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Clara Zetkin (Zetkin)

( The activity of Germanic and international labor movement)

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Biography Clara Zetkin (Zetkin)
Clara Zetkin (Zetkin) (5.7.1857, Wiederau, Saxony - 20/6/1933, Arkhangelsk, near Moscow), figure of Germanic and international labor movement, one of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). born in a family of rural teachers G. Eisner. She studied at the private teachers' training facility in Leipzig, which has moved closer to the members of the circle of Russian students and immigrants, among whom was Ossip Zetkin, who later became her husband. Since the late 70-ies. participated in the German labor movement. In 1881, a period of exceptional law against the Socialists joined the ranks of the Social-Democratic. Forced into exile, took part in the socialist movement in France, Austria, Italy. From 1882 he worked in an illegal body of the Social-Democratic "Socialdemokrat" in Zurich. Zetkin was actively involved in the preparation and the work of the Constituent Congress, 2 nd International in Paris in 1889, spoke at the congress with a speech about the role of women in the revolutionary struggle. Later participated in all the congresses of the 2 nd International.

After the abolition in 1890 of an exceptional law returned to Germany, where he led the Social Democratic Women's Movement. In 1892-1917 she was managing editor of the Social-Democratic newspaper of the German workers "Gleichheit". Being among the leaders of the Left in the Social-Democratic, Zetkin, along with Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Franz Mehring led the fight against revisionism. She advocated the use of the German working class experience of the first Russian revolution. In particular, together with P. Luxembourg etc.. Left it emphasized the importance of political mass strikes as an important means of revolutionary struggle. The initiative Zetkin was convened in 1907 the first International Women's Conference. Zetkin was elected secretary of the International Women's Secretariat. At the International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen (1910) on the proposal of C. it was decided to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8. At the Basle Congress, 2 nd International (1912), she urged the workers of all countries strongly oppose the threat of imperialist war. After the start of 1 st World War, 1914-18 C. condemned the leaders of the chauvinistic attitude Germany Social Democratic Party. She was one of the organizers of the international socialist women's conference in Bern (Switzerland) against the imperialist war (March 1915).

Upon returning home, was arrested and imprisoned. After his release resumed revolutionary activities. For anti-war propaganda leadership of the Social Democratic Party has suspended Zetkin on the editorial board. Following the establishment in 1917 of the Independent Social-Democratic Party of Germany (NSDPG), which included "Spartacus League", Zetkin was elected a member of the CC NSDPG; led the fight against the centrist leadership of the party. Since its establishment in December 1918 CPG actively advocated the entry of workers - members of NSDPG the ranks of the KKE. Since 1919 - Member of the CPG and the Central Committee of KKE. Attended the 2 nd and subsequent Congresses of the Communist International. Since 1921 was a member of the Comintern Executive Committee and the Presidium of the ECCI, and also chaired the International Women's Secretariat of the Comintern. Zetkin was actively involved in the activities of DENR, since 1925 Chairman of the Central Committee of the DENR, maintained friendly relations with Vladimir Lenin and Krupskaya. In 1920, first came to the Soviet country. Since 1920 Zetkin was elected deputy of the Reichstag permanently. In August 1932, opening as the oldest MP meeting of the newly elected Reichstag, Zetkin has warned about the danger of fascism, called for a united proletarian front. She was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner. She was buried in Moscow, on Red Square near the Kremlin wall.

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Clara Zetkin (Zetkin), photo, biography
Clara Zetkin (Zetkin), photo, biography Clara Zetkin (Zetkin)  The activity of Germanic and international labor movement, photo, biography
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