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Erich Hartmann (Hartmann)

( Luftwaffe fighter pilot, Major)

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Biography Erich Hartmann (Hartmann)
Hartmann, Erich (Hartmann), Luftwaffe fighter pilot, Major. According to official statistics, shot down 352 enemy aircraft, heading the list of German aces in the 2 nd World War. Born April 19, 1922 in Veyszahe. He spent his childhood in China, where his father worked as a. In 1936 he flew gliders in aviaklube under the leadership of his mother - athletes, pilots. With 16 years of piloting aircraft. Since 1940 trained in the 10 th training regiment Luftwaffe at Konigsberg, and then in flight school in Berlin. Military flying career began in August 1942 in the 52 th Fighter Aviation Regiment, who fought in the Caucasus. Participated in the Battle of Kursk was shot down, taken prisoner, but managed to escape. In 1944 was appointed commander of the 53rd formations. He was awarded many orders and medals, t. h. the sixth Luftwaffe pilot who received the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. Nazi propaganda she called

Hartman, blond Germanic knight ". His last 352-S Hartman scored a victory May 8, 1945 in the skies of Germany. After the last, 1425 th combat sortie, Hartman ordered the burning aircraft and survivors, along with his subordinates had surrendered to the Americans. 16 May he was handed over by the Soviet occupation authorities. Spending 10 years in a Soviet prison camp, Hartman was released in 1955. In 1959 he joined the newly established Luftwaffe, commanded the 71 th regiment of fighter aircraft "Richthofen" in Oldenburg. Later he retired and lived in a suburb of Stuttgart.

Many military historians have questioned the number of planes downed by Hartman.

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  • Moshe Belferman for Erich Hartmann (Hartmann)
  • I am a writer. Sometimes a rest, I let myself relax. I went to www.mail.ru - They have the heading "FAQ". Here today gone - left the question: Moshe Belferman How Russia is going to solve contentious issues - from the Ukraine? After some time, got an answer - one of the answers. We give a picture of a young man in military uniform. Given his name and the answer: Erih Hartmann lousy kike! Not only we'll halokosta staged? And Mazepa also curse in their obeisance near the Wailing Wall? Well pshel to the Promised Land! Yes, . I came in - left his response: Comments Moshe Belferman 10-08-2008 21:45 (link) Lord, comrades! Inform recognized: Erih Hartmann - only to "question and answer" student, . and so he ..,
    . reached 87 years, a scorpion, a Nazi ... recalled his "glorious service" in the SS in Ukraine. From his free throws portions zhidoedstva Germany. And all because: in Russia is allowed to do, and here in Germany - no! Please note "disaster" unfortunate orphans and contemptible type, a war criminal. M. Bel'ferman.
  • Galland for Erich Hartmann (Hartmann)
  • Eric Hartmann, for your information, fought in the Luftwaffe, the SS no relation to him had. Besides, the whole history of the war so mythologized, that personally I am beginning to doubt very many postulates about the Waffen SS and in general the existence of the Holocaust. In addition, there is too much evidence on which official history is silent. But who among us, and throughout the world, scientists, and historians in particular, I think, do not know only the most degenerate person.
  • Sulla for Erich Hartmann (Hartmann)
  • You are obviously a writer of children's books with children's perceptions of and preparation for the issue. Hartmann - a fighter pilot, probably the best in the history of flight in general. The number shot down - a debatable question, Eric himself wrote in his memoirs that one of the battles he arrogated 4 kills IL-2 for the fact that he knocked out the lead, and 3 led repeating the maneuver commander crashed into a mountain. He also served in the Soviet Union. And about the Waffen SS who fuck anywhere along and across the liberal keep at @ eby, like for example you. SS - the elite army of Germanic same Knight, the same Delta just before and in Germany. Often formed purely for the sake of the war and the war in the Leibstandarte and the dead head with dental caries can not get it. Divisions constantly tossed from the front to front, France, Russia, Tunisia. People fought. But that garbage on which all police units engaged in writing and eynzatsgruppy formed usually from the local population as. And in the SS office they were on the grounds that the Wehrmacht soldier's book did not betray them.
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    Erich Hartmann (Hartmann), photo, biography
    Erich Hartmann (Hartmann), photo, biography Erich Hartmann (Hartmann)  Luftwaffe fighter pilot, Major, photo, biography
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