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Fatal musicians first began to penetrate the secrets of technical recording studios in the second half of the 60th. Wheels, . which were recorded at the time - Ret Sounds, . Sgt Rerrer's Lonely Hearts Club Band or Uncle Meat - taken among rock album worthy place milestones, . but neither the authors themselves, . nor anyone else in those days did not continue ztu chapter of musical development,
. In the early '70s sin a trend has become a barrier to overcome accessible only to a select. Movement on the way to the studio zksperimentov enthusiast ztape been suspended, . circle was closed, . but it has since the fateful scene appeared musicians, . main activity of which was the recording studio, . and the concerts they performed only because, . that ztogo demanded good manners show business.,

. One such group was four 10ss (10 cm3) from Manchester
. It would seem normal п¦п+п¦я-п+я-п+я-п¦ rock band, but after careful listening to their best longpleev Sheet Music and The Original Soundtrack is clear that the team falls out of a standard framework. And the original sin a buried not only in musical personality, she lay in the history of the emergence and development of the ensemble, in the way that musicians have passed before its creation.

. All four members of the group sang a solo and in harmony (they have a colorful and generally complementary to vote and the overall sound is quite voluminous on the range), all were able to compose, together produced their records and played on a large assortment of tools
. In general, the fatal music they belonged to the second generation. Typically, Lol Cream and Eric Stewart played on guitars (often both on lead guitar, and Stewart has an excellent knowledge bottlnekom) and keyboard instruments, Grzhem Gouldmen preferred to play bass, and Kevin Godley was the drummer. In concert performances, they are often helped by another drummer. Paul Bardzhes, whose main task was to liberate Godley for singing.

. Gouldmen was the author of a number of one of the best songs of the 60 years, . who knew the British charts: he wrote for the groups Hollies (Bus Stor), . Yardbirds (For Your Love, . Heart Full of Soul), . Herman's Hermits (No Milk Today) Wayne Fontana (Ramela, . Ramela) and several other,
. Participated in the ensemble Mindbenders, a when he broke up in 1968, he went to the U.S. to work by the author to combine Kazenetsa-Katz. Stewart dealt instrumental session work in Strawberry Studios in Stockport, as well as other members of IOcc, worked in the now neglected groups. All of them are in music - self-taught.

In 1971, Stewart, Godley and Cream together in a trio Hotlegs, participated in the joint with the Moody Blues tour of England and seems to enjoy the favor of some critics. Their single Neanderthal Man even appeared on the charts, but on the band's career and ended. In the studio came together again with the return from the U.S. Gouldmenom in 1972. Two members of the group were at the same time and sound technicians on hand, they were Manchester and location ( "Why do we record it here?" Here we have everything at hand, and comes much cheaper than working at a studio in the middle of Oxford Street. Isolation from the London stage we are not afraid, on the contrary, it protects us from false musical influences ").

All first year they concentrated on studio work and composing their creations. In May 1972, sent their records all knows how to Jonathan King, who in the English popular music had tried every profession - from criticism to the singer. King, as chief gramophone company UK, in two weeks, the group signed a contract, called it (King used to say that the idea of the name came to him in a dream) and allowed to release their first single under the name Donna

. It was poluparodiynaya on American hits late 50s Arrangement, . the typical lyrics about love teenagers, . inevitable faltsetnym singing with baritones answers, . natural telephone call, . but at the same time with almost Beatles passages zlektrogitar, . rhythmicity, . instrumental technique and irony, . which was the exclusive privilege of the 60 years,
. The song became a sin a # 2 in the British charts.

In July 1973, goes even more technical pop parody Rubber Bullets, becoming the first number, followed by a no less magnificent The Dean And I. Release of the album consolidated the success of the group and brought a sudden and considerable enthusiasm criticism.

All debut album gave quite noticeable Single-flavor. Even on subsequent plates IOcc mainly focuses on the composition, its format and a strong melodic charge relating to those who have always revered for decent singles. Not surprising that fateful audience carried them first to the puppet patrons charts such as Blade, Sweet and pr. It was a mistake - the main feature of the group were originality and taste, which for the above category was not necessarily.

Group was able to penetrate into his hair and sterile world of consumer of pop music. Just like other "terrible child" genre ztogo Frznk Zappa, they looked around warily, as if not write anything boring. Therefore you get the clock every riff or a gesture is somewhat refined, and in their texts Therefore you can feel a distinct flavor of irony, which many mistook for cynicism. Once a meticulous and incisive interviewer asked what is actually thought and motives of. Quite naturally he was sent to hell, adding that they do not pay attention to the serious side of things, but when they write, it is not too much zeal on the content, and spread that comes immediately to mind. This is partly causing the response suggests that in general they write and relate to their creations as well as other authors, but do not try to hide behind loud and buncombe.

