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Otto Abetz (Abetz)

( German diplomat)

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Biography Otto Abetz (Abetz)
photo Otto Abetz (Abetz)
Abetz, Otto (Abetz), (1903-1958), German diplomat. Born May 26, 1903 in Shvettsingene. On July 8, 1940 (after the fall of France) in 1944 - Germanic ambassador to the Vichy Government in France. In his youth, while still drawing teacher in Karlsruhe, he became one of the leaders of the youth organization "Zalbergkrays, among other goals which was to establish contacts with the French supporters of Nazism. New Abetz came into the international arena during the Munich Conference of 1938 and for a short period rose to deputy Joachim von Ribbentrop. He was an adviser to the German military administration in Paris and in contact with the authorities of the unoccupied territory of France. Pierre Laval considered him the most influential German representative in France, placing it above even the commander of the occupying forces Germanic. After Germany invaded southern France, on Abetz was responsible for operations of DM and anti-Jewish actions in France. In July 1949, among other war criminals, he was sentenced in Paris to 20 years in prison. Released from the French prison in April 1958. In the same year he was killed in a car accident, not without the participation is believed to be revenge of former members of the French Resistance.

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. Abetz (Abetz) Otto (26.5.1903, Schwetzingen - 5/5/1958, Pangenfeldt, Rhine)
. Diplomat, Brigadefiihrer SS. In his youth, as a drawing teacher in Karlsruhe, he became the leader of the youth organization Znlberkrays, among other purposes which have been liaising with the French supporters of Nazism. In 1931 joined the NSDAP. In 1930-33 was the organizer of Germany and the French youth meetings, the main problem "which was to enhance germanskogo influence in Alsace-Lorraine. Since 1934 lecturer in France in the imperial leadership of Hitler Youth. In January 1935 transferred to the Bureau Ribbentrop, the Nazi Party was in charge foreign policy issues. For the first time entered the international scene during the Munich Conference 1938. I made a quick career, becoming an assistant and. Von Ribbentrop. In 1939 his personal representative in Paris. C 14.6. 1940 (after the defeat of France), the representative of the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Head of Administration in France voeynoy. Germany was an advisor to the military administration in France and his task was to influence policy makers and the public in France for Germany in the right vein. Prime Minister of the French collaborationist government in Vichy P. Laval Abetz considered Germany's most influential official in France. After the meeting, 19.7. 1940 with Laval, he was given the responsibility for political issues as in the occupied and unoccupied in France and in contact with the Vichy government. 20/4/1940 agency Abetz renamed "Germanskoe embassy in Paris". In November 1942 he was as a result of the intrigues in the top leadership of Germany was sent to "leave" and returned to his duties only in the second half of 1943. In 1944, Abetz instructed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to monitor the operations of DM and anti-Jewish campaign in France in contact with the local French authorities, requiring them to mass deportation of Jews. In July 1949, among other war criminals at the trial in Paris, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Kept in prison in France. Released in April 1954. After his release he worked as a journalist in the weekly Fortshritt ". He died in a car accident, which, according to one version, organized by former members of the French Resistance.

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Otto Abetz (Abetz), photo, biography
Otto Abetz (Abetz), photo, biography Otto Abetz (Abetz)  German diplomat, photo, biography
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