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Josef Mengele (Mengele)

( notorious for its medical experiments on prisoners of Auschwitz doctor)

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Biography Josef Mengele (Mengele)
Mengele, Josef (Mengele), (1911-1971?), Notorious for its medical experiments on prisoners of Auschwitz doctor. Anne Frank called it "angel of death". Born March 16, 1911 in Gц?nzburg, a small ancient town on the Danube, in Bavaria. His father owned a factory for the production of agricultural machinery - "Karl Mengele & Sons", which employed many residents of the town. In the 20-ies. Mengele studied philosophy in Munich, where he met with the racial ideology of Alfred Rosenberg, whose Aryan theory has made a great impression on him. Here he met with Hitler and became one of his loyal supporters. Later Mengele received her medical degree at the University of Frankfurt.

Combining the study of philosophy and practicing medicine, he "concluded" that people like dogs, have a pedigree. Later, he began to conduct experiments on the removal of race blue-eyed, blond Nordic giant. In 1939 he joined the SS with the rank Untersturmfц?hrer (2 nd Lieutenant), served as a military doctor in France and Russia. In 1943, Himmler appointed him chief doctor of Auschwitz. Here he attracted many doctors (Koenig, Tilona, Klein) to the selection of able-bodied Jews, who were directed at industrial enterprises of all other gassed. Sampling occurred haphazardly. Prisoners moved to stand in front Mengele, who commanded a "right!" (working team) or "left!" (gas chamber). In addition, Mengele conducted medical experiments on prisoners, especially over the twins, with a view to identifying ways of increasing the Germanic nations. He once headed the operation, during which were sewn together, two boys-ROM to create Siamese twins. The hands of children were severely infected in the field of resection of blood vessels.
. During the Frankfurt trial, the witness told how Mengele stood in front of their victims, holding his thumb on the sword belt, and select candidates in the gas chambers
. When he was told that one of the blocks appeared lice, Mengele sent to the gas chamber of 750 women from the barracks.
. Maximilian Shternol witness testified: "At night, July 31, 1944 there was a terrible scene of destruction Gypsy camp
. On his knees in front of Mengele and Bogerom, women and children begged them to spare. But this does not help. They were brutally beaten and bundled into trucks. It was terrible, terrible sight. "

After the war, Mengele spent some time in a British hospital for the internees, but then disappeared. Obviously, using certain channels, as did Adolf Eichmann, he moved to Rome in 1949, and from there on forged documents in the name of Gregorio Gregory in Buenos Aires. Included in the list of wanted war criminals, he became the object of the search Interpol, Israeli intelligence and the "hunter" Nazi Simon Wiesenthal. During his capture were appointed by the huge reward: some organization of Frankfurt in 1961 suggested that 5 thousand. dollars, and in 1971 the Documentation Center in Haifa, has increased the reward to 50 thousand. U.S.. Have you seen some reports that he was allegedly seen in Brazil (in 1961 and 1964) and Paraguay (in 1968). In 1973 the Polish Commission for the Investigation of Nazi war crimes reported, . that from different sources it became known whereabouts Mengele: the name of Pedro Caballero, he lives in Paraguay, . province Amambey, . near the Brazilian border,
. Apparently, in 1957, Paraguay's Supreme Court granted him citizenship. Interacting with Mengele in Paraguay, eyewitnesses said that he was willing to talk about his past.

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    Josef Mengele (Mengele), photo, biography
    Josef Mengele (Mengele), photo, biography Josef Mengele (Mengele)  notorious for its medical experiments on prisoners of Auschwitz doctor, photo, biography
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