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Alfred Jodl (Jodl)

( Head of Operations Division of the High Command Armed Forces of Germany)

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Biography Alfred Jodl (Jodl)
Jodl, Alfred (Jodl), (1890-1946), Chief of the Operations Division of the High Command Armed Forces of Germany (RCC). Born May 10, 1890 in Wц+rzburg in a military family. As a student, Jodl entered the cadet corps, and then, in 1910 - in 4-th Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment. In 1912 he was promoted to lieutenant. During the 1-st World War took part in battles on the Western and Eastern fronts, was wounded. In 1920, Alfred Jodl began his studies in illegally created contrary to the terms of the Versailles Treaty in 1919 the General Staff. He has proven himself as a "thoughtful, decisive, energetic, with a good physical preparation, a born leader and a suitable candidate for the highest command posts". In 1935, Jodl was appointed to the management of ground forces, and in March 1938 took the place of chief of operations RCC. In October 1938 he became commander of the 2 nd Mountain Division. In 1939, Jodl was given the rank of Major General. August 23, 1939 Jodl again took the post of Chief of Operations RCC and stayed in this position until the end of the 2-nd World War.

He participated in the design and planning of many large-scale military operations, including the "Weiss" - an attack on Poland, "Vezeryubung" - the invasion of Norway. Was one of the Fuhrer's inner circle and was fully devoted to him. After the setbacks on the Eastern front, and attempts to stand up for General Jodl Franz Halder and Field Marshal Wilhelm List Jodl relationship with Hitler soured so, . that the Fuhrer dreamed replace Jodl, General Friedrich von Paulus, . when he will win at Stalingrad,
. But this victory, Hitler did not wait, and Jodl remained in RCC. Jodl was wounded in the Fuehrer's Headquarters under Rastenburg bomb during the assassination attempt on Hitler as a result of the July 1944 conspiracy. Jodl remained in Berlin with Hitler, until April 1945, has not yet moved to the command post of Grand Admiral Doenitz. By order of Doenitz Jodl put his signature on a document of surrender of Germany to the Western Allies May 7, 1945 in Reims.

May 23, 1945 Jodl was arrested and brought before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. As recalled Albert Speer, "the precise and restrained Jodl's defense made a strong impression. It seems that he was one of the few who managed to rise above the situation ". Jodl argued that the soldiers can not be held responsible for the policy decision. He insisted that honestly performed their duty, in obedience to the Fuhrer, but the war was right thing. The Tribunal found him guilty and sentenced to death. Before his death in a letter he wrote: "He [Hitler] had buried himself under the ruins of the Reich and his hopes. Let him who wants to curse him for it, I could not do ".

At dawn on 16 October 1946, Army General Alfred Jodl was hanged. His body was cremated and the ashes secretly removed and dispersed.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Jodl (Jodl) Alfred (10.05. 1890, Wuerzburg - 16.10. 1946, Nuremberg), military leader, Colonel-General (01.02. 1944). Son of Captain of Artillery. Educated in the Cadet Corps. In 1912 promoted to lieutenant 4 th Bavarian artillery regiment. Participant 1 WWI. He fought on the Western and Eastern Fronts. After the demobilization of the army on to serve in the Reichswehr. In 1920 he graduated from the security officer of the General Staff Course. Since 1935 the Chief of Defense Military Control of Ministry of Defense, the nearest general officer in. Keitel. When creating 04.02. 1938 the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht (RCC) retained his post when the new reorganization was created 01/06/1938 headquarters operational leadership RCC, . at its head stood Jodl, . in fact, replaced his chief of General M.fon Vibana even earlier - in March, 1938,
. From 10.11. 1938 commander of 2 nd Infantry Division of Mining. 23.08. 1939 he returned to the old post in the RCC and will not leave him until his arrest Allies. Jodl limited involvement in the creation of plans for war with Poland and France, tk. their development was entrusted to a. Hitler's High Command of the Army (OKH) and its General Staff. Planned and coordinated the operation "Vezeryubung" - the occupation of Norway. During her refused to obey orders of Hitler, which demanded to withdraw division gene. E. Dietl from Narvik. After that won great trust Hitler. He was a very close circle of close Fuhrer.

After the attack on the USSR OKH was charged direct management operation, and RCC was to monitor the execution of Hitler's directives. In August 1942, came into conflict with Hitler, speaking in support of the position of General P. Halder. In 1942 was sent to the Caucasus in the Army Group "A" on his return, spoke in support of the Field-Marshal in the. Liszt, which aroused the wrath of Hitler. During this period seriously considering replacing Jodl at his post by General O. Paulus, which prevented the surrender of the last of Stalingrad. Refused to obey Hitler's orders, which vzyatyev captured enemy parachutists were to be shot. During the assassination attempt on Hitler 20.07. 1944 was slightly injured. From 01.05. 1945 Acting Chief of RCC, while the Chief of General Staff of the Army. On behalf of Germany, together with Admiral T. Friedeburg 07.05. 1945 signed an unconditional surrender of Germany in Reims. 23.5.1945 together with other members of the government to. Doenitz arrested. As the chief war criminals be brought before the court of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Guilty of crimes against peace, against humanity, war crimes and sentenced to death. Hanged. Jodl's second wife - Louise von Benda - the organization has retrial Jodl in Munich in 1953, which Jodl was fully justified.

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Alfred Jodl (Jodl), photo, biography
Alfred Jodl (Jodl), photo, biography Alfred Jodl (Jodl)  Head of Operations Division of the High Command Armed Forces of Germany, photo, biography
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