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Biography ATARAXIA
Bated breath, I deciphered the hieroglyphs omens ...

12 years of creativity. More than 200 concerts in almost all European countries, four hundred publications and interviews in different countries; 8-9 CD-albums and participated in fifty different collections. The list of achievements of the Italian group ATARAXIA impressive and raises the question: why did I have not heard anything about this team?

. Sadly, but this remarkable group has long been widely known only in narrow circles bounded entities "
. In 1998, the cult Swedish industrial label Cold Meat Industry has released quite unusual for myself album ATARAXIA, . and group, . known among fans of folk-ambient-music, . finally "lit up" among the many fans of Cold Meat Industry,
. This Swedish label is famous for the fact that he attracted the attention not only industrialschikov, ambient fans, and the public metalhedov extreme orientation, but also ordinary people, like the venerable fathers of families and teachers. Beautiful album "Historiae" received an excellent advertising, and as one result, you're reading this article.

. Enough of generalities! Who are these people hiding under the guise ATARAXIA? "We come from the old town, which still keep the spirit of the Middle Ages
. We are pilgrims who wish to continue the memory and memories of all those souls lost all of us among the more significant events of history. This will understand the one who had ever smelled and felt the cold surface of ancient stones, who roamed the streets of abandoned cities and felt the pulse of life, restless there a century ago. Sometimes we feel the bridges between the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and the Celts. We - citizens of the world, which bear the physical and spiritual signs of different cultures and philosophies. In daily life, Giovani (keyboard) - the organist in the church and serving in a nursing home, . Vittorio (guitar) creates exclusive furniture made of metal, . I (Francesca) graduated from the University, majoring in medieval history, . Lorenzo (actor and mime) paints a picture, . Livio (photographer) is a geometer. ",

. What was the most difficult in the history of the group? "Before 1992 we had a very difficult period
. We do not like to talk about it. We had no money, I sang without a microphone (I rather scream). We had only the will to creativity in deaf zazhirevshey Italy, where the underground simply did not exist. We played a lot of bad, just unimaginable places. It was a time of fear and despair, some of us have not experienced it, withdrawing from life or dying. Their wounds are our wounds. Frankly, I'm not sure that is worth talking about that time. "

When asked about the most difficult time to be a logical question about the most difficult album. "The most difficult was the" Lost Atlantis ", our new album. It will be released this fall. He was the most difficult because of the fact that we first decided to record and mix everything ourselves. We - it's me and guitarist. In addition, this album is very experimental, and every sound on it is very important. For months we've killed all of this, but the result exceeded all expectations. "

In conclusion, this short interview with a few words about the new album of "Lost Atlantis". "The album is based on the myth of the disappearance of culture, which was highly developed in terms of technology and in doing so was based on magic and rituals. We decided to link the legends, old costumes, different philosophy and tradition in a musical epic. It will be a pagan opera. Paradoxically, this epic about the time of about 45-10 thousand years ago, will be our most urgent and most experimental. "From the chaos Harmony was born, and again was overcome all the chaos". Words will be in English and Greek (two symbolic language of the future and past). We will try to capture the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea and the ocean, the harmony of shapes, ages and awe for the past. We dedicate this album to coming new millennium, and it is very important to us. "

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ATARAXIA, photo, biography
ATARAXIA, photo, biography ATARAXIA  Music Group, photo, biography
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