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( Music Group)

Stephan Groth was born in 1971 in the town of Odense, Denmark. His father, Jan Groth played in the 60's in a popular Norwegian blues-rock band AUNT MARY, and her mother worked Lise Groth DJ. In 1986, Stephan and his family moved to Norway. Fortunately, Stephan showed more interest is not the blues, but for electronic music and in 1988 began to make EBM. A year later, along with Jon Erik Martinsen Stephan formed a group APOPTYGMA BERZERK, and the guys recorded their first demo tape entitled "Victims Of Mutilation", 500 copies of which were quickly sold in the European electronic underground. With a young team rushed to contract a local independent label Tatra Records. After some time, Stephan and Jon broke up due to creative differences, and Stephan went on to create music APOPTYGMA BERZERK alone. In 1991, Tatra Records selected from the above demo-tape track "Ashes To Ashes" and released a self-titled vinyl single, limited edition of 500 copies. And in 1992, three songs APOPTYGMA BERZERK got on the Norwegian compilation "Sex, Drugs & EBM" and one of them, "Burning Heretic", became a dance hit in the European "black" clubs. The same fate befell the song "Spiritual Reality" released in a few months later a second EP "The 2nd Manifesto". At the same time APOPTYGMA BERZERK gave many concerts as a headliner, but also opens the Scandinavian concerts THE YOUNG GODS, DIE KRUPPS, NITZER EBB and ATTRITION.

The next release APOPTYGMA BERZERK was the single "Bitch", preceded the release of their debut album "Soli Deo Gloria" in 1994. This album received a lot of flattering critical responses, . greetings and praise in the underground press, . and such songs with him, . as "Bitch", . "Stitch", . "Burning Heretics" and "Spiritual Reality", . still played in Electroclub worldwide,
. Next APOPTYGMA BERZERK released a single and video with the track "Deep Red", and at the same time, Stephan has recorded and released on his own label Space Echo Three techno singles under the names of TB-MOONCHILD and H2O. The list of side projects musician subsequently enlarged and other techno / house projects: TOTAL TRANSFORMATION and ACID QUEEN. Passion of a new dance culture is not passed in vain, . and the artist added more techno-grooves and spirit of the 90-ies in sound APOPTYGMA BERZERK, . that especially evident on singles "Deep Red" and "Non-Stop Violence", . containing sharp anti-war texts,
. One reason for writing the song "Non-Stop Violence" Stephan was the struggle with the authorities, who twice summoned to court musician because of his principled refusal to go to serve in the army. The young man simply could crashing down for six months in jail. As a result, a conflict of interest resolved by the fact that in 1996, Stephan was able to "serve the country" through alternative service. But before Stephan managed to release a second album APOPTYGMA BERZERK "7", lit up at the festival "Zillo" and toured Germany together with the Belgians COBALT 60. As many as 14 months Stephan worked in civilian life, and music lessons he has remained disastrously little time. That is why in this period there was no release APOPTYGMA BERZERK.

In 1997 brought the release of new single group "Mourn", with the title track which became the biggest indie hit and reached third position in the Germanic alternative charts. In parallel with these developments, an increasing number of fans APOPTYGMA BERZERK in the United States, and the Tatra Records entered on a contract to release records of Norwegians Ocean. On the eve of New Year in Manhattan, landed in the Stephan Groth, Anders Odden, Hangeir Bratland and accompanying personnel. Unsuspecting Americans are celebrating the beginning of 1998 in Times Square, where in the morning APOPTYGMA BERZERK climbed onto the stage Planet 28 and arranged his energy show. The concert was a huge success, and two days later, the boys have organized yet another excellent performance in the local club "Pyramid". Thus, in 1998 started well for the team, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the next single APOPTYGMA BERZERK "Paranoia" immediately hit the European charts. In the summer of musicians went to "APOPTYGMA BERZERK Europe tour 1998". On the role of warming group was invited kleopatrovskaya gang SPAHN RANCH. The concert was a great success and moved the Norwegians in the number of the brightest stars electro-industrial scene of the second half of 90-ies. These grants, as FRONT 242, and PROJECT PITCHFORK, wanted to Stephan did a remix of their recent releases. And Tatra Records, successfully negotiated with the American label Metropolis Records, which issued in the U.S. compilation "Apopcalyptic Manifesto" with the best songs of the group and the album "7". In support of these releases APOPTYGMA BERZERK went on a tour of North America, which were made before thousands of enthusiastic fans.

