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LIEBKNECHT Karl (Liebknecht)

( The activity of Germanic and international labor movement, one of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany.)

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Biography LIEBKNECHT Karl (Liebknecht)
Liebknecht (Liebknecht) Carl (13.8. 1871, Leipzig, - 15.1.1919, Berlin), figure of Germanic and international labor movement, one of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany. By profession a lawyer. Educated at the universities of Leipzig and Berlin. In 1900 he joined the Social Democratic Party. In 1904 was made in a German court advocate of Russian and German Social-Democrats, . accused of smuggling across the border of the Russian Social-Democratic literature, . branded with the policy of persecution, . pursued by the tsarist government and the Prussian Germanic police state against the revolutionaries,
. Liebknecht opposed the reformist tactics of right-wing Social Democratic leaders, paying great attention to anti-militarist propaganda and political work among the youth. At the Congress of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in Bremen in 1904, Liebknecht described militarism as an important bulwark of capitalism, . demanded of the special anti-war propaganda and the creation of the Social Democratic youth organization to mobilize young people to the proletarian struggle against militarism,

Liebknecht enthusiastically welcomed the Revolution of 1905-07 in Russia. At Jena the party congress of Social-Democracy (1905) in a fierce political battle with the revisionists Liebknecht proclaimed a general strike of the proletarian mass political tool to fight. In 1906 at the Mannheim Party Congress denounced the policy germanskogo government, aimed at assisting the tsarist government in suppressing the revolution, called Germanic proletariat in its struggle to follow the example of Russian workers. In those years in the Social-Democratic Left took shape during the. One of its most prominent leaders, along with Rosa Luxemburg and others, began Liebknecht. He is one of the founders of the Socialist Youth International (1907) and in 1907-10 was its chairman. At the first international conference of socialist youth organizations, convened in 1907, Liebknecht gave a presentation on anti-militarism, for that in the end of 1907, was sentenced to imprisonment in a fortress. In 1908 he was elected to the Prussian Chamber of Deputies. In 1912 Liebknecht was elected to the Reichstag germanskogo. In April 1913 from the rostrum of the Reichstag L. named head of military monopoly, headed by Krupp warmongers. At Chemnitz Party Congress in 1912 L. called for the strengthening of international proletarian solidarity as a crucial means of combating militarism.

After the start of 1 st World War, 1914-18 Liebknecht contrary to their beliefs, subject to the decision taken by the Social Democratic faction of the Reichstag, Aug. 4, 1914 voted for war credits. However, he soon corrected its mistake. December 2, 1914, Liebknecht, one vote in the Reichstag against war credits. In handed the Reichstag, Liebknecht written statement described the 1 st world war as a war of conquest. His statement was then distributed in the form of illegal leaflets. In 1915, Liebknecht was drafted into the army, where he continued to fight, using all possibilities, including the rostrum of the Reichstag and the Prussian Chamber of Deputies, at the meeting that he came to Berlin. In his message Zimmerwald Conference (1915), Liebknecht put forward the slogan: "Civil war, not civil peace", in the same message Liebknecht demanded the establishment of a new International. Liebknecht, together with Rosa Luxemburg took an active part in the creation of "Spartacus" (formed in January 1916, in November 1918 transformed into the "Spartacus League"). In January 1916 was expelled from the Social Democratic faction of the Reichstag. From the rostrum of the Prussian Chamber of Deputies Liebknecht called upon the Berlin proletariat out May 1, 1916 at a demonstration in Potsdamer Platz with the slogans: "Down with war!", "Workers of all countries, unite!". During the demonstration called for the overthrow of the government for this bold statement, was arrested and sentenced by a military court to 4 years and 1 month imprisonment.

While in prison, he was enthusiastically greeted the news of the victory of the October Revolution in Russia. Leaving from prison in October 1918, Liebknecht again launched an aggressive revolutionary activity. Leaflet on 8 November, one of the authors of which was Liebknecht called upon the German workers to overthrow the government. Together with Rosa Luxemburg, organized a newspaper, Rote Fahne, the first issue of which came on Nov. 9, 1918. Liebknecht was fighting for the deepening of the November revolution of 1918, . vigorously opposed the reactionary leaders of the Social-Democratic, . pointing, . they want to eliminate Germany's revolution in its very infancy, . and against the leaders of the centrist Independent Social Democratic Party, . condoned these aspirations,
. At the end of 1918 became chairman of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) revolutionary struggle Libknekhta aroused the fury of the entire camp of counterrevolution. The Central Organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, openly demanded the assassination of leaders of the CPG. Per head Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg was assigned 100 000 DM. 15 January 1919 Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were arrested and the same day massacred.

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LIEBKNECHT Karl (Liebknecht), photo, biography
LIEBKNECHT Karl (Liebknecht), photo, biography LIEBKNECHT Karl (Liebknecht)  The activity of Germanic and international labor movement, one of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany., photo, biography
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