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REM Ernst (Roehm; Rihm)

( Leader of the Nazi storm troopers CA)

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Biography REM Ernst (Roehm; Rihm)
Rehm, Ernst (Roehm; Rihm), (1887-1934), head of the Nazi storm troopers CA. Born November 28, 1887 in Munich in the family of a public servant. Becoming a professional military, participated in the 1 st World War. After the war, entered into one of the units of the "Volunteer Corps, where he became friendly with the Nazis. Bad organized group of street thugs who had built Rem, and are constantly involved in street clashes with the Communists, gradually became militant detachment of the Nazi party. Rem said: "Even when I was immature, sickly young man, war and anxiety attracted me much more than a nice bourgeois order."

Rem was quite fat, powerful man with a choleric temperament. Has wide bloodshot massive face with a double chin, sagging cheeks and blue veins. The left cheek was crossing a deep scar, nose was flattened. Contrary to the Prussian military tradition, Rem did not shave his head. Living, deep-set eyes, large ears and a sinister expression on his face gave him the appearance faun. His entourage, not excluding the driver and orderly, were gay. Rem addicted to this vice in the army, where homosexuality was very popular. He participated in a conspiracy of ex-military, led by Franz von Eppom, whose goal was to overthrow the left-wing government in Bavaria. Attracted by the eloquence of the Nazi Fuehrer, Rehm joined the Nazi party and gradually became one of the closest friends of Hitler. Along with him, he took part in the failed "Beer Hall Putsch" in 1923, was arrested, but released immediately after the court. Shortly thereafter, Rem was invited to Bolivia as a military instructor. On the eve of the September 1930 elections to the Reichstag Rem returned from Bolivia, hoping to take the post of Minister of War. However, these elections were for the Nazis failed, and on Hitler's orders bumps mandated to create and train units of the SA. By the middle of 1931 Rem has already created 34 tons of Detachment. n. gaushturma and 10 groups of CA, uniting 400 thousand. people, which exceeded the number of the Reichswehr. In 1932, the slogan has become the cry of storm troopers "Do not remove the belts!", Which was interpreted as a call for vigilance. Thanks to the Rema, the end of 1933 the number of CA exceeded 2 million. man. Such a rapid growth of storm troopers, who were essentially private army Remus, who called for the implementation of the "second revolution", alarmed many Nazi leaders. By 1934 the influence and uncontrollability of the SA units had reached such an extent that it caused great concern in the military and industrial circles and forced Hitler to take decisive steps.
. June 30, 1934 Rohm and his close associates were arrested by the SS in the Bavarian spa town of Bad Viszee, where they marked the beginning of holiday
. Many storm troopers were killed on the spot, and Rem was sent to prison Shtadelheym. Two days later he put the gun into the camera, hinting at the possibility of "honorable" suicide. When Rem refused, the camera became head of the Dachau concentration camp Theodor Eicke and shot him. See. and "Night of Long Knives."

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REM Ernst (Roehm; Rihm), photo, biography
REM Ernst (Roehm; Rihm), photo, biography REM Ernst (Roehm; Rihm)  Leader of the Nazi storm troopers CA, photo, biography
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