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( Reichsleiter, head of the parliamentary group NSDAP in the Reichstag, a lawyer, a personal friend of Hitler)

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Biography FRICK WILHELM (Frick)
Frick, Wilhelm (Frick), (1877-1946), Reichsleiter, head of the parliamentary group NSDAP in the Reichstag, a lawyer, a personal friend of Hitler in the early years of the struggle for power. Born March 12, 1877 in Alzentse in the family of a school teacher. Studied law at Munich, GцTttingen and Berlin universities, received his doctorate in Heidelberg. In 1912 in Munich, began the practice of law. Because of the weak light Frick did not participate in the 1 st World War. In 1919-23 headed the Munich office and the police Criminal Investigation Department (until 1925). Frick met with Hitler, when he turned to him for permission to hold a political rally in Munich. Imbued with Nazi ideology, Frick became the confidant of Hitler in the Police Department. At least once he made sure that Hitler was released after arrest. In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote, . that among his friends were only two people - Frick and former head of the Metropolitan Police Ernst Pener, . both convinced right, . hate communists, . "who had the courage to be first German, . and only after that official. ",
. Shortly before the "Beer Hall Putsch, 1923 Hitler ordered Frick and Peneru seize police headquarters for rebels
. Frick, who was close to Hitler during the march through the streets of Munich, was arrested and 4 months under investigation. In the end, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. However, the conviction was overturned in 1924, and Frick returned to his duties in the Police Department. In the same year he was elected to the Reichstag as a member of the Nazi Party. In 1930, after the Nazi Party was able to return six members in the Thuringian Landtag, Frick was appointed Minister of the Interior of Thuringia, and was the first Nazi, occupied an important position in the province. In this capacity, he has turned into a hotbed of Thuringia opposition social-democratic government in Berlin. Frick rid of police officers who were suspected of sympathizing with the Republican government, entered public office for Nazi candidates and filed a police state Nazis. Actions Frick led to conflict with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany, a Social Democrat, Carl Severing, who threatened to deprive the financial support Thuringian police if Frick did not stop its illegal activities. In response, the Frick promised to completely dissolve the police and a security forces, composed entirely of storm troopers. After the Leipzig court ordered Berlin to continue funding, it became clear that victory was on the side of Frick.
. Job Frick, in Thuringia, anticipating his future work as Reich Minister of the Interior, has earned him the praise of Hitler and the recognition of the Nazis
. On his orders, were released from prison convicted for the murder of the Nazis. He banned a demonstration against war film "On the Western Front" (the novel by Erich Maria Remarque), who missed the Berlin censorship. Allowed to resume publication of the Nazi newspapers. Created a special department of social anthropology at the University of Jena for the Nazi Professor Hans Gunther, intellectual champion of racism. In the same university he attended the inaugural speech of Hitler, who in his opening speech compare with the great German poet Schiller. Frick introduced in schools Thuringia obligatory prayers, glorifying National Socialism and Hitler.

Having become Chancellor, Hitler was appointed Reich Minister of the Interior Frick. Frick eagerly set to work immediately stating that the majority of judges and lawyers in Berlin were Jews. He disbanded the Bavarian government and established there the Nazi regime. March 31, 1933, using the Emergency Powers Act, Frick dissolved parliaments of all lands, except Prussia, and ordered to form a new relationship on the basis of deputies from different factions in the Reichstag. This meant that the Communists in the Lцгnder parliaments will no longer. June 19, 1933 he issued an order forbidding the activities of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Frick carefully monitored so that all without exception, the newly appointed reyhsshtathaltery were Nazis. April 7, 1933, he supported the draft law on the restoration of public service (in fact, fixes the official positions of all the unwanted persons). September 15, 1935 participated in drafting the Nuremberg laws on nationality and race, limiting the rights of Jews in Germany, prohibiting them to enter into marriage with the Germans and put them in the position of second class citizens. By this time, on the orders of Frick already at least 100 thousand. people were sent to concentration camps.

The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg laid on Frick responsibility for the fact that Germany was ruled by the Nazis. He was charged with drawing up, signing and implementation of a number of laws that prohibit political parties and trade unions to establish a system of concentration camps, in promoting the activities of the Gestapo in persecuting the Jews and the militarization of Germany's economy. He was found guilty of items: 2 (a crime against peace), 3 (war crimes) and 4 (a crime against humanity). October 16, 1946 Frick was hanged at Nuremberg.

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FRICK WILHELM (Frick), photo, biography
FRICK WILHELM (Frick), photo, biography FRICK WILHELM (Frick)  Reichsleiter, head of the parliamentary group NSDAP in the Reichstag, a lawyer, a personal friend of Hitler, photo, biography
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