On the basis of live material in the spring of 1999 the band released a limited edition of 10 000 copies DCD "APBL98", consisting of audio and media-drives. Media-ROM contains a short film about the tour, several interviews, music videos and other curiosities. Release is an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with the group and a taste of high-action, which is arranged APOPTYGMA BERZERK at his concerts last year. And on Aug. 11, the day of the expected apocalypse and observed many solar eclipses, Tatra Records released their first studio material of this year - a pilot single "Eclipse" for the autumn album "Welcome To Earth". Record damned good, will work perfectly on the dance floor and gives optimism about the new full-length release APOPTYGMA BERZERK

. Music

. Music APOPTYGMA BERZERK is a very spectacular and stylish blend of sound COVENANT, . FRONT 242, . DM and UNDERWORLD, . that is, detonating a cocktail of eerieness electro-progressions, . EBM dance, . romantic-heroic synth-pop, . aggressive techno and solid vocals Stephan Groth, . sometimes prone processing,
. Group is not among the innovators of the genre, . but Stephan Groth get to write very catchy and brightest hits ( "Mourn", . "Paranoia", . "Stitch", . "Burning Heretics", . "Love Never Dies", . "Eclipse", . ...), . that easy and fun to hear and are able to manufacture wonders on the dance floors of clubs, . cultivating one or another electronic dance culture,
. Furthermore, . Tracks APOPTYGMA BERZERK, . usually, . simple and somewhat "pop" in the melodic aspect, . but thanks to hyper-and inventive sound decisions and use of samples of successful end products are the team no longer fits into the framework of banal dance electronics and, . moreover, . makes talking about the group as a phenomenon in the electro / synth-pop scene 90,
. Noting "physical" quality of music APOPTYGMA BERZERK - thanks to excellent studio work plate of robust design wins compared to the releases of many other musicians competing. The CD command everything is written and kept just perfect. This excellent quality of work differ FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY. Well, if APOPTYGMA BERZERK taken to do for someone to remix, . is often their version sounds better than the original - as happened with the tracks "Enjoy The Silence" DM, . "Headhunter" FRONT 242, . "Steelrose" PROJECT PITCHFORK, . "Nothing Else Matters" METALLICA, . "Tragic Hero" FUNKER VOGT, . "Electricity" OMD ..,

I recommend to listen to the recording APOPTYGMA BERZERK, issued after 1994, because it is from this moment more or less shape style Stephan. I think that you will be sufficiently acquainted with only one release command to a desire to continue communication with pleasant music APOPTYGMA BERZERK further. But once again I want to warn you: in this case we are not talking about innovation and experiments with far-reaching consequences for the stage, . APOPTYGMA BERZERK let them play and schoolroom, . but mostly dance, . energetic music to the widest audience,
. And the fact that the draft Stephan Groth has not yet become famous as or CHEMICAL BROTHERS UNDERWORLD, does not mean that his music is worse. Just an artist issued on the independent label with limited promotion opportunities and creates a "unpromising" from a commercial point of view of Norway. However, youth and Stephan already achieved great popularity in their electro-industrial scene can hope that APOPTYGMA BERZERK more than once make us in good jittery.

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  • TB-303 Horror for APOPTYGMA BERZERK
  • The best gang in the world!
  • Yes я-я¬п¦пTя-! and another zaebis Mesh and VNV Nation and Icon Of Coil
  • + + + Helena Barton + + + for APOPTYGMA BERZERK
  • a brilliant group ....... and what about Stephen's grotto, I say nothing at all .... I'm mad on them ... soetuyu also listen to the Birthday Massacre
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