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Gunther Hans von Kluge (Kluge)

( Field-Marshal Germanic army)

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Biography Gunther Hans von Kluge (Kluge)
photo Gunther Hans von Kluge (Kluge)
Kluge, Guenther Hans von (Kluge), (1882-1944), Field-Marshal Germanic army. Born October 30, 1882 in Posen (now Poznan, Poland). Participant 1 WWI. In 1935, with the rank of major general, was appointed commander of the 6 th Military District. In 1938, for the support of General Werner von Fritsch, dismissed. Since the beginning of 2 nd World War, von Kluge was again called to service. Commanded the 6 th Army Group during the seizure of the Polish Corridor. In 1940 transferred to

Western Front. 19 July 1940 was promoted to General Field Marshal. He took part in the attack on the USSR in 1941 the commander of 4 th Army in 1941-43 Chief of Army Group "Center". Fall of 1943 von Kluge was seriously injured during a car accident on the highway Orsha-Minsk and permanently incapacitated. July 2, 1944, Hitler, furious that the troops of Field Marshal Gerd von

Rundstedt were unable to prevent the Allied landing in Normandy, instead, appointed commander of Army Group West, von Kluge. However, it also failed, and he was dismissed from his post in favor of Field Marshal Walter Model. In a state of depression of the military defeats von Kluge, August 18, 1944 committed suicide.

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Kluge (Kluge), Hans Gц+nther von (30.10. 1882, Posen - 18.08. 1944, near Clermont-on-Argonne, France), military commander, Field Marshal (19.07.1940). Son of Major-General, raised to the nobility in 1913. He graduated from military school. "In 1899, he joined the 46 th Artillery Regiment, in 1901 promoted to lieutenant. In 1912 he graduated from the Military Academy. Participant 1-st world war in the West, a battalion commander, an officer of the General Staff. In 1919, after demobilize the army remained to serve in the Reichswehr. Since 1923 he served on the staffs positions in the War Ministry. Since 1926, the commander of the 5 th Battalion, 3rd Artillery Regiment, from 1928 Chief of Staff, 1 st Cavalry Division (Frankfurt / Oder). Since 1930 komadir 2 Artillery Regiment. From 01.10. 1,931 artillery commander of the 3rd Division. In February 1933 Inspector of the Army Signal Corps. I made a quick career at A. Hitler. In October 1934 the commander of 6 th Division and the 6 th Military District (Munster) With an increase in the Army in 1935, remaining at the head of the district, led the 6 th Army Corps. An active supporter of General In. von Fritsch. In 1938, Kluge's troops took part in the Anschluss of Austria and the occupation of the Sudetenland. In mid-1938 retired. 24.11. 1938 in Hanover, led by K. was formed on 6 - (command of the Army (Hanover), subordinate to Korhogo were 9-th, 10 th and 11 th Military District. In August 1939, based on the 6-th command was deployed 4-th Army, led by rose Kluge. The group of armies "North", General F. Von Bock participated in the Polish company.

3 days cut the Polish Corridor. During the French company acting on the right flank of Army Group "A". Then the army Kluge was transferred to the East, which is deployed to the west and north-west of Brest. Endorsed the plan of war against the USSR. June 26 under the command Kluge combined 2 nd and 3 rd Panzer Army. In September 1941, opposed the attack on Moscow. Participated in the Moscow battle, but on December 4, making sure that it is impossible to break through to Moscow, began to withdraw troops. From 18.12. 1941 commander of Army Group "Center". Obtained the resignation of the generals G. Guderian R. Kц+bler, E. Hepner and A. Strauss. The largest successes Kluge was the defeat of the cavalry corps of General Belov (20 thousand. persons) under the Kirov and the 39-th army (40 thousand. people) at the White. Repulsed the attempts of large-scale Soviet offensive at Rzhev and Beleva. In the winter of 1942-43. in general, successfully resisted the violent efforts of Soviet forces break through his defense and lost only Great Luke. Approved the movement of anti-Hitler conspirators, but active participation in the conspiracy did not take, however in the headquarters of his army group to operate freely influential group of conspirators led by General X. von Cod. He played against the inhuman treatment of Soviet POWs. Enemy of the operation "Citadel" - the Battle of Kursk: as a result of the command it was transferred to. Model, and after its failure in July 1943 Kluge escaped censure. 15.07.

1943, Soviet troops broke through the front Kluge at the Eagle and forced him to retreat to the Dnieper. 28/10/1943 got in a car accident on the highway Orsha - Minsk and sent for treatment in Germany. 02.11. 1943 was awarded the Knight's Cross with oak leaves and swords. 04.11. 1943 for health reasons replaced as commander of Army Group, General-Field Marshal E. Bush and transferred to the reserve. 07.07. 1944 was replaced by Field Marshal D. von Rundstedt as commander in the West (the commander of Army Group "D"). After an inspection of troops, Kluge came to the conclusion that it is impossible to confront the future of the Allied offensive and came into contact with a group of conspirators planned to assassinate Hitler. After the failure of the July 1944 conspiracy allegiance to Hitler sent a message. After the arrest of the conspirators podpolkonnik Y. von Kluge gave Hofakker. 18 August, he was removed from command and called in a bet. On the way to the Mets committed suicide by cyanide poisoning. The official cause of death was described as bleeding in the brain.

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  • joan c mulcahy for Gunther Hans von Kluge (Kluge)
  • Field Marshall Gunther HAS VON kLUGE IS a cousin on my mother's side. She is a Kluge and her father, Lt. Col. Ralph A Kluge founded the first Boy Scouts,laid out Lindberg parade in NY,brought back Purple Heart and was an architect of skyscrapers in New York.
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