. Songs of its four writing individually and together, . demonstrating a wide range of influences from the Beatles through the Beach Boys to the Four Seasons, . and very important to note and thematic diversity of their repertoire: ticking bomb in the plane (Clockwork Creer) patient in waiting for surgery (Hosrital Song), . bilingual miniopera about tourists in Paris (One Night In P a ris),
. Songs with a love theme in their arsenal were a rarity - the group members are usually written in pairs, and when two guys writing a text on love, the LRA appears at least unnatural. As a result, the first four albums they have written enthusiast key (except the already mentioned Donna) nA ztu subject only Silly Love Songs and I'm Not In Love, . which again demonstrate the problems reflected in a distorting mirror: "I'm not in love and remember about the enthusiast, when you call me, . is not promise, . would not find anything more important,
. Your image is always with me, but only to cover up the stain on the plaster.

The first concerts of the group were only at the end of 1973, at a time when IOcc were already known, and their debut LP was in the charts. Thanks to some extent the original descent group and had a number of features, . distinguishing it from his contemporaries - the wit of texts, . Arrangement lyrics, . arrangements and the sound of the group - partly manifested in the concert performances,
. Roots ztih features and lying in the perfect use of instruments and recording studio features: for example, . The song I'm Not In Love vocals surrounded by incredible sounding chorus, . zfirnym whisper and background, . sounding as if in a dream, . with syllables, . elongated in the beam of synthetic stars,
. In all cases, the sound sounded zffektno of tricks, but without violence.

Sheet Music was received well, but after him, apparently lured by high fees, in 1975, they become firm Mercury. As soon as there released CD The Original Soundtrack, which is already mentioned and contained single I'm Not In Love, composed by Eric Stewart. After five years of the magazine New Musical Exrress call him, along with Bohemian Rharsody, best single of all time

. The album itself (despite the name, . he does not refer to any film) has demonstrated once again become typical for the sound of transparent, . fragile, . but with the pointed vocal harmonies, while listening in some cases directly reaches into ears with similar vocal technique Beach Boys,
. Sound variegated and sudden turns of the group here awakens associations with the Beatles "Lonely Hearts Club". There are other similarities: straight lovely melodies w such typical British subtle humor, which in 70th years, managed to a maximum of five groups or soloists.

. But on the other hand, ztot album, as well as the following How Dare You?, Were subjected to some criticism for the lack of cordiality, the abuse of technical tricks plus the awkward artificiality
. The lack of ease, which was so different Beatles, sometimes created a sense that successful songs were recorded purely by chance and instead of them could appear anything. But it is possible that sin a casualness, as a peculiarity of time - has been left behind in the 60 years with the Beatles. Moreover, the former peace and balance are highly antagonistic to the aggressive approach l0cc.

One way or another, but in the ensemble of a crisis has begun. In 1976, they divided into two halves, with the former name left a Gouldmzn and Stewart. Decertive Bends, as well as the single from the The Things We Do for Love critics recognized quite successful. Maintenance of two members do not undermine the concept: witty, often not without zaum lyricism, coupled with captivating melodies, along with some traditional outline some bias to the dominance of vocal. Later, for a concert tour, the staff was beefed up with keyboardist Tony O'Mzlli, guitarist Rick hairdryer, as well as strikers Paul Stewart and Bardzhesom Toshem from the group pilotnavigation. On the materials of his concert tour, they released the CD Live and Let Live.

But IOcc always been an ensemble, whose concert performances are secondary to the work in the studio. And the concerts after replacing half of the ensemble on the three even though they are excellent performers for a long time could not make a whole. Without the sterile studio atmosphere was no longer able to play more technical imposition of vocal and instrumental parties, as well as take orkestralnoe support. With scenic incarnation, even the brightest melodies only expose the weaknesses and the whole "live" album in their career was a step back. It seems that they released it solely because of the responsibilities of the contract.

