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Erwin Rommel (Rommel)

( Field-Marshal Germanic army)

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Biography Erwin Rommel (Rommel)
Rommel, Erwin (Rommel), (1891-1944), Field-Marshal Germanic army. Born November 15, 1891 in Heydenheyme, near Ulm. Army service began in 1910, cadet. Soon became a professional soldier, and devoted his life to this. During the 1-st World War II, he served a lieutenant in the Alpine battalion in Romania and Italy. In 1915 he was awarded the Iron Cross I degree. After the war he commanded an infantry regiment, and then taught at the military academy in Dresden. Rommel met with Hitler in 1935. Reading Rommel's book "The infantry is reached," Hitler in 1938 appointed him commander of the battalion of personal. During the 2-nd World War, Rommel became the most popular German commander, skill and professionalism which is highly regarded even by his opponents. In 1940, Rommel was appointed commander of the 7 th Armored Division on the Western Front (commanded by General Gerd von Rundstedt). February 6, 1941, Hitler appointed commander of Rommel's newly created African corps, with the task to discard the British troops back into Egypt.
. African campaign, Rommel began to successfully, and earned him the nickname "Desert Fox"
. 21 March, he defeated the British troops under the command of General Archibald Wawel near El Ageyla and moved to Tobruk, defended the way inland to the Nile. Only at the end of 1941 the British troops were able to return to Benghazi. May 27, resuming the offensive, he struck an unexpected blow to the British, forcing the enemy to withdraw to the borders of Egypt. June 21 its forces had captured Tobruk - the key point of the British defense, and 33 thousand. his defenders, for their courage and perseverance dubbed "tobrukskie rats", were captured. The next day, Hitler was awarded the rank of General Rommel Field Marshal. At the end of June 1942, Rommel's troops were already near El-Alamein, 100 kilometers from Alexandria and the Nile delta. For the allied troops that was one of the most dramatic moments for all time of war.

Promotion Rommel was halted in late October 1943 due to the difficulties with the supply and because of the increasing strength of the enemy. Fly to Germany for treatment, Rommel returned to North. Africa has, after the Battle of El Alamein was lost. Less than two weeks, his forces were pushed back to 1000 km. March 9, 1943 Rommel was recalled from Tunisia. In mid-1943 Rommel was appointed commander of Army Group "B" in the North. Italy. Before him stood a challenge to prevent the surrender of Italian troops and repel the Allies in the south of Europe. In January 1944 he was appointed commander of Army Group in the north of France. Twice, 17 and 29 June, Rommel and von Rundstedt met with Hitler, trying to persuade him to end the war there are still significant forces Germanic army. Pale and trembling Fuhrer responded to their proposals fierce denunciation abuse.

After the Allied landings in Normandy, Rommel was badly wounded July 17 when his vehicle was fired upon by British aircraft. He was sent home in Ulm to treatment.
. By this time, Rommel was already completely disappointed in the distant from the reality of Hitler's military leadership and gradually began to open their eyes to the atrocities of the Nazis.
. On-line military and decisive Rommel nevertheless gradually began to get involved in political activity
. However, he opposed plans to kill Hitler, believing that such action will create a martyr out of him. He believed that it would bring Hitler to justice, exposing his crimes before the nation. Rommel never played an active role in the July Plot 1944, although some of the conspirators and wanted it, he led the country after the removal of Hitler.
. After the failure of the conspiracy one of the dying in agony of participants mentioned the name of Rommel, resulting in a commander's fate was sealed
. October 14, 1944, Hitler sent Rommel to home, two officers, giving him a choice - to commit suicide or to appear before the court. "Fifteen minutes later I die," - said Rommel and his wife took poison. Hitler ordered to be buried with full military honors. Von Rundstedt said in a funeral oration: "The ruthless fate snatched it from us. His heart belonged to the Fuhrer. "

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Erwin Rommel (Rommel), photo, biography
Erwin Rommel (Rommel), photo, biography Erwin Rommel (Rommel)  Field-Marshal Germanic army, photo, biography
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