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Reinhardt Heydrich

( One of the leaders of Nazi Germany)

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Biography Reinhardt Heydrich
photo Reinhardt Heydrich
Reinhard Heydrich (1904 - 1942). One of the leaders of Nazi Germany, almost created a coherent system of political police, intelligence and counterintelligence for a short period of time between the two world wars. Here's how it characterizes the head of exploration Walter Shelenberg in the book "Labyrinth":

. "His appearance is impressive: he was tall, . wide, . unusually high forehead, . young restless eyes, . which concealed animal cunning and supernatural power, . long nose, . predatory, . mouth wide, . fleshy lips, hands and thin, . perhaps, . too long - they were forced to recall the spider's legs,
. His excellent shape spoiled only broad hips, and the ugly in men womanishness made it even more sinister. His voice was too high for a man of such impressive dimensions. It was nervous and jerky, but although he almost never ends with the sentence, yet he managed to express his thoughts quite clearly.

. ... Heydrich was an excellent violinist ...

. This man was an invisible axis around which revolved the Nazi regime
. The development of an entire nation was sent to them indirectly. He is far superior to his fellow politicians and controlled them, just as he controlled a vast intelligence machine SD.

Heydrich had an incredibly acute perception of the moral, human, professional and political weaknesses of people, as well as different ability to grasp the political situation in general. His unusually developed mind complemented least developed vigilant predatory instincts of the animal, always waiting for the danger, always ready to act quickly and ruthlessly.

Fragment from the book by Walter Shelenberga Labyrinth. Memoirs of Hitler's intelligence, with. 24 - 25

More information about the nature of Heydrich in Chapter Towards a unified intelligence service called the book Shelenberga.

Reinhard Hendrych be at the governor of Bohemia and Moravia, where the May 24, 1942 was shot in Prague, apparently, Czech patriots. In revenge for his killing Nazis destroyed the village of Lidice, shoot all the men older than 16 years and deport the remaining inhabitants. Living partisan or even accidental killing of Heydrich's Witnesses captive is not horrible, that was the basis for Walter Shelenbergu include the possibility of attack by someone from the heads of intelligence services of Germany, for example, by Muller. Geydrik died of wounds May 26. More information about the assassination of Heydrich, see Chapter "Murder Heidrich, called the book Shelenberga

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Heydrich, Reinhard (Heydrich), (1904-1942), chief of RSHA (RSHA), the Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, one of the main initiators of the system of concentration camps
. Born March 7, 1904 in Halle, director of the Conservatory in the family of Bruno Richard Heydrich, which was an atmosphere of reverence for the classical music and culture in general. Heydrich received an excellent education, was unusually musical, beautifully played the violin.

From his early years Heydrich became interested in politics. In 1918-19 he was a member of the National Association pangermanskoy youth - the German National Union of Youth "in Halle. Considering this alliance is too modest, in 1920 he joined the "German People's Union defense and offensive". In the same year, eager to participate more actively in the restless over political life, Heydrich is connected in the division, "Lucius, a member of the volunteer units in Galle. In 1921 he founded a new association - the "German National Youth Squad.

. While working in these organizations, Heydrich was carried away by extremist theories of "patriotic" movements, imbued with the spirit of militarism, which was facilitated by interaction with the officers volunteer corps "Lucius".

. The spring of 1922 Heydrich was adopted by the Imperial Navy
. Careers young sailor was successful: in 1924 he was a naval cadet school, in 1926 - Lieutenant, in 1928 - Lieutenant. In 1931, after a scandalous love affair with the daughter of a senior officer, the court of honor, under the chairmanship of the future, Admiral Raeder felt unworthy behavior Heydrich and encouraged him to resign in order to avoid bigger trouble. In 1932, on the streets Heydrich joined the SS, where he drew the attention of Himmler and soon made his closest aide - in April 1934 he appointed him chief of the central service Gestapo. For Himmler high athletic blond Heydrich was the standard Nordics.

In 1934 during the events of "Night of Long Knives" Heydrich played a crucial role in the destruction of the Berlin organization storm troopers. June 17, 1936 he was appointed head of the secret police (Sipo) and SD.

In 1940, Heydrich became president of the International Criminal Police Commission, and in this position began to organize a system of German espionage in other countries. In 1941 he was awarded the rank of SS Obergruppenfiihrer (General). By this time, Heydrich became general manager of the concentration camps, they created the first ghettos for Jews. September 27, 1941, Hitler appointed him deputy Reichsprotektor Bohemia and Moravia. At a January 20, 1942 Vanzeeskom meeting at which Heydrich made a presentation, he was appointed program manager for the destruction of European Jews. Related to this action activities in Czechoslovakia, carried out with cynical cruelty, caused the organization of the conspiracy and assassination of Heydrich by members of the Czechoslovak resistance movement. Early in the morning of May 27, 1942 Heydrich was returning from his summer house in the open "Mercedes" in the direction of Hradcany, the old royal castle in Prague, where his residence was located. At the entrance to Prague two men, dressed in blue work overalls, jumped in the car. One of them shot at Heydrich and the driver, and another threw a bomb under the car. Heydrich, who had managed to shoot one of the assailants, was seriously wounded by shrapnel in the chest and abdomen.

