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In the courtyard was the beginning of the eighties, while rebels and romantics, the time when in the air a spirit of change and freedom. The world was transformed in the eyes, . and these changes could not be reflected in the music - to replace the dominated in the 70's punk came much less aggressive, . but full of energy style of New Wave, . united dance rhythms, . guitar pop, , . and became fertile Niwa for experiments, . than successfully used such classics of the genre as Kraftwerk, . David Bowie, . Soft Cell, . Roxy Music, . exerted considerable influence on later Alphaville.,
. But this happened later, but meanwhile, in a West campus Enger crossed the path of two young, musically gifted thinkers, who combined a fiery idea - change the world for the better with music
. It is easy to guess, it was Bernhard Lloyd (Bernhard Lloyd) and Frank Mertens (Frank Mertens). After some experimentation with synthesizers guys came to the conclusion that the only thing lacking start-up team - a talented vocalist. So soon they were joined by Marian Gold (Marian Gold), Bernhard's longtime friend, who lived at that time in Munster - and he still continues to be the "face" of the group, remaining faithful to "the idea and its purity. But - first things first. Thus, the troika of young romantics, united under the well-known to fans of the same name immortal hit single group called "Forever Young", give their first concert in the underground club, where Lloyd worked at the time DJ. Speech held at the "cheers", and inspired by the success of musicians, along with their friends and girlfriends base in Munster Nelson Project - an idyllic little world, socialist-minded seekers of creative idealists.

. 1983-84 years were decisive for the team - that's when the contract was signed with the record company WEA
. At the same time the idea to give the new name of the group. Marian, Bernhard and Frank, being big fans of cinema and science fiction, not long thinking they called themselves after one of his favorite films. Alphaville - the so-called science-fiction film by Jean-Luc Goddard (Jean-Luc Godard) on the future of the city controlled by the computer, awarded in 1965. the main prize in West Berlin.

Time passed, and in early 1984. Germany, . followed by other European countries, . and then the United States witnessed the ascent of a new bright star in the musical firmament - Alphaville soared to the top of the charts with her single "Big In Japan"; a similar fate befell two of their next single - "Forever Young" and "Sounds Like a Melody",
. In the wake of the success of musicians released their first album "Forever Young" in September 1984. Unpretentious but charming rumor synth melodies, combined with a magnificent voice, Golda had done their work - the album sold worldwide circulation of more than 1.5 million copies. A dream has come true, but the talented young man and did not think to rest on our laurels - ahead of their expected long way, and the changes did not take long. In December 1984, Mr.. Frank Mertens left the group, and his place was taken by a professional keyboardist and guitarist Ricky Ekolette (Ricky Echolette), has previously worked with Marian in the group Chinchilla Green. By the time the musicians have had their own studio in Berlin and worked on their second album Afternoons In Utopia "", to see the light in 1986. This album, planned as a musical, rock opera, became the reflection of the attitude of creative natures, the expression of their concern of global problems, that translated into a single concept, the idea of linking all the songs. "AIU" - a kind of nostalgia for the future, . peace, . in which there is no place of social injustice, . nuclear conflict, . prostitution and other vices of our time, and then, . that we can see, . or rather, . hear from - colorful phantasmagoria, . abounding futuristic, . alien and mythical heroes, . archetypes, . symbols, . transcript which often remains with the listener - that perfectly illustrate such songs as "Fantastic Dream", . "The Voyager", . "Lassie Come Home", . "Red Rose", . "Jerusalem" ":,

. This was followed by release of two collections of songs - "Alphaville" (1986) in the GDR, which was rare for a West team, and the remix "The Singles Collection" (1988) - in the United States.

. Over the next studio album, which was released in March 1989
. entitled "The Breathtaking Blue", Alphaville and a half years working with legendary electronics specialist Klaus Schulze (Klaus Schultze), known for his numerous solo projects, as well as ex-participation in the group "Tangerine Dream". It all started with a humorous suggestions Schulze help musicians with another remix, and ended with the release of new album. The fruits of such cooperation are diverse experimentation with elements of jazz compositions, . Rock 'n' roll, . live music and a complete lack of commercial approach, . what, . coupled with the refusal WEA "promotion" has led to, . the album was not successful,
. However, this does not become an obstacle for the musicians realize their old dream - to remove large-scale video, the basis of which would
music itself, the atmosphere of each individual song. To implement this idea were invited directors from different countries, two of whom, the Germans Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein subsequently received an Oscar for his work. The project was withdrawn 9 short films, united in a single 50-minute video. This festival is an international direction is called "Songlines", borrowed from the ancient traditions of Australian Aborigines that God is "glorified" life on earth, the former before the barren desert.

