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ZEEKT Hans von (Seeckt)

( commander of the armed forces of the Weimar Republic.)

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Biography ZEEKT Hans von (Seeckt)
Zeekt, Hans von (Seeckt), (1866-1936), commander of the armed forces of the Weimar Republic. Born April 22, 1866 in Silesia in the family of General Germanic army. In 19 years, joined the 1 st Grenadier Regiment, commanded by his father. In 1897 he was assigned to the headquarters of the 3rd Army Corps in Berlin. Start 1 st World War II met at the rank of lieutenant. January 27, 1915 promoted to colonel. In June 1916 became chief of staff at the Duke of Austria, and in December 1917 the Chief of Staff of the Turkish Army. He returned to Germany in 1918. During the service background Zeekt showed himself capable officer who understood the political implications of military problems. A neat, punctual, almost elegant in a well-seated on its form, in military circles he was nicknamed "the Sphinx with a monocle". During the Weimar Republic von Zeekt was appointed commander of the armed forces. June 15, 1920, three months after the failure of the Kapp putsch, he became commander of the Army. Not trusting the traditional theories of mass armies and trench warfare, he began to build a new model Reichswehr as mobile armed forces, consisting of 35 divisions with well-trained officer corps. Maintained relations with Soviet Russia and sent there for training tank and aircraft crews.
. In September 1923 the Nazi newspaper Volkischer Beobachter "attacked the background Zeekta, calling him an" enemy of populist ideas, lackey of the Weimar Republic and the pawn of the sinister elements of the Judeo-Masonic "
. He was accused, even in the fact that he was under the influence of his wife, a Jewish. When it was reported coup attempt in Munich, . President Friedrich Ebert asked von Zeekta: "Tell, . please, . who must obey the army - the government or the rebels? "" Mr. President,, . - Replied von Zeekt, . - Army obeys me ",
. Although he experienced mixed feelings about what happened in Munich, he sent a telegram to General Otto von Lossovu, commander of the Munich garrison, immediately ordered to crush the Nazi revolt. Until December 28, 1924 von Zeekt was responsible for security in the face of separatist tendencies, and especially the Nazi movement. He was awarded the rank of general, but on Oct. 8, 1926 he was dismissed for having issued orders allowing duels between officers and suggested that Prince William, son of former Crown Prince Wilhelm, the post of chief of military training of armed forces. Following the resignation of von Zeekt in 1930-32 became a deputy of the Reichstag. In 1934-35 he was military adviser to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. Von Zeekt - author of many scholarly works on military matters. Not accepting the Nazi party in its early stage, von Zeekt recognized her when the Nazis came to power. He died in Berlin on December 29, 1936.

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ZEEKT Hans von (Seeckt), photo, biography
ZEEKT Hans von (Seeckt), photo, biography ZEEKT Hans von (Seeckt)  commander of the armed forces of the Weimar Republic., photo, biography
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