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( Byzantine Emperor)

Constantine IX Monomakh - Byzantine emperor in 1042 - 1055 he. Genus. app. 1042 g. + January. 1055

Constantine belonged to an ancient race Monomakhs. Occupying a high position with gentility, with its great wealth and distinctive beauty, he was for many highly respectable families eligible bachelor. After his first wife died, he married a second time to the niece of Roman III. Through this kinship, he has risen above the others, but the top positions and not received. Empress Zoe loved him and constantly wanted to see and hear. And he appeased her in various ways and skillfully doing what gave her pleasure, conquered it once and won the king's mercy. Therefore, it seemed likely contender for the throne, and Michael IV, reigned after the Roman, treated him with suspicion. At first he was not showing his jealousy, was sympathetic, but later thought up some charges and turn up false witnesses, Constantine banished from the capital of Lesbos. Hatred Constantine inherited and his nephew, Michael V.

However, in 1042, Mr.. everything has changed: Zoya and her sister Theodora became regent of the empire. Niodna of them cast of mind not fit for the imperial power, they were unable to dispose of, or take firm decisions, and to the king's care for the most part women mingled trifles. For the noble and good governance and welfare of the state had to immediately find a husband, the valiant and experienced in the affairs. Of the people around her, Zoya nobody felt worthy of his hands and dreamed of one only Constantine. It opened entourage and members of the household, and when I saw that they were all as one, stand behind this man, said his will and the Supreme Council. Sinklitiki also felt that the decision of God, and Constantine was summoned from exile. June 11, 1042, Mr.. solemnly married with a 64-year-old Zoya and thereafter was proclaimed emperor. The first time after the wedding, he helped his wife every consideration, but then called Lesbos with his former mistress, Mary Sklirenu with which he lived during his exile. Initially, she was granted asylum and a few modest retinue, but then quite openly enter into the king's inner chamber and began to call Mrs.. While almost all have been hurt humiliation Empress Zoe herself if nothing had changed and was apparently satisfied with what had happened. Emperor equally shared time between that and the other. Perhaps Constantine supposed to do in the future Empress Maria, but his hopes were not given to be fulfilled - Skleros died about 1045 g. Since Zoe was too old to communicate with her husband, the Emperor soon got himself another lover - a hostage of Alanya. According Psyol, Constantine was ever obsessed with love affairs, he could not satisfy the passion for simple communication, but always came to the excitement at the first pleasures bed.

. The new monarch, and at first liked the people and the nobility, as had a true gift to win the hearts of subjects
. He was able to reach out to everyone and do not fool people, not played in front of them comedies, but sincerely tried to give them a pleasant and thus attract. It is to no one was conceited and threatening, not sleep enough, talking with confidence and arrogant, not revenge their former ill-wishers. But those who expected that with the transition of power in men's hands strengthened the position of the empire, badly miscalculated. Having become an emperor, Constantine began to administer affairs without proper firmness and prudence. He immediately began to ravage, treasury and cleaned it up last coin. Grades he gave without any sense: they are given to those who bothered to Emperor requests or caused his laughter is appropriate to say a word. In the end, he figured to sinklitu almost the entire market rabble. Considering its power rest from work, he gave the other the care of the treasury, the right of the court and taking care of the troops, only a small fraction of cases taken on themselves and their legitimate lottery considered a life full of fun and excitement. If someone was to him, displaying anxious soul, then this person felt bad Constantine. Therefore, in conversations with the emperor people adapt to the peculiarities of his temper, . and if someone came to him with anything serious, . then things just did not spread, . but what preceded it some jokes or interspersed one another, as if forcing the patient to swallow the bitter medicine, . mixing him sweets,
. Over the years, others had to increasingly resort to this method, since the reign of Constantine was stormy, and all were filled with wars and rebellions.

. The first raised the revolt against him George maniac, coma Dowa troops in Italy
. He landed with an army under Dirrahiem, but in early 1043, Mr.. killed in battle near Salonika. Do not have time to crush this rebellion, as Constantinople was under the myriad of Russian ships. Naval forces Romans were at this time are small, and fire-bearing ships scattered coastal waters. Somehow I gathered the remnants of the old fleet, Constantine had the courage to battle - the Russian fleet was part of the burned part of the sinking, only a few were able to escape. Then, in 1047, Macedonia has proclaimed himself emperor Leo Tornik. With a great army, he soon went up to Constantinople, but could not get it. His army dispersed, and he was captured and blinded. Shortly thereafter, in the late 40's., The first strikes on the eastern borders of the empire caused the Turks. At the same time the earth began to ravage the Danube Pechenegs. Freed from dependence romeyskoy Serbian principality. Everyone, even the most enthusiastic fans of Constantine, it became clear that the Romans might quickly tends to decline.

. A few years before his death, the emperor has developed a disease of the joints, so that the hands of entirely abated, and his feet could not walk and a nutcracker from the unbearable pain
. Completely spoiled and upset as his stomach, and the entire body of Constantine slowly extinguished and decaying. He died on the thirteenth year of the, . leaving the state in a troubled and unstable condition: the treasury was empty, . Finance upset, . Army was neglected, . Meanwhile, as enemies from all sides began to storm the borders of the empire (Psellos: 'Constantine Ninth', 5, . 10, . 14, . 21, . 29, . 31, . 33, . 47, . 53, . 54, . 59, . 69, . 81, . 84, . 90, . 93, . 95, . 104, . 106, . 118, . 123, . 151).,

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