal crown, . seated on the throne, . itself in the same guise sat down beside him and ordered everyone in the palace to perform the worship and praise of both,
. After the proclamation of the Emperor-autocrat Michael for some time played a good location and good will to the Empress, and then completely changed, and paid her for the evil was gracious and good. He not only deprived of the legitimate wife intercourse and removed from the usual outlets, but also locked up the women's part, and allow access to it does not, except with the permission of the Chief of the guard. However, the general testimony, apart from the crime committed by them for the sake of power, the rest of it could be counted among the most worthy emperors. Although he was absolutely nothing to do with Hellenic science, however, has brought his temper better than some had affected her philosophy: he ruled over his passions, his eyes were terrible, but my soul is always ready to resist. He had long found amusement in his royal position, soon grasped the greatness of power, to recognize the diversity of concerns and the difficulties which ugotovlyaet true emperor care about the affairs. He immediately changed the whole and, turning from boy to man, valiantly and courageously began to govern the state. He was not overwhelmed by the grandeur of power and did not alter the established order, on the contrary, it seemed as though he had long prepared himself for this fate, and already the day of accession of the impression of a man from the beginning of the ruling State. If it were not brothers, with whom he connected bad luck with him could not argue either one of the famous emperors.

Unfortunately, his illness grew stronger with each passing year. Seizures occurred more often. Therefore, he almost did not suit the outputs and very reluctant to appear in public, . and if the intention was to take ambassadors or perform other duties of the Imperial, . then those, . who was instructed to follow and monitor, . both sides attached a purple cloth and, . barely noticed, . as he rolls his eyes, . begins to shake her head or showing other signs of illness, . immediately removed all present, . delayed the curtain and were taken around of lying,
. In the future, was added to the falling water on his body visibly swollen, and it was evident, as he suffers. The slightest movement was agony for Michael, and even clothes pained him.

. In between bouts of being in a solid mind, the emperor tirelessly peksya of the state and not only guaranteed the prosperity of cities within the borders of the empire, but also reflects the pressure of neighboring nations
. Therefore, none of the neighbors did not reveal their hostility. But a lot of trouble gave him the Bulgarian uprising, which raised in 1040, Mr.. Peter Delian, posing as a grandson of the last Tsar Samuil. Having decided to personally lead the campaign, Michael, though he never was a war, all carefully prepared, selected the best warriors, the most experienced military leaders and with them came out against the rebels. Discord among the Bulgarians facilitated his task, and he achieved complete success, again subjecting Bulgaria rum. This campaign cost him several forces. He suffered all his difficulties with amazing courage, but on his return was completely floored disease. Shortly before his death, Michael moved to a monastery founded by him Kosmidin. He cuts his hair and a short time later died (Psellos; 'Michael Fourth', 2, 6-10, 16, 18-19, 31, 40-41, 43, 49,51-52,54).

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Michael IV Paphlagonia, photo, biography
Michael IV Paphlagonia, photo, biography Michael IV Paphlagonia  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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