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GANFSHTENGL Ernst Franz Zedgvik (Hanfstaengl)

( Unofficial Hitler's court jester)

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Biography GANFSHTENGL Ernst Franz Zedgvik (Hanfstaengl)
Ganfshtengl, Ernst Franz Zedgvik, Hanfstaengl, (Hanfstaengl), (Putsi) (1887-1975), an unofficial court jester of Hitler in the early days of the Nazi movement. Born in Munich in a mixed American-German family. His father was a well-known art dealer. Ernst studied at the Bavarian Emperor Wilhelm Gymnasium, where his classroom teacher was the father of Heinrich Himmler. Since it was predicted to take over the branch of the family business at the 5 th Avenue in New York, Ernst was sent in 1905 to Harvard University, graduating in 1909. All four 1-year of World War II he spent in the U.S. and was disappointed in his inability to serve the country of their ancestors during the crisis. After the war he returned to Munich.

Ganfshtengl leave Germany at the top of its imperial glory, but returned and found a country defeated in a state of complete collapse. Being surrounded by Hitler that almost two-meter giant with a huge head, protruding jaw, and thick hair put up with the given nickname "Putsi". He was a gifted pianist and masterfully executed, despite his huge hands, the works of Liszt and Wagner. In the political chaos in Munich early 20-ies. Ganfshtengl mysteriously imbued with sympathy for Hitler, then nobody knows politics begin. The only literary prodigy in a Hitler, Ganfshtengl introduced ignorant Austrians in Munich artistic and cultural circles. After the suppression of "Beer Hall Putsch, 1923 Hitler had found temporary refuge in a villa in the Bavarian Alps Ganfshtenglya. Ganfshtengl visited Hitler in Landsberg Prison and helped him recover after his release.

Both before and after the Nazis came to power, Ganfshtengl remained among the closest associates of Hitler. He was cheerful and amusing companion during political campaigns. Thanks to his time uttered jokes and unusual sense of humor in Nazi circles he perceived something of a Shakespearean jester, able to provide relaxation exhausted leader. Ganfshtengl never stopped clock. For this he was rewarded with a minor post of the foreign press secretary NSDAP. In this position, which he held until you leave Germany, Ganfshtengl sought to benefit for the Nazi movement with the help of his many influential friends abroad.

. By the end of 1934 the relations between Hitler and Ganfshtenglem noticeably tempered
. Putsi delicately tried to influence the Fuehrer, to moderate some of its political, religious and racial views, while Hitler did not allow any interference in their affairs, and was indignant at the slightest objection. At a crowded reception, Ganfshtengl all to hear, named Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Dr. Goebbels pig. Such openness has not brought him the love of the Nazis. In March 1937 Ganfshtengl, sensing the impending danger to him, had left Germany. Later he learned that he was already conceived a plan to eliminate it - its going to throw out of the plane. April 19, 1937 Ganfshtenglyu Goering wrote a letter assuring him that all this was intended as a harmless joke: "We wanted to give you the opportunity to reflect on some of the overly bold statements that you allow yourself. And more than that. I give you my word of honor that you can stay here with us, as you have always done, absolutely free. Forget your suspicions and wisely. I hope you are favorably inclined to my words ". Ganfshtengl was not inclined to take geringovskoe "word of honor" and remained in exile.

During the 2-nd World War Ganfshtengl served in the U.S. in the White House expert on Nazi cases. After the war he was interned. Freed, returned to his homeland. In 1957, released in London on the book "Hitler: The lost years". Died Ganfshtengl November 6, 1975 in Munich.

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Ganfshtengl (Hanfstangl) Ernst Franz Zedvik "Putsi" (1887, Munich - 06.11.1975, Munich) A member of the A. Hitler in 1920-30-ies. The son of a successful art dealer and an American. Educated at the gymnasium in the Bavarian Emperor Wilhelm. In 1909 he graduated from Harvard University (USA). During the 1-st World War led to the U.S. department of the firm. After the war he returned to Munich. Quickly made friends with Hitler - then an unknown politician - imbued with a liking for him and became a member of his entourage. Virtuoso pianist. Introduced Hitler in Munich cultural circles. After the failed "Beer Hall Putsch" in 1923 Hitler some time hiding in a villa in the Bavarian Alps Ganfshtenglya. Provided financial support to Hitler personally, helping him to regain strength after the conclusion of a prison. With a great sense of humor, Ganfshtengl assumed the constant companion of Hitler, who enjoyed the endless jokes Ganfshtenglya. In the 1930's. He was appointed foreign press secretary of the Party and headed the department of the foreign press at the headquarters of the Deputy Fuehrer. Used his numerous contacts abroad for Nazi propaganda. After joining the Nazi Party to power of Hitler and the relationship became Ganfshtenglya ushudshatsya, due to the fact / that that Ganfshtengl tried to influence Hitler and to mitigate the situation of religious and racial policy of the Nazi Party. In addition, Ganfshtenglya soon created a strained relationship with the leaders of Nazi propaganda and. Goebbels and O. Dietrich. In March 1937, feeling that his position was shaken, left Germany Ganfshtengl. After the war it became known that there was a plan of physical elimination Ganfshtenglya - its supposed to throw out of the plane. 19/04/1937 F. Goering Ganfshtenglyu wrote a letter urging him to return to Germany, and gave a "word of honor" that Ganfshtenglyu no danger. However Ganfshtengl not responded to the letter. During the 2-nd World War he served with the U.S. government expert on Nazi Germany. After the war, interned, but was soon released and returned to Germany. Author of memoirs, "Hitler: The lost years" (London, 1957).

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GANFSHTENGL Ernst Franz Zedgvik (Hanfstaengl), photo, biography
GANFSHTENGL Ernst Franz Zedgvik (Hanfstaengl), photo, biography GANFSHTENGL Ernst Franz Zedgvik (Hanfstaengl)  Unofficial Hitler's court jester, photo, biography
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