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Ferdinand I

( The King of Bohemia and Hungary)

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Biography Ferdinand I
Ferdinand I (1503-1564). From the kind of Habsburg. King of Bohemia and Hungary in 1526-1562 he. King German in 1531-1562 he. Emperor 'Holy Roman Empire' in the years 1556-1564. The son of Philip I and Juana of Aragon.

Wife: on May 26, 1521, Mr.. Anna, daughter of King Vladislav of Hungary and the Czech Republic (genus. 1503 g. 11547 g.).

Genus. March 10, 1503, Mr.. + 25 July 1564


Ferdinand, who was born three years later his brother Charles V, much earlier he developed mentally. Meanwhile, he had to constantly give in to Karl as the senior, their interests have encountered many times during their life. So the brothers are not easily joined together in agreement Concerning the partition of his father's legacy. By the treaty of Worms in 1521, Charles gave his brother the Austrian Hapsburg possession. This part of the inheritance, . inherited Ferdinand, . was itself a very significant, . but did not satisfy him, he was very arrogant in its ambition, . and mores of his time, . as an example of his brother, . Ferdinand dragged into the designs of giant enterprises,
. Karl asked him to guard the eastern borders of the empire. Ferdinand was at first displeased with such a role, but soon realized that she could deliver him and honor and glory. After his death in 1526, Mr.. the Battle of Mogache Czech and Hungarian King Louis Ferdinand brought a right to his possessions, because he was married to the sister of King Anna. First, his name provoked resistance from the local nobility, but by bribing many nobles and giving well-meaning promises Ferdinand in September 1526, Mr.. was elected King of the Czech. In Hungary, the rival of the Habsburgs Janos Zapol was not able to hold in their hands the supreme power, and gathered in Pest Diet admitted at the same time Hungarian King Ferdinand. But simultaneously Tokay Sejm elected King Zapol, under whose authority passed Eastern Hungary

. The new king was ugly, . small stature, . thin and pale, his long neck stretched forward, his nose was a hump, . and the lower lip is very thick, . like all the Habsburgs but he liked the liveliness of his character, . ardor of his desires and his youthful fearlessness,
. He was quick-tempered but good-natured, talkative and generous, I liked the friendliness of its people, the lack of ambitious claims and a willingness to mitigate punishment guilty. Being a Catholic, he, in general, never had a hatred for the Protestants, and even his Austrian citizen does not have prevented the Protestant worship. As the Emperor Ferdinand was very energetic. Usually he would get up before dawn and most of the day devoted work. He immediately sought to strengthen in the new domain of their power and establish a true monarchy of this confederation lapsed into anarchy Kingdoms. His wisdom, energy and persistence to produce the desired results, and he laid a solid foundation for the power of the Austrian dynasty. And the Czech Republic, Hungary and jealously guard their autonomy and were always ready to give up obedience to the king, who was elevated to the throne under the influence of a momentary discouragement. To keep them under his power, Ferdinand needed a lot of patience, skill and resourcefulness. He successfully overcame all these difficulties. In 1529, Mr.. Sultan Suleiman invaded Austria and besieged Vienna, but his attacks were repulsed. The onset of winter forced the Turks to lift the siege. Ferdinand at this time waiting in Linz assistance from the imperial troops. Then he waited for reinforcements, but in 1532, when religious strife in Germany were being overcome, Charles V of Austria led a huge army. Suleiman learned about it, did not dare to repeat the invasion.

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Ferdinand I, photo, biography
Ferdinand I, photo, biography Ferdinand I  The King of Bohemia and Hungary, photo, biography
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