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ZELDTE Franz (Seldte)

( Minister of Labor in the first cabinet of Hitler)

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Biography ZELDTE Franz (Seldte)
photo ZELDTE Franz (Seldte)
Zeldte, Franz (Seldte), (1882-1947), Minister of Labor in the first cabinet of Hitler. Born June 29, 1882 in Magdeburg. After high school, he studied chemistry in Braunschweig, has traveled around the world. In 1906, volunteered in the 66 th Infantry Regiment of Magdeburg. During the 1-st World War was the captain of this regiment, lost his arm in battle, was awarded the Iron Cross II and I degree.
. December 23, 1918 together with former General Staff officer, Theodore Duysterbergom founded the nationalist military organization, "Steel Helmet"
. At the founding congress Zeldte said that the organization was created to "use the spirit of soldiers against porcine Revolution. Provocative antics units "Steel Helmet" was widespread in Germany in the 20-ies. In 30-ies. growing confrontation between members of the "Steel Helmet" and the Nazi storm-troopers of the SA was the reason the meeting with Hitler and Zeldte Duysterbergom, . during which Hitler told, . that when it comes to power, . then immediately equip people, . and each, . who opposes him, . will be destroyed.,
. October 11, 1931 Zeldte represented "Steel Helmet" in "Gartsburgskom front, far-right association, which failed because Hitler refused to divide spheres of influence with someone
. In 1932 Zeldte became Minister of Labor in the coalition government of von Papen, Hitler, lasting only briefly. Becoming chancellor, Hitler proposed Zeldte the same post in his government. In this position he remained until the end of the Third Reich. Its purpose was to demonstrate the unity between the Prussian government and the central government. At the Nuremberg trials Zeldte was charged, but he died his death in Fц+rth in April 1947.

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ZELDTE (Seldte) Franz (29.06.1882, Magdeburg - 01.04. 1947, Fц+rth), statesman and political figure, one of the "Steel Helmet", Obergruppenfiihrer SS (26.02. 1933), Obergruppenfiihrer CA (August 1933),. He studied chemistry at the Higher Technical School of Braunschweig. In 1906 joined the 66 th Infantry Regiment. Participant 1-st World War II, Major. As a result of severe injuries SцThlde was amputated arm for battle distinctions awarded the Iron Cross 1 st and 2 nd class. Initially, he served on the Western Front, and then transferred to the propaganda department of the Supreme Command. At the end of the war led to the Tyrolean front kinopodrazdelenie. Initially, in 1918 founded the Union of Soldiers. 23.12. 1918 in Magdeburg, together with T. Duysterburgom founded the paramilitary organization "Steel Helmet", the main purpose of which was opposition to the communist movement in Germany. Members of the "Steel Helmet" were mostly former veterans, had a nationalist and monarchist orientation. In the late 1920's i.i. Organization Zelda became the most powerful militias, reunification of Germany. In the early 1930. "Steel Helmet" came into conflict with the SA and a meeting was held Zelda, Duysterberga and Hitler, but the agreement was not reached. 11.10.

1931 SцThlde became the representative of the "Steel Helmet" in "Gartsburgskom front, which was to unite all the right-wing forces in Germany. Since 1932 the Imperial Minister of Labor in the office of F. von Papen. When 30/01. 1933 Hitler led the study, he suggested SцThlde to remain in its composition. From March 1933 to July 1934 also held the post of Reich Commissioner Voluntary Labor Service. In 1933 was elected to the Reichstag in December 1933 a member of the Council of Elders. 17.02. 1934 "Steel Helmet" became part of "units of the Nazi Party and was named the National Socialist League of former soldiers (NSDFB), led by left SцThlde. He continued to occupy the post of Minister of Labor to the last days of the Third Reich, in t.ch. and in the office of the. Doenitz. 23.05. 1945 arrested by U.S. troops. At the same time, the competence of the Ministry, before the former leading authority on labor and social issues, consistently narrowed by transferring part of its rights of the Reich Labor Front, the Imperial voluntary labor service, etc.. It was planned to betray SцThlde court of one of the American courts, the case, senior government officials, but he died in an American hospital during the preparation process.

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ZELDTE Franz (Seldte), photo, biography
ZELDTE Franz (Seldte), photo, biography ZELDTE Franz (Seldte)  Minister of Labor in the first cabinet of Hitler, photo, biography
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