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Romanus IV Diogenes

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Romanus IV Diogenes
Romanus IV Diogenes - Byzantine emperor in 1068 - 1071 he. Genus. in 1039, Mr.. + August 4. 1072

The novel came from an ancient and rich genus Diogenes. His father, Constantine Diogenes, when Romano III was charged with conspiracy, and not waiting for the end of the investigation, committed suicide. The novel itself under Constantine X was dukoy Serdica and received the title vestarha. After the death of the emperor, he began to organize the conspiracy was betrayed, taken to the capital and tried. The widow of the deceased, the empress Eudoxia, sorry for the death of Roman and instead punished it with a link to Cappadocia. According Attaliata, Roman differed exceptional beauty and virility (Dashkov: 'Roman Diogenes'). Meanwhile, after the death of Constantine Duque power passed to his three sons - Michael, Constantine and Andronik, but in fact concentrated in the hands of their mother, Evdokia. She was a woman of sophisticated and experienced, able to engage in any public affairs (Psellos: 'Roman Fourth'; 1). However, the approximate become one voice to encourage her to enter a second marriage. Affairs of the empire at that time consisted of badly. Treasury was empty, the army collapsed, all sides pressed the enemies of the Romans: Southern Italy took possession of the Normans in the Asian one victory after another scored the Turks, and the whole of Bulgaria and Thrace were devastated pechenegy (Dashkov: 'Roman Diogenes'). Since her children were still small, the Empress advised to elect the wife of a valiant man, who could be charged with war with the barbarians. Evdokia opted for the novel and secretly summoned him to Constantinople. December 31, 1067, Mr.. She married in it, and the next day was crowned Roman Emperor and proclaimed.

Psellos wrote what happened to Roman times to show a direct one, but more often he was sly and conceited. Marry him, Evdokia expected to retain power, but very briefly depicted the Roman obedience, and then openly began to show displeasure. He wanted to reign of the autocratic and sovereign to dispose of all affairs. In March 1068, Mr.. Emperor spoke against the Turks and spent several months in a campaign. The following spring, he again went to Asia. The outcome of this two-year war remained uncertain: while the Romans did not win, but suffered no damage. As the Turks continued to ravage the Empire, the early spring of 1071, Mr.. Roman again spoke out against them (Psellos: 'Roman Fourth', 5, 9-13, 17). Reaching Cappadocia, he learned that the Sultan with an army moves on it. Some advised the Emperor to wait for the enemy in a fortified place, while others said that the need to go to meet him. Roman obeyed second. On the plain before the decisive battle happened Manzikert. Turkish cavalry routed the Romans and the right wing surrounded the portion of the troops commanded by the emperor. Being cut off from all sides, Roman drew his sword, slew many enemies, but in the end the wounded was captured. It had been taken prisoner, many other military leaders, others fled. It seemed that the state suffered irreparable damage, but, contrary to expectations, the sultan took advantage of his victory is moderately. He comforted the captive, to share his meal, delivered to him those prisoners, which he called, and finally released him from captivity. In exchange, Roman gave him several important cities, including Antioch and Manzikert. Having freedom, he went to the capital, nor how many no doubt that once again free to enter into management Romeo (Bryennios: 1, 13, 17, 19). But the way it caught the news that the autocratic power he has selected and transferred to her stepson Michael, son of Eudoxia and Constantine X. Novel, does not accept this coup, was ready to do anything to seize the throne. On all sides were to come to him the warriors. The struggle against the stepfather, Michael Constantine VII commissioned Duque. He first defeated the Roman under Amaziah, then pursued him to the fortress Tyrol. The situation seemed desperate loser, but to help him come ketapan Antioch Hechatur, after which the war has resumed with new vigor. Michael VII gave the command in the hands of another of his cousin, Andronicus Duque. In the new novel once again the battle was broken. He took refuge in the fortress of Adana. Twice defeated, he encouraged his people and gives them hope (to help him should have been approached Turkish troops), but they betrayed him and opened the gates. Grabbing the Roman people Andronicus hurried his tonsured and dressed in a monk's dress. Then Andronicus met him in his tent, comforted and shared a meal with him (Psellos: 'The fourth novel', 27, 32 - 34, 36, 40-42). The prisoner was sent to Constantinople, and was blinded on the road, crushing the shield in any closet. Inexperienced executioner was four times lower red-hot iron in the eyes of Roman. After this unfortunate banished to a monastery on the island Prot, where he soon died (Dashkov: 'Roman Diogenes').

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Romanus IV Diogenes, photo, biography
Romanus IV Diogenes, photo, biography Romanus IV Diogenes  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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