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Otto Dietrich (Dietrich)

( Reichsleiter, head of the press department of the NSDAP, Obergruppenfiihrer SS, publicist and journalist)

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Dietrich, Otto (Dietrich), (1897-1952), Reichsleiter, head of the press department of the NSDAP, Obergruppenfiihrer SS, publicist and journalist. Born August 31, 1897 in Essen. Participated in the 1 st World War, was awarded the Iron Cross I degree. After the war he studied economics, philosophy and political science at the universities of Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt. In 1928 became manager of the newspaper Augsburger Zeitung, where he met many famous Nazi. He married the daughter of the owner of the Rheinisch-Vestfalishe Zeitung, mouthpiece of heavy industry, and thus acted as an intermediary between Hitler and the Rhineland industrial magnates, and especially Emile Kirdorfom. In 1931, Dietrich was appointed press secretary of the Nazi Party. December 24, 1932, he became a member of the SS (No. 301349). In 1933, Dietrich began to coordinate Germany's press. July 30, 1934, during the events of "Night of Long Knives" Hitler was accompanied Bad Viszee where there was a bloody massacre of the SA storm troopers, and the next day gave a terrible account of this in the press. He wrote that Hitler felt a sense of shock from the moral decay of their old comrades.

In 1938, Dietrich was appointed press secretary of the Reich and State Secretary of the Ministry of Propaganda. His main duty was to represent the Nazi veltanshaung (outlook) Germanic public, such as: "The individual has no right to exist". Since the beginning of 2 nd World War Dietrich sent daily newspapers in Germanic directives on how to submit news from the front. He was concerned that the German public received "a quiet meal, triumphant stories, and, even when everyone in Germany was already clear that the end of the Third Reich close. Learning about the flight of Rudolf Hess to Scotland, May 10, 1941, Dietrich made haste to declare that Hess was a victim of an accident over enemy territory. When Goebbels strongly opposed to this version, Dietrich immediately changed his position and called Hess crazy. "They moved pacifism - added Dietrich. - He was not a traitor, because the issue was nothing more to lose. "
. Germany's attack on the Soviet Union against the background of how the coverage of the Soviet-Germany relations in the media of both countries, was a complete surprise not only for the Soviet people, but also for the Germans
. Otto Dietrich and all his information machine faced a challenge. Hitler told him: "Dr. Dietrich, although small in stature, but nevertheless an outstanding specialist and expert in his case. He writes badly, but his speech is often simply superb. I am proud that together with these people could at once - June 22, 1941 - turn the wheel at 180 degrees. No other country would have been barred.

Messages Dietrich is not very accurate. October 8, 1941, when the Germans took the eagle, Hitler sent Dietrich in Berlin to announce that the last Russian army caught in the Germanic steel vise. "In military terms, - said Dietrich - Soviet Russia has ended. The British dream of a war on two fronts - is dead. "

In January 1943, when Friedrich von Paulus's troops were on the verge of surrender at Stalingrad, with Dietrich suffered a nervous breakdown. During the assassination attempt on Hitler in 1944, Dietrich was in the Fuehrer's Headquarters under Rastenburg and first reported by telephone Goebbels in Berlin that the Fuhrer is alive. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, Dietrich was brought before a military tribunal? 4 in Nuremberg and 11 April 1949 he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. He was released in 1950. Died in 1952. In 1955 in Munich, published his book "12 years with Hitler".

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Dietrich (Dietrich), Otto (31.08. 1897, Essen - 22.11. 1952, Dusseldorf) party activist, journalist, Reichsleiter (1933), Obergruppenfiihrer SS (20.04. 1941), Doctor. Participant 1 WWI. For military distinctions awarded the Iron Cross 1 st and 2 nd class. After the war he studied in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt universities. In 1928 the Governor of the Augsburg newspaper "(" Augsburger Zeitung "). Friendly with the Nazis. In 1928 he married the daughter of the owner of the Rhine-Westphalian newspaper "(" Reinisch-Westalische Zeitung "); acted as an intermediary between A. Hitler and the representatives of the Rhine Industry. In 1929, Hitler introduced with E. Kirdorfom, which was to provide financial support for the NSDAP. Since 1931 deputy chief editor of "Essen national newspaper" ( "Essener-National-Zeitung"). In 1931 became the press secretary NSDAP (Party ticket? 126727) and headed the party control of the press. 24.12.1932 joined the SS. After the NSDAP came to power in early 1933, Dietrich was asked to coordinate the work of the whole Germanic Press. Accompanied Hitler Bad Viszee during the events of "Night of Long Knives" in 1934, an active participant in these events. 01.08. 1934 published in the press report on the suppression of the coup SA, particularly focusing on the moral disintegration of the "old friends".

In 1938, Dietrich was appointed press secretary of the imperial government, State Secretary, Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, as well as president of the Imperial House of Print. Activities Dietrich constantly in conflict with the activities of G. Goebbels and M. Amman, tk. they were engaged in virtually the same. Since the beginning of 2 nd World War Dietrich sent daily to the media guidelines on how to interpret the events at the front. The work of Dietrich is that Germany triumphant press coverage of stories from the front, even at the end of 1944. After the attack on the USSR Dietrich quickly changed the tone of Germanic Press (formerly the USSR and Germany were allies), and 08.10. 1941 article stated that Russia militarily destroyed. In January 1943 after the surrender of 6-th army gen. F. Dietrich Paulus at Stalingrad, which is literally on the eve of reported events in a triumphant tone, fell into a nervous breakdown. 20.07. 1944 during the assassination attempt on Hitler was at headquarters in Rastenburg. First reported by telephone Goebbels of the failure of the attempt. After the war, arrested. Sentenced to Vilgelmshtrasskom process and 11.04. 1949 sentenced to 7 years in prison. In 1950 released. Author's memoirs "Twelve years with Hitler (Munich, 1955).

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Otto Dietrich (Dietrich), photo, biography
Otto Dietrich (Dietrich), photo, biography Otto Dietrich (Dietrich)  Reichsleiter, head of the press department of the NSDAP, Obergruppenfiihrer SS, publicist and journalist, photo, biography
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