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Fritsche, Hans (Fritzsche)

( head radio propaganda of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda)

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Biography Fritsche, Hans (Fritzsche)
Fritzsche, Hans (Fritzsche), (1900-1953), chief of radio propaganda of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, headed by Joseph Goebbels. After graduating from the High School of Humanities in Leipzig, served as a private in the end of the 1-st World War. After the war he studied history, economics and philosophy at several universities, but has not received his doctoral degree. In 1923 he became editor of the monthly magazine "Preussische Jahrbucher". In 1924-32 he edited the Telegraph Agency and the chief editor of the International News Service - one of the departments of large publishing empire Hugenberga. In 1932 he was appointed head of Germanskoy radio stations. May 1, 1933 Goebbels need of loyal and capable reporters, put Fritsche led the news service press department of the Ministry of Propaganda. The main responsibility was to explain Fritsche German editors that they should publish. In November 1942 he left the Department of Press and head of department of radio, one of the 12 divisions of the ministry, his office was "authorized representative of the political organization of the Grand germanskogo Radio. Fritsche got an audience of listeners, who were sitting in front of 16 million radios. Gears of its radio station began with the words "Hier spricht Hans Fritzsche!" ( "Hans Fritzsche Speaks!"). He became the most popular commentator of the Third Reich. His throaty voice clear and carefully chosen arguments attracted the attention of the Germans, who podnadoeli Nazi mediocre speakers.
. Although Goebbels and Fritzsche doing one thing - raising the processing of the German population, among them ever had a close friendly relations
. Goebbels admired the work of his subordinate, but never personally. In addition to working on the radio news, Fritsche, as head Germanskoy press service, responsible for international wire services and for nearly 2000 daily newspapers and magazines. All these media were subject to Nazi policy glyayhshaltung carried out Hitler. Fritsche has often led the meeting, arranged for several hundred representatives of the most influential newspapers Germanic, met with journalists in order to inform them of the official Nazi propaganda line.
. Like Goebbels, Fritsche used in his work the basic tenets of Hitler's ideology, expressed in "Mein Kampf": a conspiracy of world Jewry, plutocratic democracy, the Bolshevik danger, living space and the principle fyurerstva
. Even before the 2-nd World War Fritsche sang eulogies to the genius of Hitler. Nobody in the history of Germany, he declared, did not afford the Empire such a vast territory and prestige, as Hitler for some five years. And all this, added Fritsche, the Fuhrer made without a single shot. The greatness of Germany, was destroyed "paper tigers" of Versailles, but he managed to restore the position of Germany in Europe. In the first years of the 2-nd World War Fritsche reported the dazzling victories of the Third Reich and later he faced a much more difficult task - to bring the morale of the Germans during the bitter failures. "Above every German was threatened not only by Russian, but also with the West". Fritsche, quoting the London "News Chronicle:" We have to destroy all life in Germany - men, women, children, birds and insects ". He was at the microphone until the last hours of the war.
. Before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1946, Fritsche, admitted that he was wrong in his assessment of Hitler and Nazism, and that he finally came to realize that the Fuhrer decided to destroy not only the Jews but also people and Germanic
. "This is the worst sentence of all time. Just one more awful: the sentence insulting the people of Germany for his idealism ". The Court took note of his excuses: "From the materials it is clear that Fritsche sometimes made strong statements of a propagandist nature of their programming. But the tribunal did not believe that they were aimed at inciting germanskogo people to commit atrocities against the conquered peoples, and we can not say that there has been participation in the crimes ". October 1, 1946 Fritzsche was acquitted.
. February 4, 1947 Fritsche Germanischer denatsifikatsionnym appeared before the court on charges of inciting anti-Semitism and feeding the Germans false information, incitement to continue the fight after the lost war
. He was released from the consequences of September 29, 1950. Fritsche died in Cologne on September 27, 1953, convinced that faithfully served his country.
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Fritsche, Hans (Fritzsche), photo, biography
Fritsche, Hans (Fritzsche), photo, biography Fritsche, Hans (Fritzsche)  head radio propaganda of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, photo, biography
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