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Erwin von Witzleben Job (Witzleben)

( Field-Marshal Wehrmacht)

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Biography Erwin von Witzleben Job (Witzleben)
Witzleben, Erwin von (Witzleben), (1881-1944), Field-Marshal Wehrmacht, one of the leaders of the conspiracy against Hitler. Born Dec. 4, 1881 in Breslau. In 1935 with the rank of lieutenant-general was appointed commander of Military Region III. Since the beginning of 2 nd World War in October 1940 - Commander of the 1 st Army. July 19, 1940, after the defeat of France, was one of 12 senior officers, to whom Hitler awarded the rank of Field Marshal. Until March 1941 von Witzleben commanded Army Group "D", and until February 1942 - Chief of Germanic troops in the West, France. He retired in 1942.

As one of the most experienced members of the resistance movement, von Witzleben was a candidate for the post of chief of the armed forces in case of removal of Hitler from power. He was arrested as one of the main conspirators against Hitler and was sentenced to death by the People's Tribunal

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. Witzleben (Witzleben) Job Erwin von (04.12.1881, Breslau, Silesia - 09.08.1944, prison Plotsenzee) Warlord, one of the leaders of the conspiracy of the July 1944, Field-Marshal (19.07
. 1940). He graduated from military academy. 22.3. 1901 became a lieutenant in the 7 th Grenadier Regiment. Participant 1-st world war, the company commander, an officer of the General Staff. For military Unlike awarded the Iron Cross 2 nd and 1 st Class. After the demobilization of the army remained in the Reichswehr. In 1928 the commander of 3rd Battalion, B-th Infantry Regiment in 1929-31 Chief of Staff, 6 th Division and 6-th Military District (Munster). Since 1931 the commander of the 8 th Infantry fe. Since 1933 the infantry commander, 4 th Infantry Division. From 01.02. 1934 commander of the 3rd Division and the 3rd Military District (Berlin). Actively opposed the CA. When it became known that during the "Night of Long Knives" 1934 were killed by gene. K. von Shlepher and K. von Bredow, Witzleben with Mr.. von Rundstedt, E. Von Manstein, V. Von Leeb and others. demanded investigation. In 1935, after the transformation of the army, leaving the command of the district, led the 3rd Army Corps. Negative attitude to the Nazis, as a staunch supporter of the restoration of the monarchy in Germany. After retirement in. von Fritsch, falsely accused of homosexuality, Witzleben becomes an active opponent of the regime and a supporter of his overthrow by force of arms. When cleaning in the Army in February 1938 dismissed. In August 1938 appointed commander of the 1-th army in the Franco-Prussian border during Sudetskoga crisis. Together with other conspirators developed a plan that in the event of hostilities his troops to topple the government of Hitler. But military action is not commenced. On 10.11.1938 the commander of the 2 nd Army Command (Frankfurt). During the Polish company commanded 1 st Army. Member of the French company. 24.06. 1940 was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. From 15.03. 1941 commander of the Army Group "D" and the commander of the West. 21.03. 1942 dismissed on health. Despite deteriorating health, he continued to liaise with the conspirators in the case of success of the conspiracy was to become commander in chief Wehrmacht. After the assassination attempt on Hitler 20.07. 1944 arrived in Berlin and in full military uniform appeared at the headquarters of the reserve army, took over command of the troops. Witzleben appointed General E. Hepner commander of the reserve army, and General Baron K. background Thц?ngen-Rossbaha Commander 3 rd Military District (Berlin). Ordered to Gen. D. von Stiilpnagel arrest all SS and SD personnel in Paris. Upon learning that Hitler was alive, Witzleben distanced himself from the conspiracy and, having stayed in the building of the Ministry, 45 minutes left in the estate Seesen. July 21 arrested. 07.08. 1944, together with other officers in the process of the People's Trial Chamber sentenced to death. Hanged.

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Erwin von Witzleben Job (Witzleben), photo, biography
Erwin von Witzleben Job (Witzleben), photo, biography Erwin von Witzleben Job (Witzleben)  Field-Marshal Wehrmacht, photo, biography
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