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SCHELLENBERG Walter (Schellenberg)

( Brigadenfiihrer SS)

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Biography SCHELLENBERG Walter (Schellenberg)
Schellenberg, Walter (Schellenberg), (1900-1952), Brigadenfuhrer SS chief VI Management RSHA (RSHA). Born January 16, 1900 in Saarbrц+cken. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Bonn. One of the teachers persuaded him in 1923 to join the Nazi Party and SS, explaining that it would open the way to a career. Reports Schellenberg on the development germanskogo legislation attracted the attention of Reinhard Heydrich, who offered him a job in his department. From September 1939 to June 1941 was headed by Schellenberg Division VI E, engaged in counter-intelligence. Under his leadership, have been developed many undercover operations. In November 1939 his team was abducted in the Netherlands of two British agents, which was attributed to an assassination attempt on Hitler.

In 1940, under his leadership was drawn up t. n. "zonderfandungslist" - a list of persons who had fled to the UK and subject to immediate arrest in the case of the landing of the British Isles. June 22, 1941 Schellenberg was appointed to head the management RSHA VI ( "Ausland SS).
. July 10, 1942 Schellenberg issued a directive which established a broad and detailed list of information required by the center on foreign agents of the SD:
. - The foreign policy goals of the State
. - Political relations with other states,
. - Embassies, missions and consulates of the State abroad,
. - Embassies, missions and consulates, accredited in the State,
. - Activities of foreign propaganda in this country,
. - Advocacy of the country abroad,
. - International organizations,
. - Intelligence services
. - The work of foreign intelligence services on the territory of the country,
. - General principles of domestic policy and political situation,
. - The position of the ruling circles,
. - The position of supreme power (the president, king and t
. d.)
. - Internal policy of the Government and local administration.
. At the end of the war Schellenberg, through its agents, Heinrich Himmler organized the talks with representatives of U.S. intelligence on the conditions of a separate peace
. At the Nuremberg trials he was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. Released in 1950. Published a book of memories. Schellenberg died in Italy in 1952
. Used Material Encyclopedia of the Third Reich --

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Schellenberg (Schellenberg), Walter (16.1.1910, Saarbrц+cken - 31/3/1952, Turin, Italy), one of the leaders of intelligence Brigadefiihrer SS and Major General SS (21.6.1944)
. In 1933 he graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Bonn. Member of the NSDAP (the ticket? 3 504 508). The spring of 1933 joined the SS (the ticket? 124817), in 1934 - in SD. He served in the Reich Ministry of the Interior, while acting as a secret agent for SD. Soon he was transferred to the central apparatus of the SD, worked a central information file cabinet. The number in the states of the Gestapo, was political reports for managers SS and SD. In 1938, accompanied by Mr.. Himmler in Vienna. Autumn of 1938 was sent on reconnaissance mission in Dakar for the collection of information about the French naval base. Since 1939 Head of Group IV E 4 th Management RSHA (RSHD). The Group was in charge of the Gestapo counterintelligence issues, the fight against espionage in Germany and occupied countries. In Sept.. 1939 as a representative of the RSHA was accompanied by Himmler in occupied Poland. In the same year performed the misinformation Anglo-Dutch intelligence posing as a representative of the resistance.

The result was a so-called. 'incident in Venlo', when the border point (in the Netherlands) were captured by members of the British Intelligence Best and Stevens. Subsequently, the leaders of the SS tried to accuse them of plotting the assassination of Hitler, but because it seemed too obvious falsification, from their participation in the process had to be. In the second half of 1940 on the instructions and. Von Ribbentrop worked out and tried to execute the operation on the move (in t.ch. enforced), the Duke of Windsor from Portugal in a neutral country. Hitler believed that this can be used to put pressure on Britain, but because of the successful British counter intelligence operation was foiled. In 1940, on behalf of Himmler made a list of persons living in the UK, which should have been arrested immediately after the invasion of the Wehrmacht in the country. In April. - May 1941 on the personal orders of Hitler was preparing a terrorist act on O. Strasser. 22/6/1942 headed 6-th control RSHA, the question of foreign intelligence. From the beginning, came into conflict with military intelligence - the Abwehr, primarily because of the division of spheres of influence. At the same time maintain a balanced personal relationship with B. Canaris. All efforts Schellenberg, and its leadership (in t.ch. Himmler) were sent to concentration under the direction of all intelligence Schellenberg of Germany. But Schellenberg had planned that his intelligence will be directly subordinate to Hitler, which, naturally, did not suit either Himmler or Heydrich (later E. Kalypenbrunnera).

Successfully managed the exploration, creating a wide network of agents, especially in neutral countries. 23.5.1942 under the new agreement with the Abwehr Shelenbergu was subordinated to the secret field police. Summer of 1942 on behalf of Himmler began to conduct political soundings on the possibility of concluding a separate peace with the Western countries. He tried to intrigue against Ribbentrop, seeking his removal, which, according to Shelenberga, was to be the first step to an agreement with West. In August. 1942 Himmler discussed with the armistice terms, for it provided for preservation dependent on Germany Governments in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, as well as maintaining the occupation of Poland. However, in this fight won Ribbentrop, and Hitler banned political intelligence to establish such contacts with foreigners. An attempt to use to negotiate with the West to. Langbehn also failed, primarily because of fear of Himmler and Shelenberga that it will be known about Hitler through Kaltenbrunner and Mueller. Further strengthening the position of Kaltenbrunner greatly complicate efforts to establish contacts with the West. In Feb.. 1944 competition SD and Abwehr ended in victory Shelenberga: Canaris was removed from his post, and most of the military intelligence was included in the RSHA. 1/6/1944 Abwehr was finally eliminated, . and after the failed assassination attempt on Hitler's remains moved to intelligence Shelenbergu In March 1945, negotiations began with the Anglo-American intelligence services in Switzerland, . which led Himmler's personal representative to,
. Wolf. Simultaneously Shelenberg presented proposals for a truce with the West through the Swedish diplomat Count V. Vernadota.

28/04/1945 Swedish consul in Lц+beck Shelenberga informed that the proposals are not accepted and the negotiations with Himmler will no longer be. After the suicide of Hitler arrived with Himmler in captivity, where there was a new government headed by Grossadmiral K. Doenitz (cm. Doenitz's office), where Himmler planned to appoint Shelenberga Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs. May 3, arrived in Copenhagen to negotiate a world mediated by Bernadotte-6 May flew to Stockholm, having formal authority to conclude a truce in Scandinavia. However, the British commanders rejected the mediation of the Swedish Red Cross, and the last mission Shelenberga failed. After Germany's surrender Shelenberg some time he lived in a villa Bernadotte in Sweden. However, in June 1945 the Allied command has made his extradition as a war criminal. As the accused brought to trial the American Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in the case of the Wilhelmstrasse. During the trial he was acquitted of all charges, except for membership in criminal organizations, as well as involvement in executions of prisoners of war. 11/4/1949 sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. In December. 1950 released. He lived in Switzerland, and then was forced to move to Italy. By the end of life of seriously ill, died in hospital Fornaka, where she prepared for surgery of the liver. Author memoirs 'Labyrinth'.

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