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Albert Kesselring (Kesseiring)

( Field-Marshal Luftwaffe)

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Biography Albert Kesselring (Kesseiring)
Kesselring, Albert (Kesselring), (1885-1960), Field-Marshal Luftwaffe. Born November 20, 1885 in Marktshtefte, Bavaria. In 1904 joined the army, served in the artillery. Within two years, fought on the Western Front during the 1-st World War, after which he was invited to the General Staff. In 1936, after the death in a plane crash General Vefera, Kesselring was appointed Chief of General Staff of the Luftwaffe. Since February 1938 commanded the 1 st Air Force, in 1939 participated in the war against Poland. In 1940, commanded the 2-m air fleet in the Western theater of military operations, participated in the French campaign and raids on England. 19 July 1940 he was awarded the rank of Field Marshal. On December 2, 1941 to March 10, 1945 Kesselring commanded Germanic troops in South-West (the Mediterranean - Italy). From 25 March to 6 May 1945 - Commander of the West Germanic troops. Surrendered to the Americans.

May 6, 1947 Kesselring brought before a British military tribunal on charges of destruction of 335 Italian citizens in response to an attack by Italian partisans on a German unit. He was sentenced to death, but in October 1947 it was commuted to life imprisonment. October 23, 1952 Kesselring was pardoned. He died July 16, 1960 in Bad Nauheim.

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Kesselring (Kesseiring) Albert (20.11. 1885, Markshteft, Bavaria - 16.07. 1960, Bad Nauheim), military commander, General-Field Marshal (19.07.1940). Educated at a military school. At the military service came in 1904 in the artillery. Participant 1-st World War on the Western Front. During the war he graduated from the training officers of the General Staff in 1916 and served on the staff positions. After the demobilization of the army remained to serve in the Reichswehr, the captain. In early 1933 formally dismissed from the army and sent to serve in the Commissariat of Aviation, where he was secretly re-creation of Germanic Air. 01.10. 1933 transferred to the Luftwaffe with the production of a colonel, which led the Administration of the Reich Ministry of Aviation. In 1935, Kesselring subject to all non-technical service of the Luftwaffe. After the death of General In. Vefera Management Team headed by the Reich Ministry of Aviation, which is 01.08. 1936 was transformed into the General Staff of the Supreme Command of the Luftwaffe (OKL), was officially appointed on August 15. Participated in the preparation of the Legion Condor ", who participated in the Spanish Civil War. 01.07. 1937 was replaced by General G. Stumpf and led the 3rd Aviation Area (Dresden). 04/02/1938 Kesselring became the head of the 1 st Command East "(Berlin). 01.02. 1939 on the basis of the command was formed on 1 st Air Fleet, headed by Kesselring, who in addition has become known as "Commander of the Luftwaffe in the East". At the head of the fleet participated in the campaign against Poland (1939), which supported the actions of Army Group North. During the campaign against France (from 10.01. 1940) commanded the 2 nd Air Force, supports the group of armies "B" General V. von Bock. He carried out the barbaric bombardment of cities, almost leveled Rotterdam. During the "Battle of Britain" when the 3rd Air Force has failed, Kesselring 19.08. 1940 assigned responsibility for the further course of the battle, and also transferred from the 3rd Fleet units of single-engine fighter. In May 1941 the fleet was transferred to the Soviet-Germany's border, where he maintained an offensive army group "Center". From 01.12. 1941 commander of Air Command South-West, directed air operations in the Mediterranean and Itaii. Responsible for the planning of operations the Luftwaffe in North Africa. Considered it necessary for a successful operation in North Africa, the seizure of the British base - the island of Malta. After the arrest of B. Mussolini Kesselring brilliantly conducted, the operation of the occupation of Italy and forcing the surrender Rome. 15.11. 1943 Command was expanded and reorganized into a command in the South-West and a group Armi "C" (which included the 10 th and 14 th Army). Both posts combined in their hands Kesselring, who were now subject to all the Germanic forces in the Italian theater deychvy. He carried out a brutal occupation policies in t.ch. after the explosion guerrillas in March 1944 the SS ordered the patrol to resettle 335 hostages. 19.07. 1944 was awarded the Knight's Cross with oak branches, swords and diamonds. 23.10.194 got in a car accident, and 24.10. 1944 to 13/01/1945 him in these positions replaced General G. von Fitingof-Scheel. From 10.03. 1945 - Commander in the West, and from March 25 to May 2, 1945 - Chief of Germanic troops in the South. April 22 subordinate Kesselring were almost all Germanic troops, but were no Non-resident on the Soviet-front. Surrendered to the Americans.

Detained in Dachau. 06.05. 1947 appeared before the British military tribunal on charges of hostage execution. Sentenced to estimate the execution in October 1947 on the application in. Churchill sokrashen sentenced to 20 years. Released 23/10/1952. After his release, took an active part in deyatelnosi revenge-seeking organizations, unions participated in the war, etc.. The author's autobiography "Notes of a soldier" (1954).

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Albert Kesselring (Kesseiring), photo, biography
Albert Kesselring (Kesseiring), photo, biography Albert Kesselring (Kesseiring)  Field-Marshal Luftwaffe, photo, biography
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