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Werner von BLOMBERG (Blomberg)

( Field-Marshal Germanic army)

Comments for Werner von BLOMBERG (Blomberg)
Biography Werner von BLOMBERG (Blomberg)
Blomberg, Werner von (Blomberg), (1878-1946), Field-Marshal Germanic army (from 1936), Minister of War. Born September 2, 1878 in Stargard, Pomerania. Participated in the 1 st World War, General Staff officer. Since 1919, the Reichswehr - Head of the combat training of the Ministry of the Reichswehr (1925-27). In 1927-29 chief of troop control (t. e. disguised General Staff), then (1929-32) commanded the troops of the 1 st Military Region (Vost. Prussia). Since January 1933 the Minister of the Reichswehr, since 1935 the Minister of War, along with the May 1935 Chief of the armed forces, oversaw the creation of the Wehrmacht.

Blomberg was smart, but is unstable and highly influenced by. At a time when the emerging cooperation between the Reichswehr and the Red Army, he confessed that he was "almost a Bolshevik". Influenced by his chief of staff Colonel von Reichenau, he was just as easy to sympathize with the Nazi movement. Promoting the revival of military power of Germany, Blomberg caused displeasure top army officials, who criticized him for being too "play up" to the party. Blomberg has prepared plans to re-militarize the Rhineland that Hitler had to go after the introduction of troops awarded him the rank of Marshal. However, Blomberg feared sharply adventurous course of Hitler in Germany and strengthen the role of intelligence services of the Nazi party. Von Rundstedt, expressing the opinion of war, characterized him as follows: "Blomberg has always been a little stranger among us. It is vital in other empyrean. He left the school of Steiner, a man Theosophical warehouse, and to tell the truth, no one in particular did not like ". For Blomberg nickname stuck hollow Lev.

. On the eve of the bloody events of "Night of Long Knives" between Hitler and Blomberg was concluded a secret agreement, . in which Hitler gave assurances, . that the actual command of the army will remain in the hands of the military, . promised rapid and extensive re -, . guarantee, . that the army will be the only public body, . responsible for the defense of the country and having the right to bear arms,
. With regard to the supreme command of the army, . it, . in accordance with the Weimar Constitution, . entrusted to the President of the Reich, . However, he promised to abandon a particular command, . agreeing to something, . all laws, . concerning Army, . entered into force only after the signing of the president and defense minister,
. The report on this measure was published in the newspaper Volkischer Beobachter, August 5, 1934. Only on these conditions Blomberg agreed to sign a law declaring Hitler's Reich, President. This meant in fact support a coup by the army.

. After the events of "blood cleansing" Blomberg in order for the Army approved the actions of the Nazis: "The Fuhrer went on the offensive and crush the rebels with the determination of the soldier and exemplary bravery
. Army, as the only armed force of the nation, while remaining aloof from the internal political struggle, he shows his appreciation, devotion and loyalty. "

. August 2, after reports of the death of Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, Hitler organized an army of bringing a new oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer himself
. On the same day Blomberg asked the army to the order, which read: "We will give all our strength, and if necessary, even life in the service of the new Germany. Doors in this new Germany were open to us marshal [Hindenburg], he realized, thus the will of the people generated by many centuries Germanic victories. Keeping memories of this heroic person, we will go ahead full of faith in germanskogo Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. "

. In response, Blomberg, Hitler sent a letter of thanks: "I always thought it was his supreme duty to protect the existence and integrity of the Army
. I will follow the will of the deceased marshal and shall be true to yourself in an effort to make the Reichswehr, the only armed force of the nation. "

. June 24, 1937 Blomberg, prepared a report on the international situation, which contained the arguments of opponents of aggressive policies that Hitler was preparing
. "The general political situation - described in the report - justifies the belief that Germany is not facing an attack with any side. The reason for this other than lack of willingness to commit aggression on the part of almost all countries, especially Western powers, is the weak preparedness for war, many nations, including Russia ". Hitler did not like the conclusions that are contrary to his intentions, which led to the resignation of Blomberg in February 1938 as a result of a carefully planned discredit him and the Army Chief, General Werner von Fritsch.

After the defeat of Nazi Germany, Blomberg, as one of the leaders and organizers of the Wehrmacht, was brought to justice by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. He died in prison during the investigation.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Blomberg (Blomberg) Werner von (02.09.1878, Stargard, Pomerania - 14.03.1946, Nuremberg), military commander, General-Field Marshal (20.04.1936)
. Son Colonel. He graduated from military school in Gross-Lichterfeld. 13.03.1897 entered a lieutenant in the 73rd Regiment fuzilerny. In 1907 he graduated from the Military Academy. In 1907-10 he served in the Great General Staff, and then on the staff positions. Since January 1914 the company commander 103rd Infantry Regiment (Metz). Participant 1-st world war, an officer of the General Staff. During the planning of operations was awarded the Order "Pour 1e Merite". After the demobilization of the army remained to serve in the Reichswehr. With the formation of Hitler's government 30.01.1933 with the active support of P. von Hindenburg, and F. Father von Blomberg was promoted to Minister of War. Supported the program of reconstruction of Hitler's army and revisions of the Versailles Peace. One of the main leaders of rebuilding the army and re-militarize Germany. 15.05.1933 issued an order obliging the military to honor members of the Nazi armed forces, and 19/09/1933 - and the Nazi Party functionaries, dressed in party form. 25/02/1934 Blomberg introduced the wearing of uniforms and uniforms of the imperial eagle holding a swastika in its claws. Actively opposed the CA. Before "Night of Long Knives", 29/06/1934, an article in "Felkishe Beobachter", stating that "the army ... on the side of Adolf Hitler ... which remains with us ". Particular attention to the development of armored forces. 30/01/1936 introduced the study of National Socialism in all military schools. In 1936, opposed the introduction of troops into the Rhineland, literally begging him to allow him to Hitler 09/03/1936 withdraw. Since then, his reputation began to deteriorate. 24/07/1937 issued a secret directive in which he pointed to the need to specify the two war plans - "Mouth" (a war on two fronts with the concentration of main efforts in the West) and "Grim" - with the concentration of main efforts in the Southeast. Participated in a so-called. 05/11/1937 Hossabaha meeting at which Hitler announced his decision to hold Anschluss of Austria and the occupation of the Sudetenland. In mid-December 1937 approved a plan to "Grim" - about military action against Czechoslovakia, and then his relationship with Fritsch has sharply deteriorated. 12/1/1938 married a stenographer Eva Grun. At this time the criminal police to police president of Berlin in. von Helldorf dossier on Grun, from which it followed that she acted as a model for pornographic pictures and was registered as a prostitute. Helldorf handed the dossier to. Keitel, who reassigned it to Mr.. Goring. 24/01/1938 Goering passed the dossier to Hitler and demanded the resignation of Blomberg. Military circles have demanded the resignation of. January 25 Blomberg was retired, having received 50 thousand. Reichsmarks on world tour. With the resignation Blomberg recommended for the post of Minister of War, Goering, and after the negative reaction to Hitler offered himself to take this post. At the end of January. After the war, the Allies arrested. He died of cancer.

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Werner von BLOMBERG (Blomberg), photo, biography
Werner von BLOMBERG (Blomberg), photo, biography Werner von BLOMBERG (Blomberg)  Field-Marshal Germanic army, photo, biography
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