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Konrad Henlein Henleyn, (Henlein)

( German politician and the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia.)

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Biography Konrad Henlein Henleyn, (Henlein)
Henlein, Conrad Henleyn, (Henlein), (1898-1945), German politician and the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Born May 6, 1898 in Maffersdorfe (now Vratislavice nad Nisou) in Bohemia, the son of German and GYM SHOES. Was a bank clerk, a teacher of gymnastics. In 1931 headed the German gymnastic association in Czechoslovakia. October 1, 1933 Henlein established a small political party - Deutsch Patriotic Front - which demanded autonomy for the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia States. Henlein offered to form a federal state like the Swiss system of cantons, which gave the independence of ethnic minorities, while not undermining the national unity. However Henlein party was organized on the principle fyurerstva. In October 1934 it held its first mass rally, attended by 20 thousand. man. In 1935, has already collected a significant number of adherents, Deutsch Patriotic Front changed its name and became the Sudeten German Party (SDP). Since 1936 the SDP had already functioned as a "fifth column" in Czechoslovakia, receiving strong financial support through "Volksdeutsche mittelshtelle". For example, back in 1933 the party newspaper Henlein received 120 thousand Czech crowns from Germany to pay debts. In the same year, Rudolf Hess granted a one-time grant of $ 8 million. kr. Sam Henlein receives 12 thousand. Reichsmark month. Supporters Henlein, temporarily hiding under the guise of "Shport Abtaylung" (the first letters coincided with the acronym SA), does agitate for independence for the Sudeten Germans.

. In the elections of 1935 the Social Democratic Party won 44 of the mandate, or 60% of the seats from the German-speaking population of Czechoslovakia
. March 28, 1938, Hitler assured Henlein: "I will support you. Tomorrow you'll be my deputy (Sie sind auch morgen mein Statthalter) ". A month Henlein advanced 8 t. n. "Carlsbad claims" actually demanded full autonomy for the Sudeten Germans. In May, he traveled to London, where he swore that he never received the orders or recommendations from Berlin. After the Munich Agreement of 1938 was appointed Reich Commissar Henlein Sudetenland. May 1, 1939, he became Gauleiter and reyhsshtathalterom and led civil administration in Czechoslovakia.

. In May 1945, was captured by the U.S. 7 th Army, and killed himself in a camp for displaced people 10 May 1945.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Henlein (Henlein) Conrad (6.5.1898, Maffersdorf, Sudetenland - 10.5.1945, PlzeеT), the party leader, leader of the Sudeten Germans, Obergruppenfiihrer CC (21.6.1943)
. The son of a German (booksellers) and GYM SHOES. Educated at Merchant Academy in Gablontse (1916). Participant 1-st World War, fenrih Austro-Hungarian army. He fought on the Italian front. In 1918, interned. In 1919-25 worked as a bank clerk in the office 'Deutsche Bank' in Gablontse, since 1925 physical education teachers in the gymnasium at Ashe, where he created a nationalist militant organization. His organizational skills have attracted the attention of the Austrian nationalists. In 1931 headed the German gymnastic association in Czechoslovakia. 1/10/1933 established 'Deutsch Patriotic Front', the main requirement of which was the autonomy of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Henlein federative state proposed to set up, such as Swiss cantons. In October. 1934 held the first mass meeting (about 20 thousand. pers.). In 1935, after the success of the front, changed the name of the organization in the Sudeten German Party (SNS), from this time SNP secretly funded by the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. From 1935 to 1938 the number of SNP increased from 100 thousand. up to 1.3 million. people. As part of the party created 'Shport abtaylungen' ( 'Sportivnyeotryady'), an analog Germanic CA. In the elections 19.5.1935 SNP won 44 seats in parliament and 60% of the votes germanoyazychnogo population of Czechoslovakia, member of the Austrian Parliament. In fact, by 1937 under the influence of SNP has got almost the entire population of the Sudetenland. 28/3/1938 A. Hitler met with Henlein and told him, 'I will support you. Tomorrow you'll be my governor '. This Henlein was asked to put forward demands that were unacceptable to the Government of Czechoslovakia. In late. April. 1938 Henlein advanced 8 'Carlsbad requirements', actually demanding autonomy for the Sudetenland. And on May 9 announced the termination of negotiations with the SNP Government. In May 1938, visited London, where he made a statement that he never received any orders or recommendations of Berlin. 17/9/1938 formed Sudeten German Volunteer Corps. 9/10/1938 joined the SS (the ticket? 310307). After the Munich Agreement and the accession of the Sudetenland to Germany, 30.10.1938 Henlein appointed imperial governor and Gauleiter Sudetenlanda. 4/12/1938 joined the NSDAP (the ticket? 6 600 001). On 4/12/1938 member of the Reichstag. On 16.3.1939 Head of the Civil control of Czechoslovakia. On 16.11.1942 Imperial Commissioner Defense Sudetenlanda. In May 1945 captured parts of the 7 th U.S. Army. Committed suicide in the camp for displaced persons.

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Konrad Henlein Henleyn, (Henlein), photo, biography
Konrad Henlein Henleyn, (Henlein), photo, biography Konrad Henlein Henleyn, (Henlein)  German politician and the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia., photo, biography
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