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Morelli, Theodore (Morell)

( Hitler's personal doctor. After receiving medical education, worked as ship's doctor.)

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Biography Morelli, Theodore (Morell)
Morelli, Theodore (Morell), (ok.1890-1948), Hitler's personal physician. After receiving medical education, worked as ship's doctor. Then he moved to Berlin, where he practiced for skin and venereal disease, his patients were well-known representatives of the artistic bohemia. Morelli stated that he considered himself a disciple of Nobel Prize-winning biologist and. Mechnikov (1845-1916), who allegedly gave him the secrets of the fight against infectious diseases. In 1935, on the recommendation of the Nazi court photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, who Morelli cured from severe illness, he was introduced to Hitler. Examining the Fuhrer, Morelli found him a complete depletion of the gastrointestinal tract, caused by the exhaustion of the nervous system. He gave to Hitler during the year to take vitamins, hormones, injections of phosphorus and dextrose. The Fuhrer was pleased: "So far nobody has managed to determine exactly what I had in the order. Method of treatment Morelli is so consistent that I fully trust him. I follow all of his recipes ". Having personal physician, Morelli saved Hitler from a rash that led to improved patient wellbeing. The Fuhrer had improved appetite. "I was lucky that I met Morelli, - he said. - He saved my life. The way he helped me, just fine.

Their relationship lasted for nine years. Believing in the abilities Morelli Hitler forbade any criticism of him and strongly advised his entourage refer it to his new doctor. Among the inner circle, Hitler never tired of talking about medical miracles proposed Morelli, such as bovine eggs or the latest vitamins. Morelli has always had a supply containing intestinal bacteria multiflora, "selected from the best livestock, grown by Bulgarian peasants". Eventually, . when symptoms Hitler again began to show, . Morelli is increasing and increased the dose of his medication - biological components from the intestines of male animals, and another twenty-eight other drugs, . including dangerous amphetamines,
. Does the Fuhrer with a speech or pick up colds, Morelli constantly making him injections. Gradually, the skin becomes more Hitler spotty.

Meanwhile, Morelli used the benefits of its communication with the powers to ensure its own future. He built several factories, which produced the patented drugs. Application of the "Russian powder" from the lice, which produced Morelli became mandatory in the armed forces. Anticipating a secure future, Morelli continued to assert that he was the discoverer of penicillin, but his secret was stolen from him by British secret services.

However, the range of enemies Morelli was also widely. Goering spoke to him not only with the contemptuous "Mr. Reich ukolschik". Eva Braun said that he had the habit of pigs, and refused to apply to him because of the dirt in his office. Other doctors, especially Dr. Karl Brandt, argued that Morelli slowly being poisoned by Hitler injections dangerous drugs. Hitler exhibit symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. After the July 1944 conspiracy after dismissing Morelli and was treated by Brandt and Ludwig Shtumpfeggera. Died Morelli in Tegenzee in May 1948.

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Morelli, Theodore (Morell), photo, biography
Morelli, Theodore (Morell), photo, biography Morelli, Theodore (Morell)  Hitler's personal doctor. After receiving medical education, worked as ship's doctor., photo, biography
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