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Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Arjen Anthony Lucassen)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Arjen Anthony Lucassen)
Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Arjen Anthony Lucassen) was born in 1960 in Holland. Prior to the project, Ayreon he already had extensive experience in the music industry. In 1982 it as a singer was invited to play in the group Bodine. Vocals Arjen they do not like altogether, but they are very interested in his mastery of guitar playing. In 1984, due to conflicts with the musicians and bad management group broke up, and he goes into Vengeance, fairly well-known on the world stage group, which recorded several albums. Because of the forced change of vocalist in the group there were serious differences, and in 1992 splits Vengeance. However, Arjen maintained friendly relations with many musicians, and later invited them to record their first album Ayreon. In 1994 Arjen recorded a solo album under the pseudonym Anthony, mainly because of the desire to sing. Album is a bit like The Beatles, but it had already heard the echoes of the future of music Ayreon.

The success of the first album Ayreon, The Final Experiment (1995) and Actual Fantasy (1996), was deafening. Arjen revive the good old rock and opera, brought a new sound genre of symphonic rock. Despite the lack of live performances, albums apart impressive circulations. During the creation of history for the first album, Arjen moved to England, where he studied the legends of King Arthur. Its basic idea was wrong in today's development of the modern world, where people tried to prevent by sending a telepathic message to the Middle Ages, the blind minstrel named Ayreon. The record involved 18 people, including 13 singers - so many people was one of the reasons Ayreon long time not spoken with concerts. The second album came less conceptual, with longer, individual compositions, which participated in the recording of "only" 3 vocalist. The music here is full of synthesizers and rhythm guitar and slightly shifted to the technical, industrial sound.
However, the success of the first two albums paled before the third - the space rock opera Into The Electric Castle (1998). The basis of this double CD was a story, written by Arjen, about eight characters, which were upside down in a strange interstellar measurements of eight different times in Earth's history. To go back, these people were supposed to find the Electric Castle, which actually consisted of their own experiences, fears and dreams. Into The Electric Castle has been called by critics the most significant albums in the history of progressive since the departure Fish from Marillion. By the way, Fish was one of the invitees to the roles of characters rock opera singers, and Arjen was particularly pleased with his agreement to participate in the project, noting that his vocals are ideally approached selected role.
In some interviews, Arjen spoke of his intention to release a combination of two somewhat distinct musical album. This idea he carried out in 2000, releasing a very short break two more fantastic rock opera Universal Migrator. Albums shown that music Ayreon continues to steadily improve, which is also consistent worldview Arjen - he always said that each new album, it should be better than the previous.

Released in late 2000 a collection of unreleased versions and demos Ayreonauts Only as it summed up at a certain stage in the history Ayreon. Arjen decided for some time to do side projects. First of all, in collaboration with a young, 14-year-old singer Astrid Van Der Veen, he creates a project Ambeon and in early 2001, records the ambient album Fate Of A Dreamer, as much surprised by his fans. He is currently working on another, much more rigid and hard rock album (in contrast to Ambeon), but work on it has just begun and no details are not yet known. Also Arjen continues to participate in other projects as a guest musician.

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Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Arjen Anthony Lucassen), photo, biography
Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Arjen Anthony Lucassen), photo, biography Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Arjen Anthony Lucassen)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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