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Walther von Brauchitsch (Brauchitsch)

( Field-Marshal of Hitler's army)

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Biography Walther von Brauchitsch (Brauchitsch)
photo Walther von Brauchitsch (Brauchitsch)
Brauchitsch, Walther von (Brauchitsch), (1881-1948), Field-Marshal of Hitler's Army (1940). Born October 4, 1881 in Berlin in the officer's family. In the army since 1900. Participant 1-st World War on the staff positions, then served in the Reichswehr. In 1931 was promoted to lieutenant general, commanded the artillery formations. Since 1932 the inspector general of artillery, from 1933 commanded the 1 st Military Region in Koenigsberg, in 1935 the 1 st Army Corps. Since 1937 the commander of 4 th Army Group. February 4, 1938, following the ouster of General Fritsch, appointed commander of ground forces.

From the outset, Brauchitsch was aware of the conspiracy of army officers against Hitler. Without endorsing the aggressive plans of Hitler, he, nevertheless, to obey an order, being bound by an oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer. Hoping to draw Brauchitsch in the number of conspirators, it has repeatedly tried to influence General Ludwig Beck, a key figure in the opposition army, and Brauchitsch had to rush between the inner sense and professional duty. In 1938, he divorced his wife and newly married to the daughter of an outstanding statesman of Silesia. Hitler ordered Brauchitsch to provide the necessary funds to settle the divorce case. Second wife Brauchitsch, fanatical supporter of Hitler, forced her husband, already blagogovevshego before the Fuhrer, finally siding with the National Socialists. On the eve of the occupation of Czechoslovakia Beck and the other conspirators tried again to draw Brauchitsch on their side. At the meeting of generals in the Berghof, Hitler gave a stern dressing down those who refused to support his aggressive intentions. Shaken by the flash of anger Fuhrer Brauchitsch muttered: "I - a soldier. It is my duty - to obey "and agreed with the position of Hitler. Beck also rejected with disgust. Indirectly figure in the plans of the conspirators, Brauchitsch had never played an active role in the conspiracy.

Brauchitsch was involved in developing and implementing plans for war against Poland, France, Yugoslavia, Greece and the Soviet Union. After the first successes of Hitler, he more and more cringe before the Fuhrer. Almost bloodless victory over France crossed the last hopes of the conspirators, that he will side with the opposition. By this time, Brauchitsch already automatically execute orders of Hitler, even against their own different view.

After the failed attack on Moscow, he was dismissed Dec. 19, 1941 in the reserve, according to the official version - for health. Henceforth, the name Brauchitsch was tainted. After hearing about the failure of the conspiracy of the July 1944 he issued a public condemnation of the conspiracy. In 1945, he surrendered to the British. Brauchitsch died in the hospital for prisoners of war in Hamburg October 18, 1948.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Brauchitsch (Brauchitsch) Walther von (04.10.1881, Berlin - 18.10.1948, Hamburg-Barmbek), military commander, General-Field Marshal (19.07.1940). Seung-general of cavalry. He was educated at the court, the page Empress. 22.03.1900 entered a lieutenant in the 3rd Guards Regiment, in 1901 transferred to the artillery of the Guard. Since April 1909 the adjutant 3rd Guard foot artillery regiment. In 1912 he graduated from the Military Academy and was transferred to the General Staff. Participant 1-st World War on the Western Front, an officer of the General Staff, Major. For military distinctions awarded the Order of the House of Hohenzollern. After the demobilization of the army remained to serve in the Reichswehr. Since 1925, the commander of the 2 nd Division 6 th Artillery Regiment, since 1927 head of 6 th Division and 6 th Military District (Munster). Since 1930 head of the combat training of Ministry of Defense, from 1932 inspector of artillery. After the Nazis came to power 01/02/1933 Brauchitsch was appointed commander of the 1 st Division and 1 st Military Region (Konigsberg). Came into conflict with the Gauleiter E. Koch. Being a religious man, Brauchitsch negative attitude to politics NSDAP. In 1935, while remaining the commander of the district, led to 1 st Army Corps.

Enjoyed the support of the general in. Von Fritsch, on whose advice 01/04/1937 headed 4-th army command in Leipzig. In submission Brauchitsch were concentrated armored and motorized troops in Germany. In March 1938 made an unsuccessful attempt to return to the ground forces a central role in the leadership of the Wehrmacht. Participation in the development of plans anshyusa Austria did not take himself Anschluss was a complete surprise to him. During the Sudeten crisis under strong pressure from Brauchitsch L. Beck and B. Adam gathered 04.08.1938 secret meeting to discuss the international situation created. After the meeting Brauchitsch showed Hitler a memorandum Beck, with which he asserted that Germany would be ready for war, not before 1941. Initiator of adopting a 88-millimeter cannon in two versions - an antitank and antiaircraft - later regarded as one of the best guns of World War II. Managed directly by the Germany army preparing for war and the development of operational plans. The Polish company was the only one Brauchitsch managed to hold without significant intervention of Hitler. After the occupation of Poland ordered the army not to interfere in the activities of SS and Police. Opposed the war in the West, but fulfilling orders, 07.10.1939, presented Hitler plan "Gelb" - against France, while pointing out that the operation is possible only when the accumulation. necessary stockpile.

5 November (one week before the appointed time) Brauchitsch again expressed his objections to Hitler, stating t.ch. the lack of morale of the Wehrmacht. At the end of January. 1940 Plan Brauchitsch was replaced by a plan E. von Manshtesha. During the French company's influence Brauchitsch almost faded. 02/07/1940 ordered General F. Halder prepare a preliminary version of the plan of war against the USSR. Not objected to the war with the USSR, and then authorized the "order of the Commissioner" (May 1941), providing for their shot on the spot. Formally, June 25, Hitler was giving orders komanduyushim army groups over the head Brauchitsch. After the crash, the Wehrmacht outside Moscow, on the occurrence of which insisted that Brauchitsch, 06.12.1941 he resigned and was dismissed on 19 December. After the failure of the July plot against Hitler (1944) Brauchitsch 19.08.1944 publicly condemned zagovorshikov and welcomed the appointment of Mr.. Himmler to the post of commander of the army reserve. In early May 1945 was arrested by British troops. First was sent v.Velikobritaniyu, then moved to Munster, and after - in Nuremberg and Hamburg. In prison Brauchitsch almost blind. In 1949, was brought before a British military tribunal, but died in the British military hospital.

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Walther von Brauchitsch (Brauchitsch), photo, biography
Walther von Brauchitsch (Brauchitsch), photo, biography Walther von Brauchitsch (Brauchitsch)  Field-Marshal of Hitler's army, photo, biography
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