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Seyss-Inquart Arthur (Seyss-Inquart)

( From the leaders of National Socialism, Austrian.)

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Biography Seyss-Inquart Arthur (Seyss-Inquart)
photo Seyss-Inquart Arthur (Seyss-Inquart)
Seyss-Inquart, Arthur (Seyss-Inquart), (1892-1946), one of the leaders of National Socialism, Austrian. Born July 22, 1892 in Shtannerne, near Eagle, Bohemia. During the 1-st World War II he served in the Tyrolean Kaiser's regiment, was repeatedly shot. After the war, Seyss-Inquart, although not a member of the Austrian Nazi Party, became an ardent supporter of the annexation of Austria by Germany.
. In 1937, Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg, who believed Seyss-Inquart pious man, introduced him to the Council of State (statsrata) and instructed him to establish links with the national opposition
. February 12, 1938, Hitler demanded Schuschnigg lifting the ban on the activities of the Austrian Nazis, amnesty for Nazis in prison and destination Seyss-Inquart Minister of Internal Affairs of Austria. In that position, Seyss-Inquart contributed Anschluss of Austria. Following the resignation of Schuschnigg Seyss-Inquart annulled the effect of article 88 of Saint-Germain treaty, under which Austria is an independent state.

April 30, 1939 Seyss-Inquart was appointed reyhsshtathalterom the Austrian. After October 12, 1939 was introduced to occupied Poland, the general - governor, he became Deputy Governor-General Hans Frank. In 1940-45 Seyss-Inquart was Reichskommissar Netherlands. In the last days of the war, Hitler appointed Seyss-Inquart Minister of Foreign Affairs.

At the Nuremberg trials Seyss-Inquart charged that gave the orders for the deportation of the population and the shooting of hostages. He pleaded guilty and partially responsible for the "terrible manifestations" of the Nazi regime. A few days after the sentence of death, Seyss-Inquart reported that his missing son in the Soviet Union alive. Hanged at the Nuremberg prison on Oct. 16, 1946.

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Seyss-Inquart (Seyss-Inquart) Arthur (22.07. 1892 Shtanner near the needle, Bohemia - 16.10. 1946, Nuremberg) party and state leaders. Participant 1-st World War II, he served in the Tyrolean shelf along with the future Chancellor of Austria to. Shushingom, was seriously wounded. He worked as a lawyer. A committed supporter of the entry of Austria into Germany. In his own statement, he supported the Nazis precisely because they favored Anschluss. Not being a member of the Nazi Party, was actively involved in the movement progermanskom. In July 1936 he was appointed state councilor, was engaged in establishing ties with the nationalist opposition. 16.02. 1938 under pressure from Germany, was appointed Minister of Public Security of Austria. February 17, flew to Berlin, where he was adopted by a. Hitler. February 24 through the connivance of the police, under the immediate supervision Seyss-Inkvardu, the Nazis staged a massive rally, after which the situation in Austria is even more complicated. Following the resignation of Chancellor Shushinga Seyss-Inkvard March 11 became the head of the Government of Austria. March 12 Seyss-Inkvard, assuming presidential powers, annulled the effect of Article. 88 Saint-Germain treaty, by which Austria was declared an independent state. March 13 Seyss-Inkvard signed compiled in. Stuckart draft document on the full Anschluss of Austria.

The results of the referendum under the control of the Nazis 10.04. 1938 consolidated the annexation of Austria to Germany. 30/04/1939 Seyss-Inkvard appointed imperial governor of Austria. Following the establishment of the occupied Polish territories, the General Government, headed by Mr.. Frank Seyss-Inkvard 24.10. 1939 was appointed Secretary of State. From 19.05. 1940 imperial commissioner of the Netherlands. Before you commit suicide, Hitler sent his successor, Admiral K. Denis list of the new government, which Seyss Inkvardu assigned a post-imperial foreign minister. However DцTnitz formed its own government. 04.05. 1945 Germanic troops in the Netherlands surrendered. 20.11. 1945 in those major war criminals before the court of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Was accused of deporting the population of the Netherlands and the shooting of hostages. Seyss-Inkvard pleaded partially guilty of "heinous crimes". Sentenced to death and hanged at the Nuremberg prison.

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Seyss-Inquart Arthur (Seyss-Inquart), photo, biography
Seyss-Inquart Arthur (Seyss-Inquart), photo, biography Seyss-Inquart Arthur (Seyss-Inquart)  From the leaders of National Socialism, Austrian., photo, biography
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