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Alanna Miles remembers well as a child she put him to bed little sister and sang her lullabies. Malaya was harmful, does not want to close my eyes and occasionally screamed, as clearly not yet able to speak. How to know Alanya, that she does not like classic rock?

. When Rosina grown, . she remembered my elder sister (especially the song "Ugly Little Cabbage In The Garden", . which she dedicated to her), . Alan promised, . that must be glorified, . not important, . what - in music, . cinema or art, . Rosina and then go down to her and she put her out of her room,
. The problem only was that the courses, which would prepare future celebrities, simply did not exist ...

. It so happened that a good half of past years from the date of birth, which fell in exactly on the Catholic Christmas, Alan had to climb up all the time, to ease his considerable ambitions
. Not the last role here was played its Canadian-Irish roots and the creative nature of his father (he was quite well-known producer and director of advertising on the radio). Half of her childhood she spent in his native Toronto, the other half - in northern Ontario in the town Bakhorn, where her family bred horses on his own ranch. Of course, Alan sat on the horse very early. Father even gave her a special filly, which she subsequently had to sell to buy a decent guitar for performances at clubs and cafeterias Bakhorna.

. She began writing songs with 8 years under the classical guitar and the mother as a teenager drawn to music's great legends of their countrymen (from Joni Mitchell to Leonard Cohen)
. With 15 years Alanna sang and played in the school of female rock bands, . year of age gave the first solo concert in Southern Ontario, . a few years later met a musician Christopher Ward (Christopher Ward) and joined his band,
. Their repertoire consists mainly cover versions of well known songs, and Miles, so as not to tempt fate and do not disturb the public, have begun to distribute their songs for the same cover songs. How do you think about this idea: "And now, for you will sound track ZZ Top" Still Got This Thing "or" Meet the INXS thing and their famous "Love Is"? "Now she laughs at his antics to those, . but the American author and producer David Tyson (David Tyson) then it was not until satire with humor,
. He sought the use of his talents and later joined Ward with Miles, to the end of 1989 finally came true most cherished dream Alanna Miles - on Atlantic Records released her debut album. 5 million copies of "Alannah Myles" have been sold worldwide. He became one of the most successful titles, which at the time ever became the "diamond" (over a million copies sold) in Canada. And only four of 51 albums, noted above, were recorded by Canadian musicians. Alanna received a statuette of the Grammy Award for "Best Female Rock Vocal" and three Canadian awards "Juno Awards". And then together with his team and a half years gathering sold out worldwide.

. Sure, . the lion's share in the success of the new rokershi belonged to the famous song "Black Velvet", . by Chris Ward devoted to the legendary Elvis Presley and nearly gave Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks, . but we must pay tribute to the voice (somewhere between Bonnie Tyler and Carol Decker) and the personality itself Alanna, . seductive brunette with green eyes and a purely Irish white as snow skin,
. She realized that her sexuality is not bad songs and sold, and did not miss his chance.

. However, the next two albums "Rockinghorse" (S92) and "Alannah" (S95) showed that the public was not ready for a sharp change of style, which has taken a musician (pop-rock gave way to the acoustic experiments)
. In 1992, many thought that with the help of his body, she wants to sell his vote (on the cover of their second album, naked, Miles holds the reins of the horse). Could understand, . how heavily pressed on her multi-million dollar bracket of the first album and her tombstone at any time could find near the grave of Kurt Cobain, . but Alan pulled herself together and recorded in the best traditions of the Irish their third album "Alannah", . which was slightly better than the last and drove the demons from her soul, . after which it called a fearless woman, . which is also strong in its innocence and sexuality.,

. Then there was a remarkable duet "What Are We Waiting For" with an Italian Zucchero for the soundtrack of "Prince Valiant" and the search for a new label, which this year with the release of fourth album "Arrival" became ARK 21 Records
. Critics have again assessed the talents of Alanna and her ability to expertly combine sex and performing arts (sex - also art, among other things. - Notes. author), they likely led Miles to release later this year, album of their best songs (not yet have driven again).

. The only thing she is very sorry, is that in his thirty-plus she has no family, children and close friend, because she is constantly sacrificed his personal life for career
. Well, one has to choose - or sex symbol for all to see, or simple human happiness, love and joy. You ought to do something to distinguish between sexuality and sex appeal! ..

The American pop group. It was formed in 1979 in Los Angeles. The founders of the group were John Crawford (bass guitar, synthesizer), lead singer Terri Nunn, lead singer Virginia McCallin, Joe Julian (synthesizer), guitarist Chris Velasco and drummer Dan Van Patten. Almost immediately after the group disbanded in 1981, Crawford and Nunn have organized a new band with guitarist David Diamond, guitarist Rick Olsen, keyboard player Matt Reid and drummer Rod Lendo. Unprecedented fame brought the band music to the popular film "Sutras" (Top Gun).

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