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Josef Dietrich (Dietrich)

( prominent political and military leader of the Third Reich)

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Biography Josef Dietrich (Dietrich)
photo Josef Dietrich (Dietrich)
Dietrich, Josef (Dietrich), (1892-1966), Zapp, a prominent political and military leader of the Third Reich, which William L. Shearer called one of the most cruel people. Sepp Dietrich was born on May 28, 1892 in Havangene near Memmingen. A butcher by profession, he served in the Imperial Army in 1911 and was the treasurer during the 1-st World War. After the war changed many occupations, was a laborer on a farm, a waiter, a policeman, foreman at the tobacco factory, the customs official, an employee at a gas station. Stout and strong, it was an argument for punishment. One of the first members of the National-Socialist Workers' Party of Germany, he won the position of Hitler and in 1928 became head of its. Dubbed his patron "Shofereska", accompanied by Hitler in his road trips to Germany. Pleased with his strong Bavarians, Hitler found his various studies, including even made his messenger publishers Franz Ehera in Munich, as well as confidence in many positions in the SS.

In 1930, Dietrich was elected to the Reichstag from Lower Bavaria. By 1931 he was promoted to Gruppenfiihrer SS (Lieutenant General). After the Nazis came to power in 1933, a former butcher began to rise quickly in the party hierarchy: oberstgruppenfyurer, commander of the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler - Hitler's bodyguard regiment, General der Waffen-SS, a member of the Prussian Landtag. Actively participated in the events of "Night of Long Knives" in 1934. Hitler ordered him to draw up a list of the conspirators and sent to the Ministry of Justice in Berlin to shoot the traitors. "Go back to the barracks - ordered Hitler - choose an officer and six soldiers and shoot the leaders of the SA for treason". Dietrich all performed.

Condemned protest. One said: "Sepp, buddy, what's going on?" We have nothing to blame! " Dietrich said: "You are sentenced to death Fuhrer. Heil Hitler! "This is an illustration Sepp Dietrich's life philosophy:" Human life has little value for the SS. He considered it his prime duty to protect only Adolph Hitler.

During the 2-nd World War Dietrich, noted for their fighting qualities, commanded a tank corps advancing on Paris, and later - SS Army on the Eastern Front. He was awarded many orders. Fall of 1943 he was sent to Italy on a mission to return Petachchi Clara, mistress of Mussolini, Italian dictator. In December 1944, Hitler did not trust the majority of the members of the Supreme Command, sent a commanding 6-Dietrich Panzer Army in the hope that he can rely on their own SS troops. In venture Fuehrer has entrusted him with their last reserves in the Ardennes, to cut off the northern flank of the Allies from them without supplies and preparing to destroy the Allied spring offensive to. When the army caught Dietrich, Hitler's attack failed.

In April 1945, an angry Hitler, frustrated the actions of their troops on the Eastern Front, ordered the people of Dietrich withdraw their armbands. Enraged by this Dietrich said in the presence of officers that can recover all their awards or shoot. "Let him take the pot, put all our medals back and his obvyazhet ribbon Division" Gotz von Berlichingen ". (Here, Dietrich turned to the knight of the dramas of Goethe, Gotz von Berlichingen, who said the bishop of Bamberg: "You can kiss my ass!") This case clearly characterizes the identity of Sepp Dietrich.
. In early 1946, Dietrich was brought before an American military tribunal, where he was charged, along with 42 other SS officers, responsible for the killing of 71 American prisoners of war near Malmц?dy December 17, 1944 during a battle in Belgium
. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After serving 10 years, he was released and then sent to Munich where he was brought before the court Germanischer. May 14, 1957 Dietrich was sentenced to 19 months in prison for participating in the "blood purge" 1934. He died in Ludwigsburg April 21, 1966.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Dietrich (Dietrich), Josef "Sepp" (28.05. 1892 Havangen near Memmingen - 21.04.1966, Ludwigsburg) commander, a senior SS officers, obersggruppenfyurer. SS Colonel-General of the Waffen SS (01.08. 1944). The son of a butcher. In 1911 he was drafted into the army, but was soon discharged for disability. He worked in a bakery. Participant 1 WWI. At the end of the war he served in tank units. In 1919 joined the Volunteer Corps. In 1920 joined a Bavarian Land police. Joined the right of the Union "Oberland" party "Beer Hall Putsch" 09/11/1923, after which was dismissed from the police. In 1924-29 worked as a salesman, waiter, etc.. In 1924 joined the NSDAP (Party ticket? 89015), and then in the SS (? 1177), Head of A. Hitler, was his favorite, always accompany all trips, in 1930 was elected to the Reichstag. In March 1933 on the orders of Hitler's Waffen-SS units formed to protect the Reich Chancellery, and then grown in the SS Division "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". In 1934, at the same time and became the head oberabshnita HS East.

One of the leaders of SS units that participated in the destruction of the SA leadership during the "Night of Long Knives" 30.06. 1934. Personally supervised executions at the prison Shtadelheym (Munich). Troops under the command of Dietrich participated in the occupation of the Sudetenland, the Austrian Anschluss, the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Polish, French and Balkan companies. In mid-1941 under the command of Dietrich renamed the SS division bodyguard "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". Distinguished itself in the Battle of Rostov in November - December 1941. In November 1942 the division reorganized into motorized. From 27.07. 1943 commander of the 1 st SS Panzer Corps. In 1944, General-Field Marshal E. Rommel - the direct commander of Dietrich - managed to attract to its side, Dietrich has promised that in case of an anti-Hitler coup, its body will perform only the orders of Rommel. 06.08. 1944 was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with oak branches, swords and diamonds. He participated in battles in Normandy. 06.09 1944 appointed commander of the formed 6 th SS Panzer Army, intended for a counterattack in the Ardennes. Objected to the plan of attack, considering it unrealistic.

After failure, the army of Dietrich was transferred to the East for a counter-offensive near Lake Balaton. He led his troops to attack, but was defeated by superior parts of the Soviet Army. After the failure in April 1945, Hitler deprived the 1 st, 2 nd, 3rd and 9-SS Panzer divisions honored shoulder belts. Dietrich, along with other officers filled their winning pot, and tied up his tape Division "GцІtz von Berlichingen, sent him to Hitler. In April 1945, the troops assigned to Dietrich defense of Vienna. April 17, despite the categorical prohibition of Hitler, brought the remnants of his army from Vienna. May 8, together with the army surrendered to American troops. 16.07. 1946 sentenced to 25 years in prison for complicity in the murder of American prisoners of war captured during the Ardennes operation of 1944. 22.10. 1946 released. 14.05. 1957 at the Munich process for participating in executions 30.06. 1934 sentenced to 18 months in prison. In December 1957 released. Actively participated in the activities HIAG - Mutual Association of former soldiers of the Waffen SS.

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Josef Dietrich (Dietrich), photo, biography
Josef Dietrich (Dietrich), photo, biography Josef Dietrich (Dietrich)  prominent political and military leader of the Third Reich, photo, biography
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