After that, the guys decided to take a small break - Marian to start a solo project "So Long Celeste", which was released in August 1992. and included the 6 original songs and 4 cover versions, but at the Bernhard has got a great chance to show their talent, studio-sorcerer, remixing famous hits Alphaville, which entered the collection of "First Harvest 1984-1992". 1993. marked by the release of the compilation "History", destined exclusively for members of the official fan club.

This period also had several performances Group, t.ch. at a festival in Finland, where the open gathered more than 15 thousand people. However, its first real European tour, accustomed only to the studio musicians have decided only in 1995. This was preceded by a launch in October 1994. perhaps the most complex and difficult to perceive, . and yet bright, . saturated with real emotions album "Prostitute", . exposing the whole range of emotions of sentient soul - from peaceful tranquility ( "Faith", . "The Impossible Dream") to the deep bitterness ( "The One Thing", . "Parade") and aggression ( "Some People", . "Ascension Day"); from anxiety and fear dreamy resident of the tower from its own illusions, . found themselves face to face with the harsh reality ( "Oh Patti", . "Ivory Tower") to a confident separation from all the old, . useless and outdated, . samotransformatsii and the triumph of a new hope ( "Euphoria", . "Apollo"),
. Genre range of songs is also wide - this is pop, rock, and reggae:

. "Prostitute" became a turning point in the history of, . and in the outlook of its members - naive idealists matured and took off the pink glasses, . not lost faith in the possibility of changing the world - on the contrary, . they clothed her in a new, . more mature and compelling form,
. This album, . fourth, . also had commercial success, . not fit the canons of musical market, . usually require a hit semantic unassuming and unpretentious, . "catchy" tunes - that, . however, . did not prevent the first single "Fools" to enter the hundred best songs of Germany.,

. A year later, in late 1996
. saw the light of the second solo album, Marian Gold, "United", has preserved the atmosphere of "Prostitute" sharp emotions, sometimes bordering on despair, smoothly alternating with fine irony, a light melancholy reflections on the meaning of life. The album includes 2 cover songs ( "Say It Ain't So Joe" Merrey Head and "Five Years" David Bowie). Unfortunately for the loyal fans, "United" was originally published and is available exclusively in South Africa, and was reissued in the U.S. only 3 years later.

Meanwhile, in September 1997. out regular joint album - a farewell to Ricky, . subsequently left the Alphaville - over which the musicians worked in France, . starting as if from scratch, . something back to the primary source of his creativity, . resulting in simple and a bit naive, . in the spirit of "Forever Young", . but beautiful and heartfelt songs ( "New Horizons", . "Guardian Angel") - as energetic disco tantsevalki ( "Control", . "Wishful Thinking"), . and heartfelt ballads ( "Flame", . "Inside Out"),
. This album with the eloquent title "Salvation" forever young at heart romance confirmed that their early to write off, and that Alphaville able to compete with many modern groups. Ukrainian music lovers had the opportunity
verify this by visiting the festival "Rock-Kiev in summer 1999, where Alphaville demonstrated that there is still powder in the flasks, inspiration and desire to create.

In January, the same year the band released a collection of "Dreamscapes", consisting of eight CD-ROMs, which are collected previously unreleased, rare live recordings and remixes, in September 1999,. a disc "Visions of Dreamscapes" with selected tracks in support of the Brazilian tour Alphaville; and in June 2000. came the first "live" album - "Stark Naked And Absolutely Live", a month during their stay at the top of the alternative charts in Germany. In the same year, Bernhard Lloyd, with his longtime friend, musician Max Holler (Max Holler), announced a joint project on the Internet - Atlantic Popes.

In October 2001. Group pleased loyal fans remix album "Forever Pop", . breathed new life into the good old hits "Victory Of Love", . "Big In Japan", . "Jerusalem", . "Forever Young" and others, . have acquired a somewhat different from the original, . more familiar modern listener's ear sound - well, . great opportunity for the education of new generations of fans the most romantic of the past two decades!,

. Around the same time, more specifically from October 2000 to November 2001
. the official site www.alphaville.info in the kind of virtual project "Dreamscapes # 9" each month "on the air" came out on one song, in the creation of some of them have participated and fans. A January 29, 2003 saw the release a new album called "Crazy Show", and which includes songs from the virtual project "Dreamscapes # 9" (as a demo and new versions of songs). Album consisted of 4 CDs and is being circulated on the internet. Within two months, fans of the band given the opportunity to pre-order "Crazy Show". For those who did it before the 10 th December 2002, the group added an additional fifth disc, which was recorded the song "Elegy" in the new processing. On the day of release on the moonbase was arranged online party for all fans. On it were offered for download two new songs at the time, "Ways" and "Heartbreaker", the pictures from the booklet that comes with the "п¦razy Show", a full tracklist of the new album and chat with the heroes of that day.

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