. May 30, 1942 Germanskoe Information Office published in Berlin the following bulletin: "On May 27 in Prague, unknown assailants assassinated the Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich SS Obergruppenfiihrer
. Obergruppenfiihrer SS Heydrich was wounded, but his life is out of danger. For the issuance of the participants attempted set bonus of 10 million kroons.

Despite the immediate holding of the first surgeon in Prague, Professor Hohlbaumom operation, 4 June 1942 Heydrich died. In the funeral speech, Hitler called Heydrich "the man with the iron heart."

. Heydrich's death was the signal for a massive bloody repression against the civilian population of Czechoslovakia.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Heydrich (Heydrich) Reypgard Tristan Eugen (7.3.1904, Halle - 4.6.1942, Prague), one of the leaders of the SS, SS Obergruppenfiihrer and General of Police (24/9/1941)
. Son of director of the conservatory, a child interested in music, beautifully played the violin. Since 1918 member of the German National Youth Union since 1920 - German People's Union defense and offensive. In 1920 joined the Volunteer Corps in Galle. In 1921 initiated the establishment of a nationalist German People's youth squad. The spring of 1922 became a cadet in the Navy, served in the political sector, the intelligence services of the Baltic Fleet in 1924 - at the Cruiser 'Berlin' (commander - In. Kanaris). In 1926, received his military education and was promoted to lieutenant. In 1926-31 he studied at the School of maritime communications, served as an officer in respect of the marine station 'Ostzee', on the cruiser 'Brunswick', the flagship 'Schleswig-Holstein'. In 1928 was promoted to lieutenant. In April. 1931 to the court of honor of the fleet under the chairmanship of E. Roeder Heydrich was invited to resign. The reason was his engagement to Linda von Osten: his previous passion, the daughter of an influential industrialist, demanded an engagement gap, but refused to Heydrich. Grieved resignation, tk. could not imagine a future without the military service. Under the influence of the bride (wedding was held in December. 1931) - A zealous fans. Hitler - Heydrich in July 1931 joined the Hamburg squad SS. On instructions from Mr..

Himmler in July 1932 developed a project to create the Security Service (SD) and soon headed the department of LEDs in the Office of the SS. Initially, the SD task was to cleanse NSDAP from hostile elements and opposition to their introduction into the ranks of the Party. With all the district offices have been established SS divisions, which form the SD. After the Nazis came to power, Heydrich in the middle of 1933 was also appointed Commissioner of the political police of Bavaria, on the basis of which was set up by the Gestapo. 9/12/1933 Department of LEDs has been deployed to the Office of LEDs (from 1934 - General Directorate of SD), headed by Reinhard Heydrich remained 8.3.1934 from the Bavarian political police created obschegermanskaya, which in April. 1934 was transferred to Berlin. Heydrich, this time concentrated in the hands of the leadership as Security Service (SD) and the Security Police (Gestapo and criminal police), while in fact subordinate to two - at Reichsfuhrer SS and Minister of the Interior. Charge of the preparation for the destruction of the top management during the CA 'Night of the Long Knives' 30.6.1934, under the leadership of Heydrich to prepare lists of persons to be destroyed. Personally participated in the events of 'Night', a senior counter-insurgency operations in Berlin. 26.6.1936 under the leadership of Heydrich created General Directorate of Security Police, Heydrich and Tourist Office. united in the hands of leadership of all the intelligence agencies of the Reich.

27/9/1939 association launched the SD and security police in the RSHA (RSHA), which was finally formed in Sept.. 1940. It consists of 7 departments. 27.09.1941 Imperial Protector bohemine and Moravia to. von Neurath went on indefinite leave, and Heydrich was appointed deputy protector, leading the entire apparatus on its territory. Supervised cruel measures of repression of the Czech National Anti-Fascist movements. At the Wannsee meeting held on 20.1.1942 Heydrich outlined the 'final solution', involves the destruction of about 20 million people. After the meeting, Heydrich was entrusted with the implementation of his proposed program. 27/5/1942 slightly later than 14 hours in Prague was severely injured by a bomb thrown at his car by Czech patriots (abandoned in the UK). Received damage to the inner base of the spine. Died of wounds after several operations. In response to the assassination of Heydrich Nazi leadership in the Protectorate (gene. K. Daluege, K. Frank and others) has made large-scale repression against the local population. At the funeral of a. Hitler lays a wreath on his grave, and said that Heydrich 'was one of the greatest defenders of our great germanskogo ideal ... man with an iron heart. "

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  • Beatriz Rottman for Reinhardt Heydrich
  • All the articles concerning his biography are drafted in very poor English. It's a real shame. About the film, I think that it portrays quite truly the fear, cowardice of some, and the bravery and patriotism of others. Besides it lets people, who are unaware of what it was like to live in those days, to learn about history and true events. As an Argentine Jew, I feel fully committed to my roots and and as most jews, we also had in our family our losses.
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    Reinhardt Heydrich, photo, biography
    Reinhardt Heydrich, photo, biography Reinhardt Heydrich  One of the leaders of Nazi Germany, photo, biography
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