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BRANDT Karl (Brandt)

( Reichskommissar of health and personal physician of Hitler)

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Biography BRANDT Karl (Brandt)
Karl Brandt (Brandt), (1904-1948), Reichskommissar health and personal physician of Hitler. New Brandt met with Hitler in August 1933 when he was called in Upper Bavaria, to help the niece of Hitler and his adjutant Wilhelm Brц+ckner, suffered in a car accident. Doctoral skill Brandt was so convincing that he was invited to become personal physician to Hitler. By 1934, Brandt became a permanent member of oberzaltsbergskogo circle.

He was awarded the rank of Major-General SS and, despite the relatively small experience, Brandt was appointed Reich Commissar of Health and Sanitation. That he warned Hitler that excessively large doses of drugs and vitamins, which are introduced to the Fuhrer, Dr. Theodore Morelli, can lead to irreparable results. Hitler did not heed the fears Brandt. Fuhrer for many years favored to Brandt, but at the end of April 1945, shortly before his suicide, Hitler learned that Brandt left his wife and child in Thuringia, where they intended to wait for the Americans. Raging Fuhrer Brandt sacked and appointed a military tribunal composed of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler Youth leader Artur Axman, Major-General Gottlob Berger SS, accusing Brandt of treason. Hitler even sent a letter to the tribunal, accusing Brandt of disbelief in the victory and that his wife he intended to use for sending secret documents to the Americans. Brandt was sentenced to death and some time was kept at a villa in the western part of Berlin. His wife saved Himmler cheated justice and calling new witnesses. Avoiding any way the death penalty against Hitler, Dr. Brandt, however, has not escaped the vigilance of the Allies. He was one of the 23 SS doctors and scientists who appeared on Dec. 9, 1946 before the U.S. military tribunal? 1. He refused the services of a lawyer and chose to defend themselves:

. Prosecutor: Mr. Brandt, do you admit criminal medical experiments on humans that have taken place without their consent?

. Dr. Brandt: It depends on what experiments are meant
. In my opinion, the issue of consent plays an important role in the evaluation of the experiment as a whole - really annoying part of the experiments described as criminal.
. Prosecutor: In your opinion, represented a danger of freezing experiments?
. Dr Brandt: Yes
. Because sometimes the deaths, they certainly is a dangerous experiment.

. Judge Sebring: Was the order, . who authorized or forced the nurses to choose how to apply them instinctively, and in operations, . exercise that, . doctor knew, . that death occurred as a result of the experimental, . whether there was any such order?,
. Dr. Brandt: It's a complicated question, because everything depended on the clarity lowered teams
. If Himmler ordered that Dr. X lead by some experiments, it is quite possible that this Dr. X was forced against his will to execute such orders. If he would have refused, then of course he would have demanded an explanation for the refusal. In this case - in which the authoritarian nature of our system of governance should be taken into account - any personal code of ethics must give way to the total character of the war.

Court was not satisfied with the explanations of Dr. Brandt. He was sentenced to death by hanging. On the eve of execution in Landsberg prison, he offered his own body for medical experiments, similar to those which he led, but his proposal was rejected. Like the six others sentenced to death by doctors, he refused to Confession. His last words were: "Do not be ashamed to go to this scaffold. This is just a political feud. I have served their country, like many before me ... "Loop ended his speech in the middle. It happened June 2, 1948.

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BRANDT Karl (Brandt), photo, biography
BRANDT Karl (Brandt), photo, biography BRANDT Karl (Brandt)  Reichskommissar of health and personal physician of Hitler, photo, biography
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