Album Bloody Tourists was again focused on mass taste and success in the charts. Although the audience greeted him warmly, the critics were not so friendly as before. Denoting it, . English as a variety of traditional European variety, . places are putting down roots to Elvis Presley's 60th years, . Press refused album in the types of long success, . although at times ztot purity and exceptional quality of manufacturing, . its technical merits were called "a model in the genre.",

. At that time, as two members IOcc, wishing to go on tour, broke away and took the name of the ensemble, Godley and Cream went back into the studio and engaged in writing zkstsentrichnogo and non-material
. Their debut album was triple Consequence, attracted attention mainly because of its format. The album L main load was assigned to the texts, on the brink of irony, dry humor and restrained hints. In the disk Freeze Flame Front interesting melody, but on the whole record is more like, rather, on the scientific zksperiment than to entertainment events. LP My Body Is Car more interesting and innovative, disk Birds of Rrey - the most commercial.

In 1981 they released a single, beautiful song Under Your Thumb, which had entered the UK charts at the third position. Although there were more hits, Wedding Bells and Cry, this natural element for the production of video clips duzta was. Their video for the song Cry gathered a lot of different bonuses and a classic in the genre. With the offer of cooperation in the video clips to them by Visage, Hzrbi Hznkok, Rolice, Toya, and Duran Duran. In 1984, famed for their work on video by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

And in the 10ss in April 1977 appeared Stewart Tosh, Rick Fenn and Tony O'Mzlli. They debuted in May with the start of the British tour, ten months they were joined by keyboardist Duncan McKay.

On his motorcycle hit a crash and suffered Goldmzn, Therefore you get the Japanese tour was canceled. Soon he returned to the studio and record the team noted the soundtrack to the film Animalymrics and title song to the film Sunburn. Stewart wrote songs for the French film "Girls", released in 1981, a solo LP and, among others, was produced second album Sad Cafe.

. With the American vocalist / keyboardist Andrew Gold, a son, Ernest Gold, keyboardist Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne (released and successful solo discs) Goldmzn first met in 1982
. On LP Ten Out of Ten Gold was co-author of four tracks.

When in 1984 10ss disbanded, Gold arrived in England, and no definite plans began to compose songs with Goldmznom. Then they called their duzt Wax, signed a contract with RCA and in 1986 released LP Magnetic Heaven, remaining undetected. Singles Right Between the Eyes and Hear No Evil in the charts were not. But the next album, American English had landed in the British Tor 10 and single from the Bridge to Your Heart 12e took place.

. Music duzta a high quality pop, melodic and cleverly arranged, mixing effects 10cc, Billy Dzhozla and Steely Dan, but without the severity of the lyrical and musical innovation.

. In the early 90s and Stuart Goldman after a long quarrel again began writing songs together
. At the stage of studio work were joined by Godley and Cream. Released LP Meanwhile reception was proved to be quite cold.

. Discography:

. 10cc (UK 1973)
. Sheet Music (UK 1974)
. The Original Soundtrack (Mercury 1975)
. How Dare You? (Mecrury 1976)
. Deceptive Bends (Mercury 1977)
. Live and Let Live (concert) (Mercury 1977) OO
. Bloody Tourists (Mercury 1978)
. Things We Do for Love (Mercury 1979)
. Look Here (Mercury 1980)
. Ten out of Ten (WB 1981)
. In Concert (Contour 1982)
. Windows in the Jungle (Mercury 1983)
. Meanwhile (Rolydor 1992) B: 3
. Alive (CTD) Live In Concert vols
. 1 & 2 (Dojo)
. Mirror Mirror (CRT)

. Collections:

. Greatest Hits (Mercury 1979)
. Greatest Hits 71-78 (Rolydor 1981)
. Changing Faces (1987)
. The Early Years (Dojo 1993) A / B: 1 +
. The Best of the Early Years (Music Club 1993) A / B: 1 +
. Collection (Castle)

. Filmography:

. 10cc
. Changing Faces (1991)

. Drives duzta Godley and Creme:

. Consequence (Mercury 1977) OOO
. L (Mercury 1978)
. Freeze Frame (Rolydor 1980)
. Ismism (Rolydor 1981)
. My Body the Car (Rolydor 1982)
. Birds of Prey (Rolydor 1983)
. The History Mix, vol.1 (Rolydor 1986) BA -
. Goodbye Blue Sky (Rolydor 1988) CA -

. Collection:

. 1
. Images

albums Grzhema Gouldmena:

Graham Gouldman Thing (RCA 1968) B: 1 / 2
Animalymrics (soundtrack) (Mercury 1980)
Magnetic Heaven (in duzte Wax) (RCA 1986) A: 3
Ameri can English (in Wax) (RCA 1987)

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