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Hans Frank (Frank)

( Hitler's lawyer, Reichsleiter, head of the Legal Department of the Reich, later Governor-General of occupied Poland)

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Biography Hans Frank (Frank)
Frank, Hans (Frank), (1900-1946), Hitler's lawyer, Reichsleiter, head of the Legal Department of the Reich, later Governor-General of occupied Poland. Born May 23, 1900 in Karlsruhe. In his youth has served only one year during the 1-st World War. After the war, entered into one of the units of the "Volunteer Corps". In April 1919 took part in street battles with the communists, declared in Munich, Bavarian socialist republic. In the same year joined the German Workers' Party, and after her transformation - in the Nazi Party.

Frank participated in the "Beer Hall Putsch" in 1923 in the ranks of the SA storm troopers. In 1926, having received a law degree, began his advocacy in Munich, where the protected brown-arrested for taking part in street battles with the Communists (in 1925-1933 took place over 40 thousand. such processes). In one such trial as a witness was called Hitler, . who told the court about the patriotic and selfless motives of his Nazi followers and promised, . that "heads would roll, . when he takes power in a legal way out of the hands of degenerative rulers of the Weimar Republic ",
. After that, Hitler asked Frank as a personal lawyer and put him in charge of the legal department of the NSDAP. A young lawyer represented Hitler in the 150 processes. Frank was also asked to conduct a secret investigation in order to prove the absence of Hitler had Jewish blood. Since 1930, Frank was a member of the Reichstag germanskogo. After Hitler came to power, Frank has held many senior positions: Minister of Justice of Bavaria, the Reich Minister of Justice and the Reich Minister without portfolio (1934). He was a little over thirty when he began Reichsleiter NSDAP, the president Germanskoy legal academy, the founder of the Institute of Germanic law and president of the International Law Office.
. October 12, 1939, after the occupation of Poland, Hitler was appointed managing director of Frank for the population of occupied Polish territory, and then Governor General of Poland
. Frank described his policy as follows: "In Poland should be treated like a colony. The Poles will become slaves of the Great Germanskoy Empire. Frank methodically destroying Poland as a national education and exploiting its human and material resources in the interests of Germany, seeking to turn it into an appendage of the Nazi state. Frank announced the official German language, he warned, . Jews and Poles will be sentenced to death for the slightest resistance to the Germans or damage social order, to confiscate Jewish and Polish property suppressed artistic treasures of Polish museums for their own homes in Shlierzee, . in southern Germany, secretly allowed to export from Poland to Germany a lot of food,
. At a time when most of Europe was starving, Frank arranged elegant dinners in the governor's palace in Krakow. By December 1942 over 85% of Polish Jews were sent to them in the "death camps".
. Before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg after the fall of the Third Reich, Frank announced his move to Catholicism, humbly admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness from the Lord
. The man was sent to the death of thousands of helpless people who desperately fought for his life. "I think this court - he said - the world court will of God, designed to understand and put an end to the terrible era of suffering under Adolf Hitler". He defied Hitler as a traitor to the faith and hopes of millions of Germans. Frank said: "The evidence that I heard in the courtroom, shook me". The court found him guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Frank was hanged at Nuremberg, 16 October 1946.

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Hans Frank (Frank), photo, biography
Hans Frank (Frank), photo, biography Hans Frank (Frank)  Hitler's lawyer, Reichsleiter, head of the Legal Department of the Reich, later Governor-General of occupied Poland, photo, biography
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