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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography MICHAEL V Calafat
Michael V Calafat Byzantine emperor in 1041-1042 gg.

Paternal Michael belonged to an entirely modest family: his father, Stephen, and caulked the ships they were coated with resin before launch. But his mother, he was the nephew of Emperor Michael IV, and this determined his fate. When it became obvious that the emperor is ill lethal disease, his brothers-eunuchs, worried, as if his passing power is not slipped out of their hands, have persuaded Michael to bestow the title of Caesar's nephew. Likewise, they persuaded the Empress Zoe to adopt it and to recognize his successor. However, taken up so high, Michael initially did not have the same meaning, to which he could expect. His uncle, the Emperor never treated him like a Caesar, not given him any preference, not rewarded even the position of honor and just not deprive him of title. By their nature Caesar Michael was very secretive, and for the time being cleverly concealed under the mask blagomysliya his temper. None of the patrons he felt no gratitude, and only waited for opportunities to take up arms all of its genus (Psellos: 'Michael Fourth'; 23 - 24,26,28).

After becoming emperor, Michael, revealed his true colors. According Psellos in the life of this monarch was being colorful, with the soul of a diverse and volatile, his speech was at odds with his heart on his mind, he always had one, but on the lips of another. By many, hated him, he turned to friendly speeches and swore solemnly that heart loves them and enjoys their company. Often in the evening he planted at his table and drank from a cup with those already in the morning was going to face harsh punishment. The concept of kinship, moreover - the very closeness of blood seemed to him toys, and it did not touch would be if all of his relatives covered with a wave. If he was unlucky, . he acted and talked to slavishly cowardly and showed all the lowland nature, . but when fortune even for a moment he smiled, . he immediately stopped Mummery, . dropped the mask of feigned, . filled with hatred and some of their evil intentions enforces immediately, . others save for the future,
. He was volatile, was in the power of anger, and any trifle aroused in him fume and rage. First, he dismissed cases and banished his uncle John Orfanotrofa, the most capable management, and raised another uncle - Constantine. And then he began to eliminate its entire genus. Bcex their relatives - and in most cases, this bearded men in the prime years and fathers who held senior positions - he ordered the strip-bearing members and as such, the half, left to live out their days. Empress, his adoptive mother, he hated even earlier, when he received the imperial power, but for the fact that once called her mistress, was now ready to bite his tongue and spit out his mouth. First, he pushed her and move away from yourself, . ceased to share with her his plans, . not allow her to take even a small portion of the king's treasure, . and humiliated in every way, . can say, . exhibited her a laughing-stock he held it under siege, . as enemy, . surrounded the infamous detention, . endear her maids, . pry everything, . is being done for the women's, . not considered treaties, . which it concluded,
. But this was not enough for him, and he condemned it in the worst of evils: decided to expel from the palace. Inventing all kinds of nonsense, . He announced his adoptive mother poisoner, . introduced false witnesses and began to pry about, . what she had no idea, . drew her to account and punished, . as a grave sinner: immediately put on a ship and banished to the island Prinkipo,
. But even there he continued to pursue her and calmed down only when it sent its people forcibly tonsured as a monk.

. As soon as word spread around about the troubles of the new Empress, the capital, according to all historians, representing a scene of universal grief
. Not only artisan folk, but even allies and foreign mercenary could not restrain his anger, and all were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the Empress. As far as the market lifted, then he let himself go and went off the deep end, ready to pay back the perpetrator of violence. All the people rose against the tyrant. First, they are in groups and pootryadno lined up for battle, and then, on the third day, the whole army rushed to the palace to burn it. Meanwhile in the capital brought the Empress. But when it was brought to the upper platform of the racetrack and show people, thinking to subdue him, he rebelled more. Evening, April 20, 1042, Mr.. the crowd gave to Sophia's younger sister Zoe, Theodora, and proclaimed her Empress. Patria Alex Studite immediately crowned it. Told about what happened to Michael, and he, fearing that would suddenly nagryanuvshaya crowd not caught him in the palace, escaped with his uncle Constantine in the Studion Monastery. Theodore, taking power, sent a detachment of guards followed. Both fugitives have been dragged from the altar and all the people blinded, and then exiled to the island (Psellos: 'Michael Fifth', 6, 9, 14-17, 21, 23, 25-26, 32, 37-38, 42,50) .

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MICHAEL V Calafat, photo, biography
MICHAEL V Calafat, photo, biography MICHAEL V Calafat  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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