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Oskar von Hindenburg (Hindenburg)

( son and assistant in military affairs president Paul von Hindenburg.)

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Biography Oskar von Hindenburg (Hindenburg)
Hindenburg, Oskar (Hindenburg), (1883-1960), son and assistant in military affairs president Paul von Hindenburg. Born January 31, 1883 in Konigsberg. Deprived of political ambitions Hindenburg played an inconspicuous role initially surrounded by his father. But as the Nazi movement in Germany, he became more and more drawn into the backroom political games, the aim of which was the transfer of power to the Nazis. After the Oscar was involved in a scandal over t. n. "Eastern subsidies" - an attempt to evade payment of taxes for the patrimony Hindenburg in Noydeke, . Hitler began to blackmail him so, . if he, . Hitler, . not be appointed Chancellor of Germany, . This story will be made public and will be a question of confidence in President,
. Oscar was forced to submit to blackmail, and began to put pressure on the father that he put Hitler into the government. Soon after Hitler was appointed chancellor, about 5 thousand. acres of land in Noydeke was exempted from paying taxes.

After the death of President Hindenburg on Aug. 2, 1934 Hitler was appointed on August 19 plebiscite on the issue of transfer of presidential duties of the Chancellor. On the eve of the vote Oskar von Hindenburg made a radio address to the nation: "The last President of the Reich and the General Field Marshal, . concluding on January 30 last year an agreement with Adolf Hitler and confirmed it for us in the holy hour in Garnizonkirhe in Potsdam on March 21, . continuously supported Adolf Hitler and approve all major decisions of his cabinet ..,
. My father saw Adolf Hitler in his immediate successor as head of state Germanskogo. I am acting in accordance with the wishes of his father, I urge all German men and women to vote for the transfer of posts my father Fuhrer and chancellor ". , Held a plebiscite approved the appointment of Hitler as President 90% of the votes.
. Oskar von Hindenburg died on February 12, 1960 in Bad Harzburg in the age of 77 years.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Hindenburg Benekendorf und von Hindenburg (Benekendorff und von Hindenburg) Oskar von (31.1.1883, Koenigsberg - 12.2.1960, Bad Haltsburg), the military and public figure, Major General (August
. 1934). Son of President and renaral Field Marshal P. Von Hindenburg. He graduated from the Academy of General Staff, Participant 1 WWI. After the demobilization of the army on the Reichswehr. In mid-1920. attached to his father as an aide. In 1925, after the election of his father Reich president, began his military aide. Was the closest adviser to his father. When the leading industrialists of Germany 01.10.1927 was given his father's estate Noydek, it was recorded on Gindeburga in order to subsequently avoid a large inheritance tax. 22.01. 1933, together with O. Meissner secretly visited a. Hitler and had a talk with him face to face, at which Hitler to persuade him to transfer power to him. According to Meissner, before he was against any contact with natsistami.24 January was to have tea and. von Ribbentrop, where he continued to negotiate with the Nazis. Then began actively persuade his father to appoint Hitler Chancellor. His position has greatly contributed to the adoption of his father's decision to form a Government 30.01.1933 headed by Hitler. After the Nazis came to power about 5 thousand. acres he had received in 1927, have been institutionalized and is exempt from tax. After his father's death in August 1934 on a number of details involved (or at least was aware of) the falsification of the final phrase having the nature of the will "Appeal to the German people", . which Hindenburg appointed Hitler as his successor,
. 18/08/1934 spoke on the radio and said: "My forever gone from our father himself saw Adolf Hitler in his direct successor as supreme head of the Reich."

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Oskar von Hindenburg (Hindenburg), photo, biography
Oskar von Hindenburg (Hindenburg), photo, biography Oskar von Hindenburg (Hindenburg)  son and assistant in military affairs president Paul von Hindenburg., photo, biography
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