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Carl Oberg (Oberg)

( General SS)

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Biography Carl Oberg (Oberg)
Oberg, Carl (Oberg) (1897 -?), General SS. Born January 27, 1897 in Hamburg in the family physician. During the 1-st World War II, volunteered for the army, fought on the Western Front as a lieutenant. He was awarded the Iron Cross II and I degree. After the war changed many occupations. In 1926, joined the company for wholesale of fruit. In 1930 opened his own tobacco shop. In June 1931 Oberg joined the NSDAP. In 1932 became a member of the SS, where he showed exceptional organizational skills. After getting acquainted with Reinhard Heydrich Oberg joined the SD, was appointed to his staff, and soon became one of his closest collaborators. In 1933, Oberg was the Chief of Staff Heydrich, then chief of personnel of the SD. Voluntarily leaving SD, Oberg returned to the SS, where he commanded 22-m SS regiment in Mecklenburg, received the title Standartenfuhrer SS. Soon, he headed the Division IV HS in Hanover and in this position he stayed until December 1938.

In January 1939 Oberg was appointed chief of police Zwickau, Saxony, received in April, an SS-Oberfц+hrer. In September 1941, Oberg was appointed in Radom, Poland, as the Fuehrer SS and police, where he participated in the destruction of Jews and in raids for a set of Ostarbeiter. Having obtained the rank of Brigadefц+hrer SS and Major-General of Police, Oberg 22 April 1942 was appointed personal representative of Himmler and the "supreme Fuhrer SS and police in Paris. Oberg shared entrusted him to the police service into two groups, respectively, the general type Germanic organization: ordnungspolitsay (security forces) and ziherheytspolitsay (PLRA, detective police SD). At Oberg entirely responsible for carrying out punitive actions against the peace of the French population. After an unsuccessful attempt on Hitler on July 20 1944 to a premature signal conspirators "Die Walkure Oberg, among other officers of the Gestapo and the SS in Paris, was arrested on the orders of members of the military commandant of the anti-Hitler conspiracy Greater Paris, General von Boyneburga,
. However, after the massacre of members of the conspiracy Oberg was released and resumed his duties by sending in Germany was with the prisoners.
. At the end of the war Oberg tried to hide from responsibility in the Tyrolean village Kirshtberg near Kitzbц+hel, where he lived under the name of Albert Heinz
. However, in late July 1945 the U.S. military police arrested him and handed over to representatives of 7 August the French authorities. Case Oberg considered Paris court martial. After a long investigation hearing began on Feb. 22, 1954. Oberg original sentence was the death penalty, but soon a presidential decree the death penalty was commuted to life imprisonment and 31 December 1959 a new decree reduced the term to 20 years from the time of sentencing. However, this term Oberg not served because, in accordance with a presidential decree to pardon 28 November 1962 he was transferred to West authorities and lived with his family in Hamburg.

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Carl Oberg (Oberg), photo, biography
Carl Oberg (Oberg), photo, biography Carl Oberg (Oberg)  General SS, photo, biography
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